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  1. I know because Chris Strain told me, there had been several clubs in interested. Two of the clubs were given permission to speak to David which they did. Talbot and Pollok. The club received 3 bids ours, Talbot and Pollok. All three have been rejected due to not meeting the clubs valuation. I’m on as my own name I don’t hide behind anything, I’ve said it before I’m not going to come to a public forum and make stuff. I won’t say anymore on the matter, good luck with the remainder of your season to the clubs you all support.
  2. Defo not offended, especially if its my peri peri salt
  3. I have seen evidence of the offer, I know it’s 100% factual that why I know the figures.
  4. I don’t want him publicly discuss another teams business, but I wouldn’t say something on a public forum that I couldn’t back up. What I have said is the truth, there are several parties who would confirm it
  5. Hi mate, no I only manage the team. There is no need for me to put any money, I will only ever manage the.
  6. Andy I don’t need to lie, go ask Hurlford mate.
  7. We have had 2 games off with a water logged park. Our park will be fixed in the summer
  8. Your figures are out Andy. what I will say is we paid a fee that matched an offer from another premier league club. Lewis contributed an element of his signing on fee to make the deal happed. Our wage offer was the same offer as the other premier league club, our signing on fee was less.
  9. Eye-watering figures from what I hear both in the fee and wages being paid. Give me a laugh mate, what did you hear?
  10. There is know way our budget is 3 times that of Stranr Most people expected you to beat Stranraer as your budget will be several times larger than theirs. 3 times that of Stranraer utter lies, you have no idea of their budget or ours.
  11. You expect us to beat Stranraer ? The game would have been on but the park would have been a cow field as you know thats why you wanted it replaced. Which was totally the correct decision, the drainage issue will be rectified.
  12. Unbelievable, not been on since the clubs been on a great run. First chance to criticise your on playing to the gallary. You wanted the previous company out when you where there now your trying to criticise the club for making the decision, you were one biggest advocates for a new park. The last park was not fit for purpose as you well know. The company that have installed the park, are contractors for the 2 biggest Clubs in the country. There is an issue with one section of the drainage, they will be working to find a solution from Thursday this week. It will be full fixed in the summer, when the weather better.
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