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  1. 10 mins for the pitch to hold out. The old, early 2010s Well pitch would never have taken this rain!
  2. Disappointing. Hibs goal aside, that sort of graft to protect leads is all he has been good for in the league this season. If he's not even managed that then it's not ideal...
  3. These are the days and threads that P&B is all about. Diddies collectively sticking the boot in!
  4. Most of the “___ Loyal” flags that were draped over the front row are gone now.
  5. Can’t have been the only one wanting Max chucked on at 0-0, but what do I know. But Louis held up well and some alright runs that we were just what we needed. Unlucky his scaffed effort didn’t end up slipping through. They are the kind of decisions that are the make or break, so fair play to Courts, it’s still going well.
  6. Is the Deloitte Report getting ideas from Motherwell and their celebrated array of curries? Is global cuisine the future for SPFL fan expansion*? (*waistlines rather than attendances, obviously) I could believe it - there's a churros stall at Tannadice this weekend!
  7. Can only judge what I’ve seen. 1. Heart of Midlothian (2-0 loss) They were good all over the park. Midfield kept pushing United back. Both strikers scored, and even when United rallied a wee bit second half, Gordon was well up to it. Two very good saves. Comfortably beat. 2. Rangers (1-0 win) Ranking second but with massive gap to the performance Hearts put in at Tannadice. Obviously they had lots of possession as they always do, but quite wasteful. The last 10 mins wasn’t as twitchy as expected. 3. Ross County (1-0 win) There’s really not much between what I saw from County, Motherwell or Dundee in our 3 narrow wins. County ahead because they felt most likely to get an equaliser. 4. Dundee (1-0 win) If their “disgraced, former Scotland star” had his shooting boots on they’d maybe have nicked an unlikely point. Defensive error for our winner. 5. Motherwell (2-1 win) Let us have lots of time, certainly first half, to pass it about. Never really felt threatened that an equaliser was coming after going 2-1 up. 6. St Johnstone (A)(1-0 win) Not trolling ahead of Saturday, but the worst performance by an opponent I’ve seen this season. Just a squad struggling to juggle Europe, I suppose. Looked off the pace then and would expect more this weekend.
  8. Unreal right wing play by Mulgrew for the first goal! Then penalty box link up to score the winner. He's been some addition and works very well with Edwards. Van Veen was pretty underwhelming, after the radio talking him up of late. But that was a good bit of Motherwell pressure with all the corners before the goal. Thought the penalty looked soft. Possibly me just thinking keeper usually gets so much 'benefit of the doubt' in them to never expect the penalty. There's a fantastic spirit in this United squad. They keep the effort level high, press and win the ball in the opponent's half so often. It keeps them in games even though they don't score.
  9. Adding goals was a master stroke tactical change. This Courts boy is ahead of the game.
  10. First half looked like good progress for United. Always going to be happy seeing a winger involved in a few chances created and good for him to get his goal. Plenty nice wee passing sequences first half, it just fell apart a bit second half. Hope there's truth in the 'looking at out-of-contract striker' rumours, could really add a lot to this squad just having that extra option. Still happily take a clean sheet home win though.
  11. A conclusive poll... but I still don't expect to see no complaints when your team is denied a stonewaller in Glasgow.
  12. Never expected it to stay 6th place Celtic and 5th place United. The best bit has to be seeing a United winger whip a ball from open play onto one of our own player's head for a goal! That's progress.
  13. We’re so often gash at Parkhead so I’ll take that, even when they are in disarray! Keeps that points total ticking.
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