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  1. That's fair enough, but it relies on our recruitment team finding those players, them agreeing to come and then actually playing thereafter. I would love this to work, but it's not like we can build on its initial success.
  2. The club have decided they are better recruiting players from other countries, rather than UK developed players. However, we are already seeing that these players don't feel the need to honour their contracts. Who is going to get across what it should mean to play for the dons than Andy. If we are trying to persuade players with other options to come to us I don't think it's a good look either.
  3. I don't like the contrast between how Considine has been treated, as a Don through and through, compared to Hernandez and Ramirez. They were both able to take the piss on their contracts. I'm not sure any of that bodes well for the future when we are aiming for wider recruitment.
  4. He put his arm up there because he was about to be pushed in the back! That makes sense. A stonewall penalty, which for once the ref has seen. The linesman didn't even flag. So it was just the pressure from Anwick that led to the mistake. I see BBC then gave him MOM. What did Dave C say to the refereeing supervisor to lead to these mental decisions?
  5. I agree that Bates in particular needs to keep it simple and stop overthinking his play. I hope Goodwin rests him and gives Andy some games now. The other way of thinking about is that we can't make much of Ramsay's attacking talent with such poor centre backs covering. At least Mckenzie and Vince seem to be forming an understanding.
  6. McGoo could have a go at managing the catering team. He could go naked if everyone gets served by the end of half time?
  7. In a desperate bid to sell some season tickets. We've renewed ours, so I'm just hoping we are in the same division for now.
  8. I'm not suggesting they have downed tools. It's more that we lack leadership on the pitch; partly as the majority of senior players seem to be leaving or under threat of going.
  9. I get the Mccormack strategy of developing our own and some purchased young players and profiting by their sales. It was clear Mcinnes as a manager didn't fit with this. It really feels like we have dangerously rushed the process though. Ideally, we should only be blooding one or two players like this as at a time. It seems we might be looking to do this next year with half the first team. We are banking on Goodwin and the team finding players. He should be able to get more out of what we have though. He has burned bridges too early and needs to get key players back on side.
  10. That meeting with the head of refereeing has really paid off. Some of the decisions here are ridiculous.
  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/sDnRqnU7jokt5uA47 Try some of this. I just think Ramirez is too good a player for the goal drought to last. Also, given County will also need to win the game may end up being more open, which has suited us better this year.
  12. I think the dons will get their s**t together for this one. Hopefully, Ramirez can get back in with some goals with Watkins and Besuijen providing. We will likely need more than one goal given our habit of leaking them.
  13. It's weird given that Dundee are basically run by 2 Gothenburg greats that I really want us to thrash them. The sacking of Mcpake for McGoo was mental, even by this leagues standards.
  14. You get a better view up there. I think my son and I might move there. I'm not sure being close to the away fans in the lower RD is ideal for kids.
  15. I appreciate he's not part of the clubs long term plans and with his mate going he has likely lost interest. I had hoped he would stay for these last 3 games to try and make the top 6 though. I thought Goodwin had rested him on that basis. It's a poor conclusion for him here, but he did have some good moments last year.
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