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  1. Going to predict that Roofe starts and if required, is subbed for Sakala. We’re going out to win this game, so we need goalscorers. Those are the only two reliable goalscorers we have, in addition to The Captain. It’ll depend on what the staff think about our ability to play over Frankfurt. If they’re concerned about it, Wright comes in, Aribo will play central and Kamara will push on one to give us that two-high shell in possession with the ability to hit the wide areas with pace in transition. If they’re not worried about it, Roofe comes in for Wright.
  2. McGregor Goldson Lundstram Bassey Tavernier Jack Kamara Barisic Aribo Roofe Kent Bypass the press to Kamara and Aribo. Match up man for man out of possession. Take our chances at set pieces (they will come). Be lucky. G51 DREAMS DON’T DIE Read: Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.
  3. Both those guys were done by the time they hit Scotland. Ramsey is still hitting elite output metrics and that’s in Serie A. The Telegraph is reporting that we’re paying a fraction of his €100k a week wages. Combined with the quotes from Wilson on the website about the wage structure and I’m inclined to believe that’s a lot closer to the truth than the idea that we’re paying 500k a month or whatever daft number people are talking about. The injuries are the major concern. Outside of that…
  4. And that’s a fair concern, but that was never the issue with Barton. There’s zero comparison between the two except they both played in the EPL.
  5. Not been on much lately and that will likely continue for the foreseeable, but just popping on to say that Mr Ramsey is the greatest midfielder in world football, and it’s no surprise that this thread is full of fans of provincial clubs thanking the Teds for bringing him to one of their hovels every second game.
  6. Is that reward greater or less than the risk of going to 10 men, given the scenario at that specific time? So applying this as a logical argument: given that the risk is always going to be going down to ten men (or further), what actions do actually merit intervention? When you’ve backed off him so far that he’s dribbled to the 6 yard box and about to strike?
  7. The reward is stopping a counter attack. Using this logic and applying it consistently throughout the match effectively conceded the game.
  8. I don’t really care, I’m not blaming Kent because Brown took a dive. I want my players 100% committed, not second guessing every challenge they make.
  9. That’s a daft argument though. Are players not supposed to go near Brown for the whole game? Seems like a pretty dumb tactic to me.
  10. Pretty poor game lacking in quality. GVB’s tactic when he gets a lead away to top six sides is to sit in and protect it. Which is fine because in open play we limited Aberdeen very effectively, but you run the risk of conceding a penalty and then you’re knackered, which is exactly what happened. Clancy had one of the WOAT refereeing performances, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. A draw was the right result. Aberdeen have something there if they can keep a hold of their good young players. Lot to like about that side.
  11. Dundee United aren’t a rival to Hearts, but Rangers are? I’ve heard it all now.
  12. That’s an all-timer. The Scottish press copying the Bulgarian press who found a list on some guys Twitter
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