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  1. I would much rather Alex Henderson was in goals making those mistakes, at least he has the get-out of being young and raw. For an experienced keeper Lyness has no excuses for the errors today & certainly against Edinburgh. Genuinely feel he cost us the cup-tie today. ETA: Any of the usual ITK’s care to let us know how Josh Rae is getting on? @Sarahs Uncle perhaps?
  2. Of course it helps when we don’t have any I guess. Real gulf in quality and depth came to show. Think we did well getting to extra time at least, especially with that ref.
  3. So… the settlement money that was set aside can be invested in the playing squad, then?
  4. Glad someone else has cottoned on to it. A sure fire way to rebuild the bridges that have been burned to the ground over the last few years. Personally don’t suspect it is the main man, but a board member certainly. A very good look indeed.
  5. Felt busier than normal in the stand & concourse today, wonder what the official attendance will be.
  6. Looked like tough work out there playing against another team full of big strong players that outmuscled us in pretty much every department. Few heart in mouths moments at the back but I guess a clean sheet is a clean sheet, and Gallagher typically where he normally is to prod home a rebound. I think Telfer & Devenny (the left back one) were the picks of the bunch. I understand Rhys was loaded with the cold today, but watching him on the side line was like harking back to Kevin McBride or Mark Wilson. Standing with his arms crossed and not really saying anything from the dugout.
  7. The big things I find that are broken so far are the defenders missing headers/losing the ball when they are under no pressure at all, and the wingers match rating bug manifesting again - even with two assists my wide men struggling to get over 7.2.
  8. Did he have a moment or was he just that bad?
  9. Again, its a not a great look for an individual who’s evidently employed by/represents the club taking to a forum in attempts to sling insults (aimed at the wrong account), troll and posture with “insider knowledge”. Already posted in the match thread, but it was back to the slow, turgid, sideways & backwards football today which is a shame, but it was a good feeling when our goal went in. I think we were probably outmuscled by a typically “streetsmart & pragmatic” Jim McInally team, but they did show that they are at the bottom of the table for a reason.
  10. Thought 6 points was a must from Clyde & Peterhead games, and heaps pressure on to getting a result at Kelty. Far too slow and turgid today, again. Can see McCabe wants to try and work something with this system but with the personnel it just doesn’t work. Certainly wouldn’t have thought Jamieson would be leading the scoring charts after getting hooked before half time, but there we are. Now then, who’s getting banned this week?
  11. Said it last week but I find it mental that the directors of a club of our size feel they are in a position to alienate large swathes of the fan base at once. Add to this the only communication with fans is to sell tickets, a match preview, a 90-second copy/paste interview before and after games, punt the lottery and tell supporters they are banned. Ballantyne & Wotherspoon had their moments but at least they had semi-regular Q&As to convince us all was rosy.
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