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  1. Absolute word salad. You don’t need to use anti-racism to justify not liking a football club pal. There are loads of people who are able to admit “I don’t like Rangers because they regularly come to my town and run up the score on my beloved team”. Trying to pretend a clearly non-racist song is racist is a bit embarrassing tbh. It just makes you look like an idiot.
  2. Oh sure, I love that speech. It’s a real shame that the anti-racist movement has to incorporate bad faith actors like Jeanette Findlay and Michael Stewart though. It demeans the entire movement when you base your views on something as stupid as not liking a football team because they beat you regularly.
  3. The funny thing is, this isn’t even the first time the likes of Angela Haggerty and those bunch of losers have tried to portray 4LHAD as racist.
  4. I always tend to think guys with Dykes playing style, who rely heavily on their athleticism and strength, don’t tend to age very well. You don’t often see big 35 year old target men still performing at the same level as they did when they were 25. That said, he’s definitely improving at the moment. He has another big move in him.
  5. Question is, how do we replace Dykes? Adams isn’t the same type of player - he’s not a physical threat and won’t hold the ball up. We don’t really have a big physical laddie up front if Dykes isn’t there. Wait… wait a second… what’s that? That’s… that’s Oli McBurnie’s music!
  6. That was close. McTominay plays in defence, or he doesn’t play. It’s as simple as that. Ryan Fraser isn’t a wing back, he’s a second striker or he doesn’t play. Jack Hendry plays as a central CB for Brugge because he can’t actually pass. Simply doesn’t have the range for it. He’s very firmly the fourth choice CB. Learn these lessons and we will continue to beat small teams like Israel with relative ease.
  7. I get that Clarke thinks we need physicality, and that’s presumably why McTominay is playing CM, but replacing a brilliant technical player with a guy who can’t pass forward has not worked at all. We’re going to have to play through them. It’s the only way we win here.
  8. Wouldn’t have broken up the midfield after the last game tbh. Would like to see us play a wee bit in this game. The style needs to reflect the kind of players we have now.
  9. Of course you would, but at least the people calling you a fucking idiot wouldn’t have so much proof.
  10. I watched Wales last night and it’s unthinkable that we’d lose a game to those jobbers. An absolutely pathetic football team.
  11. Lads, we get to watch Billy Gilmour play for Scotland tonight.
  12. Aye he could have gotten there with a bit of luck. Still was a very good player for a decent period of time.
  13. Yeah that’s true. The six months that got him the move to Spurs just came out of absolutely nowhere.
  14. Huttons career was so odd. I remember him being completely finished at Villa, going through several loans, only to somehow turn it round during a pre-season and ended up staying there for like another 5 years.
  15. I like Ramsay a lot, but context is key: Patterson has played in international games and European knockout ties. Ramsay’s career opponents consist of bottom six Premiership teams (plus Hearts and Celtic), Dumbarton, Raith Rovers, Qarabag, Breidalbik and Hacken. I’d still have him in the squad to backup Patterson, but there are plenty of question marks over how he looks when he isn’t playing against bad teams.
  16. Buzzing for this already. With Adams out, I’d assume Christie will be his replacement, but it’s tough to know. Could be Fraser but I feel like it’s a game better suited to Christie.
  17. G51

    Week 5

    Browns get the ball back at the half, up 20-13. And they’ve left points on the field. Someone is going to take an absolute pounding from this team one of these weeks.
  18. I think it came out to a million quid plus a sell-on percentage, in exchange for effectively giving Chelsea first refusal. Its a little bit sad not to see him break through at us, but the truth is that talents that good that come through anywhere in Europe are nearly always snapped up by elite clubs for their first pro contract. Just the way the game is nowadays. We’ll just have to make do with an age 40 Billy Gilmour coming home after multiple Ballon D’Or’s instead. In the meantime though, I’ll settle for watching him vanquish all comers at Hampden.
  19. being excited about the most talented player we’ve produced in a generation is actually club bias
  20. Looks like we might have some interest in the outcome of Group G. Looks to me as if Groups D, E & J have a decent chance of 2nd place finishing under 14pts. So that means we’d need to better one of the other groups, and G looks like it’ll be close: 1. NED P7 16PTS 2. NOR P7 14PTS 3. TUR P7 12PTS Remaining fixtures: Latvia v Turkey, Netherlands v Gibraltar, Norway v Montenegro Norway v Latvia, Turkey v Gibraltar, Montenegro v Netherlands Montenegro v Turkey, Netherlands v Norway Could do with Montenegro or Latvia doing something v Turkey and Netherlands doing Norway in the last game.
  21. Pretty sure the games v Moldova won’t count for seeding in the playoffs (though will obviously count for ensuring we actually get second place). Might take a look through the remaining groups today and see where we stand - from the ten groups, the top six teams are seeded and the bottom four + 2 Nations League qualifiers are not seeded. My recollection is that we’re right on the edge of seeding, so a good showing (and a good few goals) against the Faroes might matter.
  22. Win away to the Faroes and Moldova and we’re in the playoffs. Israel and Austria can’t catch us. Reload with the same team, except Hanley for McTominay and push Hendry out one. Put them to the sword.
  23. Some players just have that wee something that you can’t really teach. For some, it’s freakish athletic ability that makes them unique. For others, it’s the ability to see things that no one else can see. I truly believe Gilmour has the latter ability. He’s just wired differently to most players. It’s unbelievably exciting to have a player that genuinely has the potential to be one of the worlds best. I’m hyped just to follow his career.
  24. Aye, I actually thought we were running out of steam a wee bit at 70-80 mins maybe but it wasn’t enough to let them back in it. Think we basically made loads of stupid mistakes for both goals and if a single one of those didn’t happen, we win that game very comfortably and no one gives a f**k about the defence. But even if the future of Scotland is the “scoring one more than you” philosophy, then I’m absolutely up for that.
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