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  1. That retro video club will go far...shame about the drummer being ugly
  2. You’re saying there’s only 2 genders? Can’t be that tolerant
  3. We’ll have a bit of a patchwork team for this. Doig in isolation and Stevenson injured I believe? Hanlon could be repeating his Scotland heroics at left wing back again. Newell and Wright injured aswell I think, Allan unavailable, Murphy injured. With that in mind I would go Marciano McGinn Porteous McGregor Boyle Gogic Hanlon Mallan Magennis Doidge Nisbet Unless we go 4-4-2 and put Gullan in for McGregor with Hanlon at LB I don’t really see another option tbh.
  4. Would like to apologise for doubting Andy Considine. Declan Gallagher has to start against Serbia. McTominay actually might be able to play centre half. Ryan Jack was the best player on the park. John McGinn was John McGinn, sensational. Best Callum McGregor has played for Scotland. Lyndon Dykes, the Scottish/Ozzy Jan Koller Ryan Fraser actually looks like the player that the English Premier League see McBurnie good off the bench aswell. Paul Hanlon gets a cap. I’m not getting carried away but......we’re going to do it, aren’t we?
  5. Assuming we’re keeping the same shape this is how I’d go, Gallagher may well play ahead of Porteous but I’ve gone with the assumption him and O’Donnell will get a rest. McBurnie deserves a start after he looked good off the bench on Sunday.
  6. Ah - was misinformed there, even more of a joke that some of our supporters are claiming refunds then.
  7. It wasn’t announced 5 minutes before the game it was going to be AI. The SPFL paid for the clubs who don’t have their own cameras at games, if most of these clubs had to do it themselves they wouldn’t have any cameras at all.
  8. I know it’s AI, just meant the system wasn’t great but as I say in my post, what do people expect?
  9. Bemused at the weird Hibs fans on twitter/Hibs dot fucking net demanding a refund from a part time club during a pandemic over £12 fucking 50. The camera work was rubbish and it was down for 10 mins or so but what do you expect? Weirdos The game, bleugh, incredibly boring, will take the win and passage to the next round, a lot of players out but was disappointed with Doidge/Mallan who didn’t really stand out, the rest of the starting XI you could at least say weren’t fully fit or were out of position, Magennis looked okay.
  10. Missing 11 first team players but still plenty senior players, wouldn’t be outwith the realms of possibility but suspect we’ll win. Suspect our team will be Barnes Hallberg Gray McGregor Mackie Boyle Magennis Mallan Gullan Doidge Nisbet Barebones on the bench though with only Shanley and Stephen McGinn having played a game for us.
  11. Never used to leave early ever, I think the only games ever were two defeats against Hearts at Hampden that we never speak about. However nowadays (pre-pandemic) I’m pretty regularly back in the pub before full time if the game’s rubbish, in the late Lennon, Heckingbottom and even some games under Jack Ross it was pretty common for us to head back to the pub if we were on a hiding to nothing and it was a day out where a lot of alcohol was consumed. Patched the Rangers game in December when we went 2-0 down after 10 mins with a preference of a nice pint in a nice warm pub rather the freezing my arse off whilst being serenaded with bigotry, don’t remember much of that night tbh. Can only recall falling foul of this once when we left a pre-season friendly away to Carlisle when we were 3-1 down to find out we’ve came back and won 4-3 .
  12. This is how the rankings/pots look ahead of the World Cup draws as it stands. 4 matches to try and get ourselves up to pot 2, personally think it may be a stretch but not, outwith the realms of possibility if we get a win on Wednesday.
  13. I tweeted that we were moving the ball quicker and pressing and this was a lot better about 20 minutes in and since then it’s been rotten. I’d like to apologise to all and I’ll shut up in future.
  14. Gone with McTominay at CB because Clarke is gonna do it anyway Big game tonight despite what the media would make you believe. Come on!
  15. Anything official about McCrorie/McGinn being called up? McCrorie starting for the U21s
  16. On paper there’s not much between the sides, in reality, their clearly is however having looked at some of Serbia’s results they really haven’t won many games against any decent teams recently (other than last night). A shitfest and win like last night would do and is probably our best hope. WE HAVE A DREAM
  17. Pretty much this, I’d probably play Armstrong over McGregor but this would do. Prepared to bring Fraser off at half time if he does usual half arsed pish for Scotland
  18. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Les Cabbage Motherwell Kilmarnock Dundee Utd Livingston St Johnstone Hamilton St Mirren Ross County
  19. Jayden Fairley is meant to be really highly thought of, signed for you on loan
  20. You’re obviously more quick witted than those on the Hibs thread
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