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  1. Kevin nisbet started out at Hibernian and hendry was with celtic.our record of players starting out at thistle is poor a lot of money has been put into the youth system with poor results
  2. Do you think the team is trying to hard hence the injury crisis
  3. The artificial pitches in this league certainly won’t help regarding injuries ,we had a lot of injuries when Archie was manager maybe need to change the way we train we Are certainly not the fittest looking team in division
  4. Could be worse Danny Lennon could be our manager and yes agree an utter shambles
  5. We will play worse and win conditions were terrible for both teams but I thought they never really troubled us however we need to get players into the box the final third we are so predictable said it before don’t know where goals are going to come from
  6. Next 4 games are massive for us how many time did we say that last year Clyde game was a massive disappointment so how does the manager change things .he was the person who said if you don’t perform then you won’t be playing following week sneddon only one to get pass marks people keep saying start with Williamson he was constantly caught out last year we really look short for options up front and no creativity in midfield as I said before on paper squad looks promising but Saturdays inept performance is really worrying
  7. After yesterday’s performance I don’t know how we even start To go forward oh for a Scott McDonald type player 100 per cent every game
  8. I know it’s one game into the season but on today’s showing we will be lucky to avoid another relegation we were shocking today one shot on target says it all nothing has changed we looked as if we were just going through the motions today and up front we must be he easiest team to defend against
  9. Thistle offered nothing up front apart from one chance never looked like scoring fair play Clyde deserved win
  10. Plenty of possession with no end product I don’t know where goals are going to come from
  11. Once again on the wrong end of a refereeing decision ball looked over the line but we need to start turning chances into goals thought we dug in well when graham was sent off on to Saturday
  12. Was well thought of at Morton and expectations were high when we signed him just hasn’t cut it with us yet needs to grab his chance when he is back to fitness
  13. Good to read sports pages with a thistle win for a change
  14. Moving on any thoughts on last nights game.thought docherty and Brannigan played well.losing silly goals from set pieces last season was a problem.heres hoping that isn’t the case this season thought manager spoke well after game saying players responsible for mistakes wouldn’t play following week
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