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  1. i'm in the same boat as you mate.Thats the way i see it
  2. With a few folks on here thinking Catrine will be looking for promotion this season will that look like a home win ?
  3. Whats the friendlies for this weekend ? Any big games ?
  4. On the basis on 2nd and 3rd was just on the teams i thought were strongest from last season. Glenburn, new farm, cumnock & Dailly however i did forget to put in Thistle. Can't see a small team like dailly having money to play with mate most of their signings are all local boys i'm sure even the new signings. Shorlees strong with Glenburn and i personally don't think the ship is sinking just yet at the Thistle. Cash injection yet again and we can't right them off
  5. i follow most of the teams on social media, Dailly being one and by the looks of it they have kept most if not all their team with the addition of a couple of decent junior players. I'm sure i seen they have got a friendly with Glenburn also so that could be a good bench mark for the season for both teams.
  6. who gets 2nd & 3rd between Glenburn, New Fram, Cumnock and Dailly?
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