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  1. League 1 isn't a decent level though ... That's very true. However I'm guessing that his fitness/pace will be falling away now faster than the decrease in quality from Championship to L1. Also, like many others, I'd hate to watch him struggle down at L1 level - would hate to tarnish the great memories.
  2. I agree with you here MT. I always thought SD came across as a really nice guy, one of the lads etc., but something tells me that he maybe isn't hard/ruthless enough to survive in the manager's role. I could be wrong though as obviously I don't know the guy well enough ...
  3. His playing days at any decent level are behind him now (which is only natural) and I don't think taking him on in a playing role would be a positive move for Queens; we should be building looking forwards and not backwards if you get my meaning. Like you when I heard Brown had got the Fleetwood job, I wondered if SD would join up with him in a coaching role ... I seem to recall that he said he'd kept in touch with Brown from his H*bs days, and of course he lives in the area (and did he not play for them for a spell). So it wouldn't have been a surprise to see him rock up at Fleetwood.
  4. Unfortunately, I had the "pleasure" of witnessing a Derek Whiteford inspired 1-7 mauling by Airdrie at Palmerston in prehistoric (Jurassic I think) times ... plus our home record in recent times has been nothing short of appalling (Flash can give you the details here) so don't despair! Soares-Junior has indeed left the building. The guy tried hard, ran around a lot but didn't really know where the goals were, which is a bit of a handicap for an aspiring striker. Could be a close league next season and expect Airdrie/Queens to be at a similar level. Cheers.
  5. I didn't really mean where they train (although your point is a good one). I was more thinking of the fact that even our home games involve traveling for the central belt players.
  6. ... and the Border Tories ... don't forget the Border Tories ... Thank you.
  7. OK, AJ has a track record in L1, but those post match interviews man ... hats off to the Pars if you go there ... me, I just couldn't take any more of those ...
  8. It's all about opinions, that's what the forum is for ... and we don't have to agree; it's fine to have differing views, and we do. Cheers.
  9. Yep, recruitment is one of the hardest parts of the manager's job - especially at our level and with our geographical location. What with players existing contracts running down and end of season holidays (and did someone not mention the window opening on 7 June ... or did I dream that?) I don't expect we will start to see the shape of the squad until the second half of June/end June. Early days yet.
  10. This would be our main hope in trying to keep Fitzpatrick - ie he should be a regular first pick for us, and I'm sure he'd shine at L1 level and a season playing regularly at L1 with good reviews could be a springboard to a good move (eg Nicky Clark) the following season. Whereas he'd be unlikely to command an automatic first pick place at Partick. I still think its a long shot for us though as the wages and locality will be huge factors in his decision.
  11. Is this not all about perspectives? I can see how the landscape might look different from the view of a Saints fan whose team has occupied a berth in the top league for quite a few of the last few decades. However, I'd suggest to you that the same landscape might appear a bit different viewed from the outside from fans of more uber-diddy clubs whose likelihood of ever entering the hallowed marble halls of the fabled land again is a mere pipe dream nowadays - unless of course the uber-diddy club can attract a significant sugar daddy a la Roy McGregor and his ilk (are Saints not also effectively bank-rolled by Geoff Brown ... not sure?). Anyhow, I think I need to offer apologies to Killie fans here for polluting their thread with my uninvited musings!
  12. The first two are correct but we train in Glasgow as well so I don't imagine that will factor in to it. Do we not train at Hamilton these days ... not sure. I suppose playing with Partick 50% of his games will be reasonably close to home for him, whereas playing for Queens most games involve travel both home and away. So it won't just come down to wages when players consider offers from Queens - there'll be a personal time factor as well.
  13. Therein lies his answer, and you can't blame the lad.
  14. Re League Two - OK, I mis-read you there. Yes, fair point, there is a degree of protectionism in L2 also but you could argue that introduction of an automatic relegation spot from L2 might be more palatable within a larger L2. Nevertheless, the current structure of the three lower leagues and their risk levels is a by-product which flowed from the creation of the top league cartel which was the original point of discussion. Hibs - well is that down to the particular manager there? I think my point remains about the significant element of risk in the smaller 10 team leagues and the effect that has on managers' approaches in those leagues. Unfortunately I've been witnessing it for years. I don't claim to have the perfect solution for the Scottish football structure. All I know is that the leagues are as stale as hell and one of the main attractions for fans is the need to have some glimmer of hope at the start of each season - the ability to aspire to our top league is now reduced to only a very select few and I don't think that's healthy.
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