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  1. Someone on Twitter mentioning the name Brad Young from Aston Villa
  2. Wonder if someone like Charlie Telfer would be on the radar, good age and knows the Scottish game pretty well, also got a decent scoring/assist record
  3. Wouldn’t be the worst thing if the entire website got an upgrade to be honest
  4. The amount of folk creaming over him in the SRE makes me think this won’t be a one time appearance
  5. Anyone heard any transfer rumours lately, names seem to have dried up a bit
  6. Heard a rumour from a boy at work of Logan Chalmers possibly coming in on loan from Dundee United
  7. Clearly signing for Shamrock Rovers in the next 24 hours so he won’t be joining and Ciftci would surely command a decent wage out of our budget
  8. How many new players do think we need now? I reckon about 4/5 experienced Scottish league players, can’t be relying on young players guiding us through this coming season
  9. Kai Kennedy been linked with us according to the Daily Record
  10. Since we’re about two weeks away from our first away game of the season has anyone heard if the club will run buses to away games similar to last season
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