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  1. It is still possible for them to "Hibs it" and implode? 🤔 If Hornby can stay on the rails could we scrape third place still? That would be a good return on a bad season.
  2. I'm a Glass half full man! Our players are better than theirs, even if their not playing like they are at the moment. I would hope by then there will be some sort of resurgence with the new management in place.
  3. Pretty good Scottish Cup draw. Two home games against Livi and then potentially Dundee United. We need to find a way to score though. Hope Russell starts coaching ASAP!
  4. Fair play to Dave Cormack he has a plan and has had the guts to go for it. If we are going for youth and player development we are likely to have more up and down periods though. I would take mid table years if we then have more competitive ones every few years and can win things again. As always a good start will keep fans onside, but I suspect it will take time to bed in which may test his resolve.
  5. I thought he came across well in the interview. He was right to make the change now to try and have things in place for next season. This appointment is important to keep building the club and so taking time and advice is sensible.
  6. The other problem is how predictable this is for the opposition. Without Hedges/wright we never play to feet through the middle. With our poor crossing in open play we would be as well drawing free kicks and hoping Mcginn can improve his crossing.
  7. Well done Dons. Hopefully, we pick up further from here. Its sad to see Killie have gone back so far since the Clarke era. A Ranger's retirement home. There is little point throwing lots of big guys on when their crossing is so poor. It's a joke Lafferty doesn't get booked for his diving.
  8. It's time for Derek to follow Stephen Robinson and Gary Holt's example and resign. He is at risk of doing a Levein linger and undoing all his previous good work and causing lasting damage. Hard to see him turning it around now sadly.
  9. I hope Derek has agreed to walk at the end of the season and waive what's left of his contract. The wording suggests it's agreed he will be replaced in the summer unless there is a major turn around, which is unlikely.
  10. That's a relief. Should be a really good short term signing. Hope he can start straight away. It will likely take him time to get match fit, but a proven scorer which we really need.
  11. I really hope we have a plan in place for a decent striker. I think Hornby on loan would be a good fit. He will know our under 21 players. I am increasingly worried we are going to end up with a Danny Ward type situation derailing what's left of the season.
  12. I remember Caley did the same. It worked in the short term, but has proven a failure since. Its hard to keep making the right signings and they can leave on Bosman's once established, just like the youth players. At least you get development money for the youth players.
  13. True, but did not have that major implications for us. It would this year with Europa league spot though. One reason we need to keep ahead of Hibs/Livi this year incase the season stops early. Maybe Derek and Lennon are trying to end the season early and settle for our current positions?
  14. With Wright and Hedges we are so much better playing through the middle. We need a spell of them playing together. We get more from the wings as well as its less predictable to defend. Even if we lose him for free we should get Wright to play out his contract, as otherwise we struggle going forward.
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