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  1. What has us utilising our squad have to do with the European Super League??? That was our first of 4 games against the other top 5. If we continue to rotate the squad and give young players a chance in our next 3 games, is that not fair?
  2. Total nonsense! The manager's job was to win the league. Job done! Next task is to assemble a squad for next season in league 1. He can play the likes of Biggar and Heraghty and assess their progress knowing any mistakes won't impact on our main objective which has been achieved. Don't forget these fringe and young players don't have any reserve games to get match experience. I don't give a toss about the other teams, neither should our manager. Our Club is his only priority!!!
  3. So many contenders, Grant, Doyle, Muir, Kilday, Gillespie, Lyon, Quitongo. Even the guys like Paterson, Murray and Morrison who have been limited in appearances have come in and been brilliant. Total squad effort!
  4. You do realise that the competition is called the Scottish Professional Football League? It is every club's aim to generate as much money as possible so they can plough it into their squad and get as high as you can. The only Club that historically never adhered to this was Queen's Park. With the pyramid system we took the decision to protect our senior league status by turning professional. Since that decision all we have done is become like every other club. I can't believe the hypocrisy from the supporters of other clubs! Can you imagine the protests against the Board if a Club turned down significant investment without conceding ownership. All the adverse comments on here from other clubs supporters is nothing other than petty jealousy!
  5. Would we not just play at Falkirk on 2 consecutive Friday evenings if both Falkirk and ourselves are top at the split?
  6. Last night is one of those games that win League titles. High expectations, far from pretty football but ground out the win. Stunning acrobatic clearance from Stuart Morrison at the end.
  7. Lyon and Gillespie are superb quality n the middle and will run all day. Same with Doyle and Paterson/Robson. The work ethic of the players this season has been exemplary. The least fans demand of their team is they work hard for each other. We certainly haven't been short-changed this season. Full credit to the coaching staff for motivating them to do it.
  8. The SFA don't want us! There is no way they would give us anything.
  9. I know it's been 21 years but do you not raise the Championship flag at your first league game of the following season?
  10. An interesting decision to be made at left back. No doubt Tommy Robson was first choice but Brody Paterson has come in and done really well.
  11. I wish I was then I would have a chance of being there. Christ knows what would have happened under the Gretna Six President, the watchers on the hill would probably have been gunned down by a machine gun. Might have sold a few t shirts
  12. Both are illegal, selfish and bloody stupid!!!!
  13. Extremely disappointing! The last thing we need now is for the Government to pull the plug as football fans continue to break the rules for their own selfish reasons. I supported the Club, I obeyed the rules like the vast majority of our fans and watched from home.
  14. I assume Luca Connell is out the trip to Brechin on Saturday as he's in the Ireland under 21 squad playing Wales on Friday night. Could be the highlight of any footballers career, play for your country then follow it up with a game at Clifonhill.....
  15. I assume that would be just for this season as Cumbernauld Colts are not playing. We surely can't play there next season if Clyde and the Colts are playing there!
  16. Was there a CoW overseeing the project on behalf of the Club?
  17. Are we the only country in the world that doesn't have tear gas or water cannons? If the illegal gatherings are a threat to public health then they should have been broken up. Tutting on Twitter isn't any deterrent!
  18. FFS Just get on with it! If negative tests occur then let's deal with it when it happens. I assume all 20 teams have been tested by now before training begins. How many negatives? If none or close to zero then stop the dithering and get the season restarted!
  19. Hopefully the Scottish Government and the SFA won't hammer us for all those senseless idiots that have been outside Ibrox this afternoon!
  20. Yes but in each round of games a team would sit out. You could have the ludicrous scenario going into the last week that teams in 3rd, 4th and 5th place are all on the same points with the team in 3rd place finished their regular season. The teams in 4th and 5th could have a week to know that a draw puts them both in the play offs.
  21. Is this the same SPFL that shut League 1 and 2 down with zero consultation?
  22. .....avoid hammering those involved and shutdown any sacrificial lambs we can find....the lower leagues will do as we really don't give a f*ck about them!
  23. No they are being told to stay at home unless for essential purposes. Going to a house party isn't an essential purpose. Under Rangers Covid-19 protocols, I'd expect them to continually reinforce and remind players of what they can and can't do.
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