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  1. Sound as if some councils will be in level one right away and more after the new year and all. East of Scotland teams ok to have media and journos in. Ok to show internet games if gotten form sent in to league. Ok to get the changing rooms open after the league inspectors said ok. Comitee been told Sports Scotland got new guide lines coming out talking about using changing rooms in repeats of five or six a time. West of Scotland teams on the same level of the leagues so must be ok for you teams and all?
  2. Teams statements called it for health and safety and all. But been playing friendlies ok. But playing South cup not ok. But playing Junior cup is ok. Getting dizzy.
  3. Ok Gogsy this Saturday. Heard Ardrossan quit the cup. If the five teams have to let there players go free will be struggling right enough.
  4. Promote the three conference champs. Round robin for the second teams and all. Or four conferences and promote the four champs. Just have what East of Scotland League DIvision One had last year. Twenty four teams. Thirty four games. No phases. All the teams seventeen home games and seventeen away games.
  5. Pollock vs Tranent Kelty vs Talbot, Ardrossan vs Stirling Uni, Luncarty vs Whitletts, Edinburgh Utd vs Arthurlie Five West of Scotland League teams in those have quit league and shut down. Some saying shut down for health and safety but been playing friendlys all month. What happens now. Do they have to quit cup and all or ok to play on? Belters game not long. 24 October.
  6. Auld Heid league saying only eight of them have gone through with it. Fifty nine start and eight shut down. Four or five Premier teams and maybe no coincident most of them were never up for leaving the juniors like Talbot and Ladeside. Two or three Division One teams and Peasy cant get there park. No Talbot to beat to go up to the Lowland would be big help for Lithgate, Cuikie, the Brox, the Haws and the Belters and all? But still gotten teams like the Bankies, Beith, Darvel, Medda and the Buffs if champ can get there licence.
  7. Not heard about forfeits. Is that not just FairWeatherFan having a smart idea that is not very smart? League got seven or eight months to run. Going to be some games off happens every year with flooding and frozen parks. Had a look on the league site the Division One and clubs only got games Tuesday and end of the month Tuesday Wednesday. Not many cups and all. If a team gotten put in isolation like with Shire when tracers went rogue just put there games off for me. Sure that is what will happen not 3 vs 0 forfeits. Need to be official from tracers to stop teams getting there games put off for injuries and bans. But if tracers saying all the players in a team got to go isolate and no players to put a team on the park put them next two games off for me.
  8. Vote two weeks ago was fifty/fifty on starting if not gotten in to changing rooms. League got ok for changing room. Vote was like eighty per cent for starting if gotten no showers. Same with no fans and all. Our players wanted to play even if no changing rooms it was comittee not sure. But now there allowed should get ok for ours for next week. Lowland League and East seem to have handled this year a lot better than SPFL and West. More united. West made a mess out of null and void. Now made a mess out of starting. Auld Heid I had a look at these leagues: SPFL:- forty two teams starting, no teams shut down. Lowland:- seventeen teams starting, no teams shut down. East:- forty nine teams starting, no teams shut down. West:- fifty five teams starting, fourteen teams shut down. South:- fourteen teams starting, no teams shut down. Lothian juniors: twelve teams starting next month, no teams shut down. One hundred and eighty eight teams starting, fourteen teams shut down. Think you should be asking why only fourteen are shut down and why they are all West teams. Not making out like black/white East/West divide.
  9. Tynie got to be the top win after the manager went to the Belters still went and won like that today. Fancy them to get points off Lithgae and all.
  10. Shotts, Kilbirnie, Nock, Talbot, Pollock:- all the teams who were dead against leaving the juniors? Lot of teams will lose lot of there players if shut down for year? Dumb to have no promotion. Can they not put four up. East of Scotland League had twenty four teams in Division one last year. All the teams seemed to like it. Thirty four games not as long as thirty eight and all.
  11. What is the reason for no promotion from the conferences if fifty five teams are playing. You could put any Premier teams that sit out in to Division 1 next season and any conference teams in to Division 4. Can teams switch back before tomorrow? Bestsinceslicebread think players will have to be free to go some of them must want to get new teams and play some football. Will the fourteen still play in the South cup?
  12. Casey Jones you cant open up the changing rooms right away need to have gotten ok from league. Our chairman and groundsman handling it but sounded like they need to fit in gels and signs and space players out and all. Then put the forms in to the league and league inspector can give teams the ok or not. Sounded like can be spot checks or ask for pics and videos. Our team was thinking if we dont have space for all the players away team have to get more spaces but not hundred per cent that is a rule.
  13. After Thornton what teams stil need fencing. Tell you what parks have never looked better lot of grounds have never looked better. Half a year no games lot of groundsman got there parks looking like Wembley. Lot of club committees put in hours painting cleaning doing odd jobs and all.
  14. Lowland League and East of Scotland League and South of Scotland League all starting tomorrow. Every single team is starting not one single team withdrawing. East of Scotland League managed to negotiate ok to pass teams changing rooms. Will be same for the other leagues and all I think. West of Scotland League the teams sounds like you are all still arguing about shut down for one year or playing no promotion. Could start 24 October could start January. Maybe if you spent more time working together less time fighting with each other you would make more head way? In the juniors felt like you spent the last five years or ten years doing that and saying you were special and different. All us teams in the East got fed up and moved best move we all ever made. Now look how far behind the West is. Gotten late to the pyramid. Late to Scottish FA licences. Late to starting.
  15. League managed to negotiate ok to pass teams changing rooms. No showers. Boys all bouncing at training. Means so much to them specially older players and some of the young ones.
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