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  1. What the hell is going on with this?? Surely some kind of joke?? So a newbie amateur manager who's made a pigs ear of things along with everyone else at darvel has set up a 'fund ' to help our many great historic clubs. Bizarre or what. These proud clubs have survived for decades many more than a century through all sorts of bad times they don't need a egomaniac to help them through these times they will manage just fine! No other manager anywhere would embarrass themselves coming up with this nonsense to make themselves look good . Why don't these two at darvel just stick to running the dozens of companies they are involved in and own little village team without this patronising pish.
  2. So many great people involved who did a great job for our clubs and region wish i could of thanked them all personally for all the great work in the junior game through the years. Here's to many more great years ahead.
  3. Some great old stories and pictures so much great junior history.
  4. Not that i am aware of mate but could be wrong. Keep up the good work.
  5. Good luck to the port and all clubs in the region looking forward to taking in a few games next year in the east juniors.
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