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  1. Utterly wrong. I won’t be getting political however clearly playing an amateur football match is in no way disrespectful to queen Elizabeth. I defy anyone to accuse me of being thick for thinking so.
  2. That’s the exact mentality that saw us stay 18 months in a pointless lockdown. They’ve done the right thing and only followed their logic rather than ridiculous rules.
  3. And the truth is of course that it is a penalty and a red card.
  4. Gets me every time when people try to put Petravivious in the same category as the likes of Lewis, Haber and Fasan. For me he was our best player that season due to the fact that he was a trier and had genuine pace. Only slight form of excitement in that team anyway.
  5. This debate ties into the problem with the world now. All abuse is actually bad, yes. However, there are times where you absolutely have to look at the situation in isolation. The song is a bit of a pointless throw away, it doesn’t hold any real malice and it isn’t specifically attacking anyone as it’s such a ridiculously broad statement. If you’re offended by that song you really really do need to get a grip of yourself. How anyone could compare that to throwing a banana at Someone is far beyond me
  6. I think at this point it would be acceptable to be a bit concerned. We still have an enormous amount of guff in our squad, the signings so far haven’t been amazing and ultimately I can’t see us attracting all that high a quality of player to the club given our situation. It really will be a huge job for Mcglynn this season.
  7. Muirhead was a funny one. He was never a RB yet was forced to play there for almost his whole time at the club. I’d say he had two seasons where you could say he was solid and doing a job, after the 16/17 season he was a complete bomb scare. Liked an argument with supporters as well, not for me as a player.
  8. Game was absolutely rotten. Neither team are anything special. Falkirk put Arbroath to bed last season and I’m fairly sure with any sort of decent recruitment this season coming, we won’t be far behind you soon enough.
  9. I hope Dunfermline sack Hughes. They will no doubt bring in some textbook Scottish manager who will be absolutely rotten. Yogi has the ability to get a tune from that team I think, awful end to the season but he’s still a better shout than most in this country.
  10. Any revisionism on Yogi is ridiculous tbh. I’m 23 years old, I’ve not seen anything better than what Hughes offered. It was exciting and progressive at the time. He might not be pulling trees up for other clubs but for us he was brilliant.
  11. having listened to that mess of an interview last night and seeing both the Cove and Peterhead game, I’m fairly willing to write off Rennie already. He mentions that we need to protect ourselves defensively better when we are attacking for a winner, at home, against Peterhead? f**k me show some ambition. I know it’s not as simple as we wish it was, however, we should not be having to worry about keeping the back door shut against the bottom side at home, let alone being pummelled by them. in my view our season is now totally finished and it’s another manager I can’t wait to see the back of.
  12. How ridiculous can you be? He used it as an example presumably because it is a massive building with a huge capacity. Not everything has to be bigoted or racist ffs
  13. One thing that got me with the Q&A was the constant banging on about the new scouting and recruitment system. If it’s so good and groundbreaking then why are we signing the exact type of player that has shafted us for the last 2 seasons. Barely professional jobbers who are clinging on to pro football. The board are so hopeless and Holt is the tip of the iceberg.
  14. I 100% stand by this, Airdrie have some good players but Murray has very little to do with current success. Would be a total disaster at Falkirk.
  15. Just to be clear, Ian Murray plays drivel football and basically relies on poor opponents to pick up points, the opposite of what we need. I'd actually much rather have Taylor/Grant and I'm about 75% sure that won't work either.
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