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  1. The idea that JK Rowling, who is rich beyond her wildest dreams and has influence that nobody here could ever imagine, can be “cancelled” is fucking hilarious to be honest. What she’s feeling is people standing up to her for her views. Getting shredded online isn’t getting cancelled. Just log off and spend your vast fortune on something. Cancel culture is when someone actually suffers as a result of holding or expressing views/opinions. A good example would be someone getting sacked for something they post on Twitter. Or someone downvoting one of my posts.
  2. Never realised until now how bad Himmler’s hairline was. No wonder he was so angry.
  3. Sure, but “we’re Scottish football fans and we’re only using it to describe fans of the club we hate” doesn’t really wash when the term is sectarian in Northern Ireland. Same way it didn’t with f****n, t**g, o****e b*****d or t*****r.
  4. Halifax may have defrauded millions of people, but they added pronouns to their badge, so it’s impossible to say if they’re good or not
  5. yeah it’s weird because nobody ever seems to be bothered about keeping a lid on your utterly relentless whining and tit for tat shite
  6. Not even them. Most of them think “soccer” is a girls game.
  7. Except said terms has never been bigoted or sectarian, despite your shrieking insistence that it is It’s a derogatory term for a Protestant and is equivalent to calling a Catholic a t**g. Please don’t question the victims. They are the people who get to decide what’s offensive, not the bigots. Personally I don’t really care and think the whole thing is a tedious race to the bottom between two sects of society that don’t actually suffer from discrimination, but I’d like to exploit this opportunity to get posters banned that I don’t like. Failing that, I’d like to be able to call wee @Jinky67 a Shettleston and get away with it.
  8. This post is very funny to me. People love to cry about sectarianism and then use rhyming slang for a bigoted slur. It’s great when you see it in the same post. Its even funnier that the mods allow it.
  9. It’s good imo, the more hatred we have in our game the better
  10. Hibs away kit, good imo ETA: caveat though, clubs should be banned from using a different shade or tint of the same colour in a change strip
  11. Finally, an end to Celtic's sickening anti-Argentinian signing policy.
  12. The SNP will definitely break up post-independence. John Mason is already itching to start a Scottish equivalent of Aontú.
  13. Well at least people will be aware of our famous culture after we reclaim it. "Ah, you're from the Highlands and Islands! The land of the kilt, the bagpipes and beauty!" "Oh, you're from the Central Belt? That's the place where you all put sauce on your chips isn't it?"
  14. Give me a 0-0 draw with Wales and Iran dumping them both out.
  15. They also managed to lose it to a campaign fronted by Alistair Darling, which was exceptional in a very different way. Time will tell, and it's impossible to know what it'll look like whenever this GE is actually held. But if you were pricing it up today, I don't think you'd have the SNP odds-on to win that majority of votes.
  16. Karamoko Dembele immediately springs to mind. Everyone raved about him when he was 13/14. Now he just got released by Celtic and absolutely nobody noticed.
  17. depriving myself of a good time in order to have an even better time sticking two fingers up to the passport office
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