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  1. Yip, I think your prediction of the final placings won't be far wrong. Although I'd bracket the bottom 4 together and not necessarily strand Morton in 10th just yet. As you indicate, Dunfermline will get themselves out of their current mess and into mid table safety with Arbroath.
  2. Nice post and article A-Mac. Queens/Dumfries will have quite a large diaspora with large numbers of young folk leaving the area each year to study and find work in the more populous parts of the nation, and many settle down there and never return. However, they don't forget their roots and the connection to Dumfries, and many of them (like myself) retain their love of QOS. When you're such an ex-pat fan and struggle to get to many games in the season then the birth of the PPV service from the clubs has been a real bonus. It'll be a real shame if it can't continue after this season.
  3. Yep, as others have also said in response, Kerr was very decent for QOS.
  4. Agree with a lot you've said in your post Slipmat. On the Hamilton thing, could it be that we were unlucky to face Accies on their first game with the new manager in charge? New manager bounce and all that stuff?
  5. Well, 9 points from the first quarter - if we maintain that form for the other three quarters then we could well be in trouble (11 points a quarter usually seems to guarantee safety). Our saving grace at this stage is that (apart from a Nouble inspired Arbroath) we are only losing games by a single goal margin so we seem hard to beat ..... plenty time for that to change though, and we need to pray that Lee Connelly and Gibson stay fit. Also, the Pars ain't gonna stay shit for the next three quarters (either with Grant or with a replacement) which will be a problem for all "strugglers". As usual the January window will be key for most clubs in danger.
  6. That's a rumour that often circulates ........ and not related only to this manager.
  7. Behave yourself, course you'll win games this season ...... the Pars won't be doing a "Brechin" that's for sure.
  8. I did wonder if he'd been injured when he was taken off ...... thought to myself AJ can't surely be that daft ...... ?
  9. I feel your pain sir, I feel your pain. A wonderful opening line which surely captures the agonising essence of supporting second tier fitba' in Scotland.
  10. Was a bit pissed off when he didn't come back to Queens this season to be fair ....
  11. I'm with you FTB ...... if only we'd had VAR at the game ......
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