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  1. The problem with rewilding is that it’s perceived as gentrification for rural communities. Often proposed by the upper and middle classes living in England or the Central Belt, it tends to see the Highlands as nothing more than empty land that’s being misused - not unlike the attitude deployed during the Clearances. Proponents of rewilding and the reintroduction of wolves need to understand this and better understand the social effects of what they’re proposing.
  2. On the other hand, Inverness Thistle fans used to hold fundraisers for the cause.
  3. Have you ever seen Tommy Sheridan and wastecoatwilly in the same swingers club at the same time? I have not. Makes you think.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXUVpPHcjdY An hour of Tommy Sheridan going full wastecoatwilly. Glorious
  5. I don't understand folk who don't rate Ali McCann. It reminds me of folk who didn't rate Glen Kamara at Dundee. He's clearly very, very good.
  6. That Browns - Ravens game is going to be absolutely massive.
  7. https://twitter.com/NewcoTed/status/1331533245285011457?s=20
  8. I know of a few wee gin "distilleries" that basically bulk-buy the gin from a massive distillery (think it's in/near Grantown-on-Spey?) and simply add in some flavourings, and that's that. There's absolutely f**k all to it.
  9. Yeah that's not a reflection of Jordan's stuff at all.
  10. "Something Inside So Strong" *is in the slightest danger of losing out on a trophy after winning the last eleven in a row* "To the car park!"
  11. The number came from, and I quote, "Omar Chaudhuri, chief intelligence officer at 21st Club, the football data analysis firm".
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