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  1. You can debate if a change of management will improve your results, but that’s highly unlikely with the players at QoS. The recruitment in the summer was remarkably bad, I wouldn’t back your board to select a competent manager, not if it’s anything like the player recruitment.
  2. Haha Rice is terrible, I think you lot need a reality check. You’re Hamilton, basically a league 1 club in stature playing in the Premier league. Any manager that gets you points in the top league is excelling.
  3. So did you actually think you were going to win today? Haha
  4. Well fair play to QoS, a draw away to Arbroath is a very good result for you. Arbroath must be pretty disappointed to drop points at home to QoS though.
  5. Definite contact! McDaid initiated any contact there was, he actually moved himself towards the Aloa player as he was falling.
  6. McDaid should be embarrassed with that dive, don’t know how Dodds thought that was a penalty, very obviously not
  7. I’m expecting us to win 2-1, I don’t think Morton have that great a team
  8. You should be confident going into this game, QoS were my favourites to go down this season and that looks likely. Arbroath have a better team on paper.
  9. Don’t know what you’ve been smoking, clearly they’re going to struggle every week with that team
  10. Where are all the mouthy QoS fans defending their signings now? So turns out I wasn’t wrong, you must dread every weekend with that team.
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