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  1. If the SFA do decide to have all the LL teams play each other only once, one would assume the fixtures' secretary would take this into account. Never going to be a perfect scenario, but it will be, for this season, the rules.
  2. Dave, just to see another post Not necessarily about how we are going to move forward, thoughts on how best to beat the next team we play, New signings, or even that the ban has been lifted and we are allowed back in to watch the guys playing again .. none of the previous, but an update on the tributes to past players from eras obviously not forgotten. Important to keep the history of such a great club fresh in the minds of the older generation and of the younger fans starting to come to the games. Great stuff in its individual context... Thank you for that... BUT... For Me Dave, the biggest thank you has to be for: Just reading a new Bo'ness United Post. To see that bold text highlight the topic name Bo'ness United FC Lowland League 2020/21as you open the website. Brilliant Maybe a little sad, but it has made my day. Thank you. Guys, look after yourselves and hopefully, WE WILL ALL come out of this horrendous period and start enjoying our football again. Have a great weekend.
  3. probable "can of worms" here, but nothing much going on so I'll go for it: Lack of balance? what's the story?
  4. Do we think the league will get finished.. A resolution as to the winner?
  5. Talk about ghost town, Bad enough not getting to see our team play, but now we are deprived of our "inter-team" banter. It is most definitely a sad little world we are all in at this moment in time. stay safe people.
  6. Sorry Selfie ... but this was up there also.. lol.
  7. Touche, consider our wrists slapped. have a good day Selfie.
  8. Thanks for the shout guys. doesn't even shock anymore. not good, getting used to games being off.
  9. The last half dozen posts have been horrible to read. Reality is a right beeeatch. Ref. the Vaccine - It has to be our only hope. Stay safe gents. C'Mon the BUs
  10. just one big sheet of ice over here, in Dunfermline. Bo'ness about the same? too dangerous to ask the guys to play in these conditions.
  11. just watched the highlights of yesterday's game. not very inspiring. We will be better the next game. C'Mon the BUs
  12. Hi Holgram, freedom of speech and all that. well within your rights to disagree with my thoughts, which I opened up to the public. May I ask which part(s) you disagree with? you may have more info than me and what I think may , in fact, be total rubbish. please?
  13. Auld Heid, enjoy the New Year, stay safe.
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