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  1. Kelty, Crossgates, Gala. He's a local lad as well Dunfermline (Brucefield), his brother could be worth a look as well scored some amount of goals for Haws 20s. Jordan also Dunfermline
  2. Everyone under St Johns have cut each others throats. Bridgeton, Balmoral, Stanley, Wolfhill, Auchterarder, Ballinluig all good sides and would be capable of jumping up
  3. St Johns wrapped up the Div Two title on Tuesday against Balmoral. As far as I am aware it's the abeyance sides Luncarty & Fair City going down with Letham CC staying up despite having no points although they're not as bad as they suggest and had a couple of decent cup runs. Wheels have fallen off at Stanley so would assume it'll be Balmoral but Wolfhill and Ballinluig look like they'll finish just shirt along with Bridgeton who finally clicked after Christmas. Two new teams going into next year, Perth City & Methven Athletic so looking like it'll be 10-13 split. or 10-14/15 if Fair City or Luncarty return. May even see it go 12-13/12-12.
  4. I have been meaning to comment on this for a while as I see it every day on my way to work. It kicks around the Duloch area of Dunfermline and Rosyth. Obviously been sold on but never repainted. Does anyone Clach related have a theory
  5. First Final of the Season saw (2nd Div 1) Jeanfield Swifts run out 3-2 winners against St Johns (1st Div 2) in the P&D Cup. Vale of Earn haven't dropped points yet in Div 1 although Kettins and Jeanfield waiting on any mistake. Luncarty & Fair City have both fallen into abeyance so no relegation from Div 1. St Johns top of Div 2 and will be champions if they win their remaining games. Wolfhill, Stanley & Balmoral can all capitalise on any error and are all pushing hard for promotion.
  6. Won't be St Andrews, they had a good side last year and finished 3rd in the Kingdom League but have decided to withdraw from Saturday football
  7. Cupar have the backing, Leven United have the backing and the facility but neither are particularly keen. Leven were junior up until the 1970s I believe before dropping the grades and have had consistent success since and previously under the Norton House banner. GPR don't have the their own park
  8. I saw Goodwin in Robroyston Asda the night before the St Mirren game. I am assuming he spends time with family when the Dons are down in the central belt for an away game. Potentially the team could've been staying overnight nearby but I believe he is East Dumbartonshire based
  9. St John's have a very young manager in Michael McKenzie (24) who was playing and helping with the coaching at Leven United last season and is ex Newbugh and Glenrothes Juniors but I believe had to step back from playing with injuries this year and is concentrating on getting St John's back on their feet and I think he has Lee Kelman from Jeanfield AFC in as an experienced head with him. He also rakes the U16s at St. Johnstone and previously did the Regional Development Centres at Rangers so very much could be an audition for a junior or better senior job for him. They've taken 6/7 boys from the Jeanfield side that finished 2nd in the Premier and a few lads off of Letham but their a work win progress. No players that played for the St Johns team that won the league in 2020 are still their and McKenzie's brought in a few extra North Fifers from Strathmiglo, Kinross and Fossoway. Sranley pumped them in the League Cup but apparently St Johns fell to bits after a few mistakes but seem to have learned from them as they beat Stanley 3-2 on the opening day but believe St Johns still feel Stanley are the favourites.. Saying that St Johns went and played Midlands AFA champions Broughty in the First Round of the Scottish and got a 2-2 draw. Primrose looking good as well but avery young squad and were pout to the sword by St Johns who beat them 5-1 in pre season. Bridgeton also look organised and stuffy and Balmoral joint top with St Johns after 2 games.
  10. Hi guys, Any Ayrshire teams looking for extra numbers for training. One of our players (Leven United AFC (Kingdom of Fife AFA Premier)) is working in Ayrshire on secondment for the next three months and is looking for somewhere to train probably one night a week. Happy to pay subs/fees but looking to train at a good level. He's not played yet this season as been out injured this the run in but keen to get back training regularly even though he's working away. Any takers?
  11. You would think with Steve Kean's role at the club Chris Coleman might've had a good shout
  12. Robbie Horn's a senior solicitor at Gillespie McAndrew in Edinburgh. Can't see him giving up his job security and salary for any full-time job.
  13. I’ll be honest, the lad that was in goals last night was poor, took to much time on the ball and conceded but clearing it straight to the strikers feet a yard in front of him. Not like he was in luminous yellow or anything
  14. Was at Darvel v Jeanfield tonight and by all accounts a strong Darvel side. Jeanfield out ran and out fought Darvel. Caught 3 times playing from the back and taking too many touches across the back four. Darvels class shown through later on but 3-0 down after 12 minuets killed the game. Big concern for Darvel was their goalkeeper getting carried off after half an hour.
  15. Strachan with McGhee & Strachan Jnr. Now that would be entertaining
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