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  1. “Celticda09” is actually a false flag op carried out by Big Sevco
  2. f**k off the lot of you, shower of c***s
  3. His positional play was faultless. Every time, he was right on cue.
  4. Charlie McCann had some nice moments when he came on
  5. Best of luck to our wee brothers, the Union Bairns, in the second half.
  6. Disappointed that Leon King has been a first team player for eight months now and the nickname “Simba” hasn’t taken off.
  7. Ridvan Yermaz with some nice play. Get some beef in him and he’ll be grand
  8. Keep an eye out for Paul Nsio if he comes on tonight. Another one of those South London boys who grew up playing cage football, like Bassey, Aribo and Kamara. Has the technique to match it too.
  9. Ferguson would be great entertainment. Let’s hope that happens
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