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  1. Just watched it thought Ian McCall spoke well looks like Fosters staying and possibly Bell
  2. Dunfermline looking for a manager do you think Archie would be interested
  3. Strong rumours that Dobbie. Is going to sign for Thistle
  4. Medal ceremony on Wednesday andMcCall has apparently banned SPFL from Firhill good interview he spoke well
  5. Yes your probably right it’s amazing how quickly we forget when things turned around saw Tom Oware on some videos and he looked slightly embarrassed at being there there’s a player in there somewhere maybe he would benefit with another club what age is Dobbie
  6. What areas do you think needs strengthening due to players moving on,would like to think Bell would be kept for another season and hope Tiffoney would be here also but don’t think we could afford him Penrice has loads of ability but can be frustrating some games hopefully Williamson changes his mind and stays . It’s certainly been a roller coaster season here’s hoping we can carry our entertaining football onto next season.
  7. Some good articles about Thistle in the papers and great videos and photos from the fans on Thursday well done all
  8. Looks like Ian McCall has got a lot to say in the next few weeks Looks like he’s not going to hold back
  9. Thought penrice was excellent tonight will he be here next season
  10. Thought Stuart Brannigan has been immense the last few games do you think he will get a chance with a so called bigger club Hearts Hibs Dundee Utd Aberdeen again.?
  11. Good solid performance tonight defence finally getting their act together and a couple from Zak
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