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  1. Well, I missed 20 mins due to digital bollocks, and we've been crap for the part I did see - but I'd happily pay £10 again just to watch Dobbie's goals for Queens. How the hell did we ever get to sign a player that good. The term legend is used far too freely these days, but that guy is indeed a legend.
  2. Great thanks - that's worked. Missed the first 20 mins and the Dundee goal though - wasn't helped by locking up the frigging laptop touchpad in my frustration. 🤣
  3. Great footage, great crowd, some day folks. 👍
  4. Sorry, daft question when Laura Kenny is your avatar....
  5. Wouldn't say I was very knowledgeable, but I watch the grand tours and a few other races. I'm bit of a leisure cyclist though, usually out 3 or 4 times a week if I can fit it in with work stuff, family stuff and watching the mighty blue machine .....🙄 Yourself?
  6. Jeezo ....... two trips each to Dingwall, to Inverness and to Aberdeen ...... fair treks those even from South Lanarkshire, never mind Dumfries ...... I'd prefer the Accies at only 7 miles. 🙂
  7. I think a lot also depends on the networking ability of the management team, I'd imagine that AJ and Sandy Clark relied on recommendations from contacts down south before bringing players in to have a look in pre-season training. Still a risky business though, but it always is - recruitment is a huge part of the management teams skill set at this level.
  8. Very true. Queens cobbled together a squad at the very last minute from all sorts of sources including English non-league. The first third of the season was a car crash though until they managed to sort out who fitted best where. We got there in the end, but by the skin of our teeth. But then again you also have the example of Hartley's Falkirk a few seasons back where he pulled in a team from all sorts of sources and it failed spectacularly.
  9. Printer ........ I'm gonna miss your avatar next season. You're welcome back soon. 😏
  10. I didn't think Ayr were as poor today as we'd been led to believe. The problem seems to be where the goals are going to come from - they had the chances to put us away today. The plus side is that its a meaningless fixture for ICT (bar the points cash as one of the Raith guys has already mentioned somewhere).
  11. Now, now, no ageism please lads ....... 😏 If it is to be the Dobmeister's final game, what a bloody shame there'll be no fans there to see it - bet he never thought he'd bow out in an empty stadium.
  12. You've got me there Tam ...... I'm far too old to understand this this stuff ........ but if it means were they decent, aye they definitely were! They were French.
  13. ......... apart from your last visit ....... what did you win by, was it 3-1 .....? 😏 No need to fret Dees ......... season's over for our lot ....... they'll be packing their bags for the beach.
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