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  1. Well there’s obviously a chance. That there is a probability of it occurring is unarguable.
  2. Lundstram is such a no-brainer for this team. Has everything we’re looking for in an 8. The difficulty is replacing Davis. That’s what Zungu was supposed to be - a passer with a bit of physical presence. Hasn’t worked out but it’s definitely the right type of player.
  3. The midfield needs rebuilt, but we kinda knew that anyway.
  4. Tavernier and Patterson are slightly different types of players. Tavernier is a bit of a unicorn in that he can do everything really, but his real strengths are his passing, crossing and his technique striking the ball. He can hit the ball and put it where he wants it to go. That includes going outside a full back and whipping a cross in. Patterson is more direct. He’s better cutting inside and running with the ball, linking up with players. His dribbling ability is really good - better than Taverniers. But he isn’t as good when he’s forced outside. Any midfielder playing beside Patterson needs to know that there’s going to be space outside of him, and that’s where they need to go. Arfield isn’t as good at that - he’s better in the box. Could definitely see it working better with Jack - can think of a few times when he’s delivered from that area of the pitch (Morelos v Porto an obvious one)
  5. Maybe. He’s 32 now though, and a lot of his game is based on his movement off the ball. It’s not unthinkable that he’d start to decline at this age. The management team will be able to discern either way from his physical numbers during matches and training.
  6. Aye. We’ve missed a No.8 since he’s been gone. Arfield is either out of form or starting to decline
  7. From a Rangers perspective, it might be a blessing in disguise if the doctors have found the root cause of his injuries and he becomes more reliable. Which seems to be what Gerrard is saying
  8. Just confirmed by Gerrard. Out the rest of the season and the Euros.
  9. Think you might be able to get it on RTV, but only if you’re outside the UK/Ireland, or have VPN software showing as much...
  10. Maybe it’s just me, but it really feels like the draft has snuck up on me this year. Less than two weeks away! We’re all homers from time to time aren’t we
  11. It’s a shame for McBurnie, but we’ve just found better players now. He’d be unlikely to feature more than a couple of minutes anyway. Its likely no great loss to the overall squad. Let the Shankland v. Nisbet debates recommence!
  12. The evidence is clear for all to see. Anyway, getting the thread back on topic, there are a few rumours about Fergal Harkin being appointed DoF very shortly. Will presumably have an impact on the manager search. Might not be a popular decision in the short term if it means Celtic miss out on Howe (there’s no guarantee that it would, but he seems to have his own ideas there), but I think it’s the right one. Your sporting director is more important than 2-3 years of a manager. If you believe in a guy, get him in no matter what.
  13. Thank you Craig. Aberdeens medals are indeed tainted, while their arch-nemesis Mr Durrant’s medals remain unblemished.
  14. yes this is definitely what I was doing, because there was so much doubt about it prior to that
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