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  1. Things you don't hear on the news: Younger people spread the virus more efficiently. Either 50% of under 18s are asthmatic or their not giving a toot. Wee c***s won't be paying the mortgage when the parents lose their jobs.
  2. I hope he does well I just don't see what the hype is all about.
  3. The 2nd half at home to Kazakhstan is the only time we've played well under Clarke.
  4. Hardly Daily Record scoop material mate, he's a midfielder that can both sit and drive. Clarke did the Strachan thing of seeing that he's tall and shoehorning him into a position he's not comfortable.
  5. Hi, I'm getting really annoyed at receiving red squares from @Scumjob. Either PM me or lets meet at a carpark of your choice. And I know people if you know what I mean.
  6. Gonna book a wee b n b near Victoria Rd. Pmz if you wanna go splits on a twin room.
  7. Marshall 7/10 McTominay 4/10 McKenna 6/10 Cooper 4/10 Palmer 6/10 Armstrong 3/10 McLean 5/10 Fleck 4/10 Robertson 5/10 Christie 7/10 Dykes 6/10 Manager 2/10.
  8. As always a Scotland post update from Lex anytime 'we' are struggling. The servile c**t is loving this tonight.
  9. I'd imagine their 'B' team will be technically better than us.
  10. An absolute joke decision. Line judge crumbling to the ground holding her knees? He hit her on her coupon.
  11. Disagree. Every village with a population of over 1000 must have a golf course IMO. Mental that you can have a public toilet bloc and a bakery but no golf course.
  12. Their RB had him for pace. I we had set up with a back 4 and Forrest playing AMR Clarke would have switched the wingers. In a 352 that wasn't an option.
  13. It's also true. I don't think anyone's writing him off, and I'd play him tomorrow. Perhaps he was too eager to please in these games but his decision making was rash. Another excellent point from a top poster and Google tells me Bielsa is his club manager so the story checks out.
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