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  1. PSV Eindhoven keeper doing his best to take the pressure off of Max Currie tonight ... fair play to the guy, decent gesture ... aye?
  2. We might just have to beg to differ on this one ...
  3. Good point DD ... looking at the two games coming up after, we really need to be going for the 3 points on Saturday or the knicker wetting will get going.
  4. Aye true. To be fair to Reilly though, in his interview he did admit that he should've scored in the first half.
  5. Another decent post match interview with Gibson there. Like the way he pointed out that although the Airdrie goal was Max's mistake, the same player won us the point last week by saving a penalty. He also wasn't happy at the abuse directed at Currie from the main stand. When I watched the highlights (from an Airdrie poster) I thought it was interesting to see that two or three Airdrie players were immediately in on top of Currie after McCabe's free kick that led to the spill and the goal - I couldn't see any of our defenders reacting with the same desire to help the keeper.
  6. Indeed, under the Mormond Braes ... good couple of years up there, good memories.
  7. To be fair I never ventured as far north as the Broch - nearest I got was Crichie, Mintlaw and Strichen!
  8. Was thinking there's zero interest in this tie (obviously the residents of G51 have a wee matter of an "orange" European derby to deal with first), but the QOS OS has just announced that we've now sold out our initial two allocations of 650 tickets for this, with a final allocation of 300 awaited. Quite a decent away support for us these days to be fair ... must be the attraction of a Loyal Burger or a Bears Pakora or such like ...
  9. Ooops. Aye, shit I forgot about Forfar being "The Loons". When I worked up in Peterhead, lads and lassies were either Loons or Quines in the local Buchan parlance ... Cheers.
  10. At the time I thought that Cochrane had been hooked due to a combination of being on a yellow and nothing going right for the lad - his passes going astray and being swamped by the Airdrie midfield (partly due to our shape first half). You could be right with the physical problems in addition though, and so was the right call from Gibson. His replacement Todd made a big difference. I think there's a player in Cochrane, when fully fit and played in the right set-up - so its a shame to see him struggling. The abuse from the boo boys won't help the lad's confidence either - a bit of encouragement now and again doesn't do any harm.
  11. I'm not sure but I think now that the digital age is pretty well fully embedded (most will now be getting match tickets via their phones/tablets/PCs) we might soon be approaching the point where many clubs (certainly at a lower level) will be considering whether to continue with the expense and hassle of matchday programmes, when most of the information is easily gleaned on-line from the club's OS and social networking feeds. I get that programmes are very much seen as collector's items (god knows I've got boxes of the things in my loft) and so many folk might be dismayed at this suggestion, but financial constraints may dictate this outside of the top tier. I think the larger top tier clubs who produce hefty glossy magazine type programmes will continue to produce these though, and with larger attendances no doubt these are profitable so fair enough. I used to always buy a programme (partly to add extra funds to the club) and would read through the teams and squads prior to kick-off - but none were available at the BDS stand on Saturday so I just read the OS/twitter stuff on my phone instead and didn't feel any less well informed.
  12. Had hoped to head up to this - worked in Peterhead for a couple of years (81/82) on the original power station and not been back since. Now domestic management has announced that it clashes with a must-attend event. Apologies in advance Loons; one less in the gate. Peterhead appear to be having the tough start that many predicted and have struggled building their squad for the season. Think I'm right in saying that they've brought in a few loans recently so maybe their squad is getting nearer to what they want now - hoping they don't turn the corner on Saturday, but Queens are usually good at providing such an opportunity. We are hardly setting the heather on fire either. Hopeless in the first half on Saturday but much improved in the second half with a better shape. Getting key players back to full fitness now should be helping and I'm hoping that wee Connelly will have cleared his suspension for this one. Would like to see McKechnie keeping his place after an impressive showing on Saturday. Great chance for QOS to notch up our first win here ... I really should have said that, should I ...?
  13. When I booked the seats via the app I saw a small number of seats "missing" up at the back of the BDS around the half-way line, and I assumed those would be the seats below the media platform so I booked another seat which looked as though it was clear/available. Wasn't the case when I got in though - my seat was also under the media platform. Another guy came up a few minutes later and he had the same problem. Had the media platform been extended perhaps?
  14. No. 18 was Kieran McKechnie - looks a fine wee player in the making. Security - that's all part and parcel of the Palmerston total entertainment package at no extra cost. I was feeling sorry for the players at kick-off having to play in that heat. Fully agree, both sides gave it their all.
  15. 50p each for two wee cartons of orange juice.
  16. I was being less than exact in my description there. I ordered the tickets using the club mobile app, and I suppose I was then automatically directed to the Ticketco site and the QR code popped up immediately there. That particular window showing the QR code didn't have the seat number on it. Wasn't an issue cos I could get the seat number (and the QR code) from the associated email. Just thought it would have been useful to have the seat number stated above or below the QR code that popped up. Not a big issue. Any likelihood of more sky blue polo shirts being ordered?
  17. Great to watch how quality players read the game and create time and space, no matter their age. Doesn't have to be all huff and puff ...
  18. What age is Gomis now? Remember him being really decent with the Hearts back in 2014 when they were in the Championship. Quality player.
  19. Aye, its all about the time of the season though - I always start "glass half full" ... ask me the same question in February and it might be a different story.
  20. True, but I'm hoping that Hendrie will be an upgrade and that the other McKay will be an upgrade too.
  21. OK cheers. That single XXL left looked massive though.
  22. Gotta start the season being optimistic MT - are you of the John Laurie "we're doomed ah tell ye, doomed" camp by any chance? Were you sitting behind me yesterday? I think Hendrie sounds like he will help our back four. Not sure that (although they played yesterday) Todd, Wilson and Reilly are fully match fit yet and as you say Connelly coming back will be a boost. McKechnie put in a cracking performance. I'm sure that Gibson will realise that a back 4 works best given time (the first half set up was hopeless as we all saw). It's easy to criticise keepers (god knows we've had some howlers) but Currie has to make an instant judgement - catch it (but he has to hold it) or shift it out wide to safety. Yes, he made an arse of it because he chose to catch it but didn't hold it. If he wasn't confident then he has to get it out wide, but its a split second decision. I actually thought Currie did OK on the whole yesterday - even collected a cross which was a novelty for a Queens keeper. Aye OK, Chris Iwelumo and all that, good line there ... good strikers need to anticipate to be in the right position to take them first, its not just about the strike. Reilly worked his socks off yesterday and did all right for me. My only gripe about our strikers is taking too many touches before shooting and by that time the defenders are set for an obvious block - one of Dobbie's great strengths was hitting the ball early before the defenders/keepers had a chance to get set. Maybe we should show them videos of Dobbie scoring ...
  23. So, still early days and I guess we need to wait until the end of the 1st quarter before we start getting a real feel for this league. That said, we're a third of the way into the 1st quarter now and there are some early tell-tale signs starting to show ... Dunfermline and Airdrie - chalking up decent points already and looking like early contenders for the title. Kelty - something of a surprise for me, sitting with zero points from three games. Just an early blip? Surely they will pick up? Peterhead, Clyde and Edinburgh - pretty well most folks predictions for the bottom three but Clyde and Edinburgh are certainly rocking that boat just now. Peterhead may be the team to struggle the most (but don't worry - you play Queens next!). Of the "fancied four" during pre-season posts - Falkirk and Queens struggling to match expectations. Having watched Queens yesterday they're clearly still a work-in-progress (poor first half) but when the full squad is available should have enough to hopefully reach the play-offs - but won't win the league. Alloa and Montrose - look solid enough for mid-table, pretty much as folk were predicting. As I said, its only 3 games in and squads are still being finalised, settling in etc so early days ...
  24. Cheers, always good to hear the opposition's insights into their team's performance (the good part of P&B). The heat was certainly hellish yesterday and I was impressed by the efforts of all of the players - like you I was knackered just sitting down in the shade. We're well aware of the Falkirk factor from seasons past - to be fair they (and probably also the Pars) carry the burden of a level of expectation that just isn't matched at Queens (or possibly at Airdrie also).
  25. First visit to Palmy in what seemed like ages yesterday. Bought the ticket on-line with my phone, no hassle, quick and easy. Only a couple of gripes: first, the QR code appearing on the club app didn't also show my seat number (although I could get that from the confirmatory email), second I chose a seat number high up in the BDS to get out of the sun's heat but on arrival found that the seat was under the media scaffold platform (surely an easy problem to solve on the ticketing system) and another fan had the same problem as me - not a disaster of course as I just sat somewhere else (always plenty of empty seats at Palmy these days). First half - Jesus, I forgot how much some Queens fans moan. The guys behind me constantly criticised every touch of a Queens player - and OK we were poor in that first half and poorly set up, but a bit of encouragement now and again doesn't go wrong. By half time I'd had enough and sat in a different section for the second half. Palmerston - I do love the place, but it needs some TLC. The toilet cubicles in the BDS were broken and not fit for purpose. OK, I get that we are just manky fitba fans but this is the 21st century now and we are competing with other leisure time attractions for customers. We should at least get the basics right. Went to the club shop pre-match. Thought I'd treat myself to the sky blue polo shirt, but only one left (XXL) and I'm a (L) so nothing doing there. Maybe they'd had a few and they sold out quick? Enjoyed the game though (if not the first half) and thought by the end we might just have shaded it.
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