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  1. Airdrie have a game up at Montrose tomorrow night before they'll be thinking of the Queens game. With two defeats in their last three league games Airdrie's form may perhaps be dipping a bit since the first game with Queens so will be interesting to see how their game midweek goes. From a brief look at the Airdrie thread there seems to be some discussion about living with a relatively small squad and this maybe could be affecting their form a bit - not sure if they are struggling with injuries etc. Also interesting parallels here with Rhys McCabe in the same player-manager role as Gibson at Queens. Both very much still finding their way as they start their managerial careers. Be interesting to hear the Airdrie fans views on this tie when the weekend approaches.
  2. The fact of the matter is that we just don't know, it's all speculation - only WG and LC will know what the real deal is. All players have opinions, professional football players tend not to be shy at expressing their views and a big part of football management is how you deal with that and WG is still learning that skill ... do you think that big Jurgen and Pep get told what to do by their players? I totally get that LC is probably our most talented player, but maybe WG also expects a better work rate out of possession? But like I said above, we just don't know and we're guessing here - it could be something else entirely.
  3. Yep, wasn't ideal, granted. However, if we'd been totally bossed by Alloa and lost I'd have been a lot more worried.
  4. I still think it's a bit early for wailing and gnashing of teeth, everyone's dropping points in this league. But yes, surprising Connelly isn't featuring. We never know what's going on behind the scenes in these situations. WG isn't daft, if he's not playing Connelly then he has a reason which we don't know. Maybe LC's carrying a niggling injury. Maybe WG gave LC an earbashing after his daft red card, and maybe LC didn't take it well and gave WG some verbals back and this is WG showing LC who calls the shots. Maybe it's something else, only they will know. Hope they fix it soon.
  5. I didn't make the game today, so lack the first hand evidence. Clearly an opportunity and two points lost. However, I'm not too despondent - yes its a couple of points thrown away but from what I've heard today we appear to have dominated what was in terms of the table an apparently decent L1 side. The side seems to be gelling a bit now and I'm hoping that the results will soon start to follow the performance - oh and good to see WG start today. I guess I'm in "glass half full" mode tonight for some reason. We're only now approaching the end of Q1 (still have to play Kelty) so there's still a long way to go this season. It's also a league that is producing strange results - eg the draw Peterhead got at Dunfermline today, Kelty beating Airdrie and what appeared to be a poor FCE side winning at Montrose. So I'd be cutting WG some slack just now and re-assess the position at the end of Q2.
  6. Thought Ratcliffe was only interested in buying Man United (being a Lancashire lad and a lifelong United fan - aye, yet another one of those ...). That said, you'd think that a wee bit of goodwill sponsorship to the club on his doorstep, and who a good few of his employees will no doubt support, would be a decent bit of philanthropic local community business and would earn him some local kudos. Presumably someone from the club has dropped JR a "Hiya Jim, we're over here" type of email in recent times ...
  7. Aye, and I hope so too! Confidence grows with wins though - so far we've amassed a grand total of two wins from seven games, and those were against fairly poor Peterhead and FCE sides. I'm really hoping that we can win again on Saturday as that would show decent progress against an Alloa side that have four wins on the board so far and are the highest scorers in the division. Win on Saturday and we can start to build some momentum. Like others have said ... hope the boss starts the game.
  8. Good podcast, enjoyed that guys - and cheers to @19QOS19 for his input too! Saturday will be a tough test for Queens, no doubt.
  9. No doubt about that @Greenacres. I see on the Alloa thread that their side pressed Airdrie high up the park in Friday nights diddy cup tie and came away with a decent win. This is exactly what Queens have struggled to cope with so far this season - so next Saturday will indeed be a good guide as to whether Queens are finally starting to get their shit together or whether our last two wins were a flash-in-the-pan and just due to playing a below par FCE side. All will be revealed ...
  10. Thanks for the feedback. With it being a cup tie (and a diddy one at that) and being a goal up, Gibson maybe didn't want to go flat out for a big score and risk injuries for the league programme in the process. He ended up with a decent score regardless. As folk have said, maybe FCE are just a team that suits us. Alloa will be a stiffer test for sure - I'm struggling to remember an easy game against Alloa. FCE have 4 wins to our 2 in the league and a +3 goal difference to our -1 ... seems odd given their poor showings against Queens. Think this will be a very unpredictable league this season. Two good wins though ... what's not to like?
  11. Was it the same team for us as Saturday? See Ruth scored - any good? Did LG get more game time? Did McKechnie feature?
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