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  1. Yes. I really hope this works out for him. It would be great if he is interested in bringing Ramirez home, which would be a good conclusion for all?
  2. You must know most of what you're saying is rubbish though. It's good to know Hertz fans are so insecure about their own position though. This year's figures don't including the millions we made in players sales, which more than cover these losses. We are also highly unlikely to pay to replace a whole squad and management team and finish 10th recurrently. Are you going to come back and give the opposite patter when our figures suggest bumper profits next year, when the player sales appear in that year?
  3. I heard the sevco fans were keen to read another lunatics ravings after they lost another communication officer. Otherwise, after there apparently encouraging financial results, can Hertz not splash out on a Wilson ball to listen to Vince's drivel?
  4. I look forward to Hertz finishing fifth, sacking Neilson and posting similar figures next year. Then heading towards their usual implosion and relegation again shortly after.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/YLiMsxTfUroEVDdn9 A couple of seats further along than Garth B.
  6. Or fill itself either! We shouldn't sell in January unless they make a silly offer. Even if the transfer team have targets we would struggle to sign them now and you can't know if they'll settle. The clubs building momentum.
  7. I disagree, his value should only rise further. Coming third is also worth quite a bit for us now. Offer them Ramirez for £1 million though!
  8. https://www.juvefc.com/report-juventus-keen-on-signing-bologna-midfielder/ "Ferguson isn’t well-known now, but we have some of the best scouts in Italy, so we expect them to hand us the right report on his development." Is this more reliable, it seems to be a quote from someone at Juve?
  9. I heard his agent was on radio bologna discussing an gentiluomo d'accordo?
  10. United's keeper and right back were very poor. Even if their forwards improve they are in real trouble there.
  11. Let's hope we keep the damned united bottom of the table today. I hope we start with a back 4, but Goodwin may want to go after them from the start?
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/9747697/lewis-ferguson-sensational-move-juventus-aberdeen-transfer-windfall/ May be nonsense, but talk of juventus interest in Lewis Ferguson. Not sure what sell on percentage we would have?
  13. Good result last night with lots of goals again. We seem to have gone for the opposite strategy to Glass of having a light midfield who don't hold onto the ball, but can find a pass. This works when we are on the front foot, if we score first or against the teams that will only aim to defend. It worked against hearts and hibs because our strikers finished better, but we do need more of a midfield for the tougher away games and arse cheeks games. Stewart wins most of the longballs, but hibs targeted the second ball if it wasn't fully cleared and won it too often.
  14. Despite their bloated squad Hibs lack penetration up front. Their over reaction to the porteous comment is because they know without penalties and red cards they aren't winning enough games. VAR has messed up that strategy for them.
  15. Maybe this will work on our tighter pitch at home and against teams with poorer wingers. We definitely need a different plan for Hampden. I hope we have learned some lessons for then.
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