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  1. Are we the only country in the world that doesn't have tear gas or water cannons? If the illegal gatherings are a threat to public health then they should have been broken up. Tutting on Twitter isn't any deterrent!
  2. FFS Just get on with it! If negative tests occur then let's deal with it when it happens. I assume all 20 teams have been tested by now before training begins. How many negatives? If none or close to zero then stop the dithering and get the season restarted!
  3. Hopefully the Scottish Government and the SFA won't hammer us for all those senseless idiots that have been outside Ibrox this afternoon!
  4. Yes but in each round of games a team would sit out. You could have the ludicrous scenario going into the last week that teams in 3rd, 4th and 5th place are all on the same points with the team in 3rd place finished their regular season. The teams in 4th and 5th could have a week to know that a draw puts them both in the play offs.
  5. Is this the same SPFL that shut League 1 and 2 down with zero consultation?
  6. .....avoid hammering those involved and shutdown any sacrificial lambs we can find....the lower leagues will do as we really don't give a f*ck about them!
  7. No they are being told to stay at home unless for essential purposes. Going to a house party isn't an essential purpose. Under Rangers Covid-19 protocols, I'd expect them to continually reinforce and remind players of what they can and can't do.
  8. Just out of curiosity, if the Old Firm piss off to a European League ( which they would do at the drop of a hat), would the proposed Championship ceiling be lifted so their B teams can get Premier League money too.
  9. I stand corrected, if it's in official catch-up then it's a dead cert to happen!
  10. I hope not! Try telling Kelty they can't come in but Rangers and Celtic Colts get in. The sooner Queen's get away from this nonsense, the better!
  11. The schools aren't proposing to test all pupils and staff on a regular basis so it is not a fair comparison. Football should be looked at on it's own merit and not be compared to anything else. If the proposed protocols are deemed safe and achievable then consent should be given and politics and emotional blackmail should not be a factor!
  12. Yes it is overpriced and poor quality. Hopefully at Lesser we can finally be shot of Sodexo and get a local bakery or restaurant to do it.
  13. Queen's have to go to Elgin on a Tuesday night in April. 20 players and 5 coaching and medical staff going individually by car. Apart from the health and safety issues of tired or injured players driving back, the cost at say 45p a mile would extortionate! Cheaper and safer taking 2 buses!
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