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  1. Super Scoreboard for a younger demographic. Thats all they are.
  2. That's another wee brucie for Si and the boys playing the B teams which 100% caters to their captive audience of Old Firm fans. Since the weekly podcasts started and they got further away from the one to one interviews it's basically become Super Scoreboard for a younger demographic. Between the Open Goal cash and the increased bribe money they'll be well chuffed. Are they still playing at Alloa this year? A fly on the wall doc of Si' cutting one liners in the dressing room, Slaney on commentary, big Kev driving the team bus, its the circus befitting of the club and the league.
  3. This is it 100 percent. There's no one who can tell me that the likes of the above and the Orange Lodge fuckwit at Stenny with 50-100k as the cherry bunged on top are saying no to the B sides.
  4. Playing seven homegrown players is of no benefit the Colts either. Six will be jobbers who won't even sniff the bench of the first team ever let alone become "stars". Its a price to pay for them to advance getting into the SPFL grooming the future bench warmers of Alloa and Clyde. Which will be a large bung and league expansion.
  5. They'll need that extra cash as the novelty has worn off already if it even existed to begin with. Hope one of them win it as that will truly call the league's credibility into question. This isn't going away for at least 5 years as it's going to take years due to the relegation bottle neck to weed out the boys clubs, students, hobby teams and pyramid schemes.
  6. As many full-time teams in League 1 as there are in the whole of Wales. Not bitter at all.
  7. The way Miller is behaving online would get you sacked or disciplined from any other place of employment, football club or not. Just shows what an absolute shambles the setup at Darvel is when hes basically give free reign to call people paedophiles and challenge them to fights. As a previous post stated on this thread however, these players know they can get away with things like this and attending stag doos during the season. "Mick" won't be sacked either. Hes one half of the cash cow so he leaves so does a lot of money and he'll take his neddy pals with him to the next desperate skint club open for business. Sustainable eh.
  8. I think the manager and other people backing the club seem to genuinely want success, the money wouldn't be spent otherwise. A harsh lesson today though relying on charlatans who care more about posing as 'ballers in Marbs than trying to actually achieve anything. Football especially lower down the chain is full of people like Darren Miller who completely lack professionalism. Can't have serious ambitions with people like that involved.
  9. Get what they deserve signing these brainless neds.
  10. All the Killie pie and black rooster cash spunked just to get pumped off the mighty Tranent haha. Circus of a mob.
  11. All that killie pie and black rooster cash to get sworded off fucking Tranent. Ouch.
  12. Whats the deal with Lochinch? Is the club buying it and developing it?
  13. QP could easily top 1k home fans regular IMO. They've always had a core of about 4-600 and thats whilst grubbing as an amateur team in the bottom of the 42. Naturally you would expect more interest now they are moving up the divisions and theres money being spent heavily on community operations like never before. I'm in Rutherglen and I can see a presence for the club in the area now that I've never seen. Dare I say it, Hampden just wasn't a great place to watch QP games as well for obvious reasons. The catchment there is huge, you're talking probably around 100k people within a half an hour walk of the stadium. The Southside is an attractive place, especially around that area, its not Gretna or some pokey wee village in Ayrshire or Fife. I'd expect the games v Thistle would quite easily push over 2,000 and at least initially games v the likes of Dundee and even teams like Ayr and Morton would attract decent away supports that would push a couple of thousand if the capacity is there. The stands going up look like those prefab ones so I can't imagine they would take too long to fire up? The danger upon returning is going to be if the team struggles off the bat and you end up not retaining these some newbies who are curious, so whilst its a case of possibly digesting too much too soon, its not a great division and theres a log jam now building up in L1 so could just have easily stagnated down there. Is the ground likely to be ready? I can't imagine trips to Broadwood or Stenny for six months to a year would appeal at all.
  14. Aye and the laughable reality is they'll instead be trudging out to somewhere like Dumbarton to watch their fraud squad get horsed in front of about 200. Prolly end up doing a Chick Young Only an Excuse and whipping a scarf out of their jacket on the sly tbh.
  15. Sadly it doesn't really matter as the boys clubs and hobby teams want to squeeze as much cash as they can out of this before they disappear down the tubes.
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