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  1. Andy once again you just make things up, either intentionally or without knowing the facts. I didn’t pump money into Colville Park, I was a player there for 4 years prior to me being a players and then manager Colville were already one of the top teams in the country, with many years of success. When I became manager I had a normal 9-5 job earning a reasonable good salary, I didn’t have money to invest in anything except my family. When I left 10 players came with me, the rest joined other amateurs clubs, the club continued with a new manger then he left the club took a break for that season. They re established last year but covid kicked in and the season did it start. I opened my first restaurant 8 months before joining Darvel, whilst still working my job. In the last couple of years whilst being at Darvel my business has taken off. Im not a millionaire I don’t have the wealth to pump hundred of thousands into a football club, as I have said on a couple occasions to you I haven’t paid for the park, floodlights, changing rooms and I don’t pay the players wages. There is not need for me to invest money into the club it doesn’t require it. Why would I honestly invest into something I don’t own I’m manny things but trust me I’m not daft.
  2. I don’t know what goes on at Kelty, what I will tell you Thomas Reilly was very close to signing for a premier league team in our league this season not us. Would that have meant they are paying £400 a week. We could go on all day mate, I’ve said my bit
  3. Are you going to admit now that Ryan wasn’t offered £400 You would need to ask them, but there aren’t players on the money your saying they are
  4. I believe you. I’m not saying we don’t pay well we do, but I can assure there aren’t players on £400 a week not one. We speak to players every summer some come and some don’t. Why would I come on a public forum we don’t offer of that if we do, I would embarrass myself,
  5. I’ve just sent you a screen shop that out an end to that Mckeever £400 a week
  6. I'm not making it up. Came from a player at Darvel. Any when we signed Ross he had taken a break from football his last club was in League 2. Why would we need to give him over £500 a week, fulltime player in the championship are on that, there boyd a QOS fulltime on £350. Ive know Ross for ten year we didn’t have to pay anywhere near that to come to Darvel
  7. I know what Ross Perry was getting and it was more than £500 a week.... Andy stop making stuff up, I can assure he wasn’t as I’ve said there are ex committee men on here as th em what Ross got paid I can assure you I’ve known Ross for years he was on know where near £500 a week.
  8. You think Darvel are being craig more to play part time they he was on a Ayr full time Everyone on £500 a week the yearly wage bill would be over half million seriously That as true as you saying a put money in they club
  9. Well if Ryan told you that he’s telling lies, he wasn’t offered that money at Darvel. There boys in League 1 on 150 a week, you think these boys unless At a cove etc, they aren’t on £300 a week never mind £400 your deluded.
  10. Stop telling lies please, we didn’t trie and sign Ryan in the summer we tried to sign him in the previous summer. I know Ryan he’s a great lad and top player, he certainly wasn’t offered £400, not one player is on that type of money or has any player been offered it. Stop making stuff up
  11. I would say Mick Kennedy puts in more money than Gall. From what I hear what Gall puts in isn't as much as people think. They also have someone in America pumping in money as well. Andy for what it’s worth mate, and I’m sure people who are on here are or where connected with the club will tell you. I don’t put money into Darvel, firstly there is no requirement for me to do so. Secondly I never would, I wouldn’t want to comprise things if I wasn’t doing well enough I would never want the club to be in a difficult position to get rid of me. And finally if I wanted to invest in a football team, I would do in Glasgow where am from.
  12. sorry mate, I’m trying solve a chicken shortage I’ve never been good at doing two things at the same time. I think I’ve said enough, Hopefully when we meet again there no issues. I have a lot of respect for club, I wish you all the best for the season ahead.
  13. If the ref deemed the celebration unacceptable that upto him to deal with, it does excuse the aftermath of what happened. I took abuse all game, I didn’t say a word back apart from some friendly banter with glens behind our dugout but I accept what was being said to me I wasn’t arguing I just started my point back
  14. Let’s be clear about the facts here, when Glenafton scored to go 1-0 up all their players ran and celebrated in front of the Darvel dugout. Two players were booked because of it no reaction from us whatsoever. When we scored the winner our players celebrated in front of the Glenafton dugout, I believe one of our players were booked. Then all hell broke loose, Glenafton staff member sent off. The word frightening infers it was a two way thing, the truth is and the video clearly shows 7 Glenafton fans attacking a Darvel committee member. The issue was clear to see from the outset, large amount of alcohol being clearly drank in the stand. Carry out being carried in a half time. Celebration to both goals were probably over the top, but if you think that an excuse for what followed then no wonder there been previous issues. In reference to be shouting as I walked off, I didn’t shout I simply replied to what someone was shouting at me. I can take abuse, in the main it’s light hearted. But what was he said to me was totally unacceptable. No matter what happens, there in no excuse for people attacking people.
  15. I think we will do an official announcement after June, just incase
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