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  1. Just wait until Falkirk come, they’re fucking huge.
  2. Think 1-1 was a fair result there today. Airdrie huffed and puffed towards the end and could see we tried to take sting out the game and slow everything down before the QotS goal, and towards the end it all went a bit turgid - understandable with the heat. Could see with our threadbare squad that we don’t really have anything on the bench to change it to force a winner, unfortunately. And as previously mentioned, the stewarding… QotS’ safety officer should be looking at himself trying to get all airdrie fans into one section, really. Not to go all Falkirk but it certainly wouldn’t have worked.
  3. Despise both, but Graham Spiers being cancelled by Open Goal Broomhill Sports Club Broadwood United 2022 is quite a thing:
  4. Aye… but they’re Falkirk. It’s not as if their IQ matches their huge fan base.
  5. Interesting that we were putting crosses right on top of the Falkirk ‘keeper on Saturday. A few trademark Currie-claps and we could be quids in.
  6. What’s being censored here, then? New player? New kit? New coach? A big sign showing how many Falkirk fans were at the game?
  7. I certainly have. Get it right up the Grangemouth mutants.
  8. Absolutely buzzing for Salim getting his goal. Had a hellish time since he joined, but received a great ovation from the 12 of us that were in the main stand, and took his goal well too.
  9. Nope. Still fucking hilarious. Especially when all they can add to arguments is “but we’ve got a huge crowd”.
  10. In all seriousness walking to the ground today I genuinely was a bit trepidatious about the match. Surely Falkirk couldn’t have their thumbs up their arses for another season… needn’t have worried I guess.
  11. Common train of thought says Logan Sargeant to Williams. Won’t be quite a pay driver but opens up an enormous market in the USA plus he’s showing well in F2, he’s probably the only viable choice from that category. I just don’t know what the score is with Williams. With the CFD and wind tunnel allocation they have they should be troubling the points regularly like Haas. They’ve structurally overhauled the team and personnel for no end result. How long will Dorilton keep it going?
  12. Best final I can remember since the last one Hants won. Travesty that Nick Knight leads the coverage along with any other old T20 jobber they can get while Bumble isn’t involved and Nasser & Atherton are being saved for ODIs & The Hundred. Also chastened to add the Blast is just a better competition than the Hundred.
  13. Was that the season a new Umbro away strip was trotted out in January with the white and black chevrons? Gawd we’ve had some kit shambles over the years.
  14. I love him already. EDIT: I have now googled Dylan and see he has the same agent as Jacob Esposito. I am no longer in love.
  15. I’ve moved on to an Aeropress. Following the messiah James Hoffman’s technique, I’ve found really good. Do get some strange looks in the office right enough when I disappear to the kitchen for 5 mins to setup, press and clean up. On the coffee front I was using Argyll Coffee’s Clyde Steamer blend which is lovely, but just got some Columbian stuff from Inverness Coffee.
  16. Our fans love(d) him because he’s local. Demanded he was played every week despite not really doing much and some confusingly wanted him kept over our top goal scorer Gallagher. Runs about, scored a few composed finishes over the season. Will be interesting to see how he does with a run of games, I guess.
  17. We’ve been subjected to some shite over the years but that was the shitey-ist of the shite. Not afraid to say that Clark should be clearing his desk shortly, consistently getting it wrong in big games.
  18. Probably not but when you see Max, undoubtedly wearing orange boots and royal blue, white and red gloves, attempt to come for cross balls he’ll certainly strike fear into you.
  19. If nothing else I found Murray to be quite naïve tactically. The games we won from nowhere (Dumbarton madness, Montrose play off) were won more because he chucked as many attacking players as possible on the pitch and abandoned any semblance of a system. Good entertainment and that, but does lead to daftness such as against Clyde at Broadwood where you’ve got 5 strikers, 3 midfielders and 2 defenders on the pitch having made all your subs, then powerless to stop the opposition grabbing a last kick of the ball equaliser. That said, with a ~45% win rate and the only Airdrie manager in recent memory not to be emptied because of bad results. Recruitment wise, this is the first season he didn’t have his hands tied with agents or a director of football making decisions for him. He built the best team we’ve seen in a good 15 years and seemed to be negotiating to keep them right up until he walked out the door. He seems loyal. He stuck with Agnew at holding midfield which would’ve been my only criticism through the playoffs - in all four matches the game seemed to pass him by.
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