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  1. I’m hoping it’s a strategy to inflate his perceived value to an English club about to sign him.
  2. We definitely need an effective attacking player ASAP. Hibs seem to have gambled on investing in getting the third place position. Even Hearts and St Mirren have been more active. Unless there is some good last minute business done we look to be falling out of the third place race. In the circumstances this seems a very poor financial decision. I’m sure I’m not the only one questioning AberDna and season ticket renewal going forward.
  3. More of a mouse c**t then? David Robertson might be able to tell him what to expect.
  4. I don’t understand Scott Wright’s thinking here? Yes, it’s a short career, but it’s hopefully a long life thereafter. If he crosses this Rubicon there is no way back and he and his family will need to cope with him being reviled locally forever more. Is he planning to settle in Kashmir like David Robertson? Is it really worth it? He probably looks forward to working with Gerrard, but he will be off at the end of the season. Rangers will be skint like the era after Advocat. They are just splurging to avoid 10 in a row.
  5. “On promotion to the Football League, in August 2020, the club confirmed that, in order to comply with the League's regulations, they would replace Wetherby Road's synthetic pitch with a grass one”. Harrogate Town had to install a grass pitch to play in England’s fourth division. Yet our “premier” league allows them. Like the requirement for seating that led to stadium sharing in the past, this should be brought in for the 2022 season.
  6. Credit where it’s due the game was poor, but not due to the referee. He had a good game.
  7. That’s it. Shankland managed to make two good efforts with very poor service in a team that got very little of the ball. Our strikers had plenty of the ball, but did little with and don’t seem to have the movement to find themselves space. Hopefully, Wright and Hedges spark more going forward in the coming weeks.
  8. How can we have this much of the ball and still end up with Shankland having had the two closes chances?
  9. Around about the level of the table United are aiming for. Maybe McInnes will get offered the Celtic job this evening?
  10. With Wright and Mccrorie back for this game I’m hoping for a good game today. The players should also be more rested given the cancelled Livi game. After the stolen draw last game I’m going for 2-0 to the dons.
  11. Do you not need a bloke with a hawk on your roof to be fully realistic?
  12. Not a bad evening. Livi game on ice, which may give us some time for players to recover and County beating Hibs. I’m sure we will have lots of new signings by the time the match is rearranged, based on all the rumours.
  13. Wasn’t meant as an insult to him. In fairness he took his goal well. More of a “battle” than a football match. The ref didn’t help the game.
  14. I wonder what the men and women of Atlantis will be making of this? Painfully bad match. 2 strikers who can’t control the ball.
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