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  1. One thing that got me with the Q&A was the constant banging on about the new scouting and recruitment system. If it’s so good and groundbreaking then why are we signing the exact type of player that has shafted us for the last 2 seasons. Barely professional jobbers who are clinging on to pro football. The board are so hopeless and Holt is the tip of the iceberg.
  2. I 100% stand by this, Airdrie have some good players but Murray has very little to do with current success. Would be a total disaster at Falkirk.
  3. Just to be clear, Ian Murray plays drivel football and basically relies on poor opponents to pick up points, the opposite of what we need. I'd actually much rather have Taylor/Grant and I'm about 75% sure that won't work either.
  4. Fair play MSRR. Got @johnnydun on strings here, and we're supposed to be the team getting the piss ripped out us
  5. I think that majority of fans know we are utter gash from top to bottom, that doesn't change the fact we are FAR too big a club for league one, and with our budget shouldn't be there at all let alone for 3 seasons. Other fans can deservedly point and laugh but it's not entitled thinking that we don't belong in fucking league one.
  6. I'm not saying he would. The argument I was seeing was that MSRR was a moron for suggesting Pressley would be a better bet than Holt for this role. I was talking hypothetically, I'm aware he more than likely is still delusional enough to think he can get a premiership gig. His record after Falkirk is indefensible, I'm purely talking about what he done for us. Which I believe is massively underestimated.
  7. A lot of managers would have just sat in and hoped for the best with young players. Pressley from the beginning tried to play football. And in doing so, he put the young players on the shop window, it was brave and it played off. A team with an average age of 19 finishing 3rd, reaching a semi final and winning a trophy was a great achievement. It's fairly annoying how dismissive some of our fans are about Pressley. Falkirk were a club with style and he adhered to that. I'm not sure any manager since has in all honesty.
  8. Are we seriously suggesting that Pressley didn't recruit better than Holt? I'm afraid Holt found his style when he brought in big Beck and it was hoof ball. He's continued that at Livi and I'm sure he will take it here. Our team is drivel at best atm so we will need a large turnover. Guys like Farid, Vaulks, Leahy and Miller were discovered by Pressley, not to mention all the young players he brought through, which brought money in that effectively saved our club. The football was also probably considerably better than anything we've seen since. The pride you feel when your own youngsters are beating Rangers and making national semi finals can't be beaten by anything, especially not bottling a league title with the best squad in the league by a mile like Holt did. I can understand the hesitance towards Pressley because of his management history after Falkirk, however looking at what he done for us as a manager, I would think a DOF role would suit him perfectly.
  9. I think Raith are just a bit too small and insignificant to make it anything serious. Yes it's a derby but I think you're lying to yourself if you're saying the fife derby holds more meaning than Falkirk vs Dunfermline.
  10. Some people on here must not actually watch us play, Mutch was at worst slightly shaky in that Forfar game. If you look at what Mutch does he's excellent, holds on to the ball rarely parry's or punches, his distribution is outstanding, probably the best I've seen from a falkirk keeper which in the modern game is vital. He makes big saves and almost always provides a safe pair of hands, not to mention the fact he is our player and possibly only asset left in the whole club. Yes what he done was stupid beyond belief but it's time we get him back in (once recovered).
  11. I'd say given your reaction he's been incredibly smart with it, never has anyone so effortlessly wound up a support as much as this. Fair enough you might find him annoying, but ultimately Calling Queens poor atm is hardly pointing anything new out.
  12. If you don't vote for this clearly it is you who is the moron, I mean without knowing all the details, you know the Rawlins have had success at two clubs, what more would you actually need? If this is rejected it will be our biggest mistake ever made potentially.
  13. The way things have been run recently would surely make any fan want change, at this point I would happily take someone with absolutely no knowledge of them in, if I thought there was even a chance it could work, how anyone can bare the crap we've put up with in recent years is beyond me. In this case however, there actually is knowledge of the people interested and they stand up against anyone at our level very well. You'd have to be incredibly stupid to vote against this, quite simple. If the club continue as they have been leadership wise, we will likely never really see our potential.
  14. I think when you're a full time team playing against tinpot shite you should be capable of comfortably out performing them in any circumstances. If the players weren't up for the game that's actually more worrying given they haven't played for so long, would think they would be bursting for a game. Wouldn't normally shit the bed over a friendly result but even with 5 trialists and a new team at half time the Shire should not be beating us.
  15. Fair enough my impression was it was a deal till January that was cut short. The point still stands, he played badly in the games he played, as did the rest of the team. The guys miles past it, certainly was a very good player but this isn't 2010.
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