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  1. Suspect the jobsworth transport police will be there in force given the fact we’ll have a few hundred travelling up on the train. Hopefully we get similar ticket inspector that give 0 fucks and not big Richard that thinks he works as a bomb disposal expert and any bottles of Carribean Twist will detonate if they are present when we reach South Queensferry.
  2. Our first Saturday away game where fans have been allowed in since…..March 2020 when we played……Aberdeen away, quite fitting really. I’ve no bothered with an away game this season because I’m capitalisms bitch and I’ve no been able to face a hungover Monday and with the Scotrail strikes it’s been pretty difficult too. Anyone with any experience with loopholes in the Scotrail alcohol ban? Thinking a couple of litre bottles of lucozade filled with vino blanc, train gets in before midday so plenty of time for pints. Saturday was the first game of the season I’ve left early, wonder if the same will happen again. I reckon though a pretty frustrating 1-1 with everyone in the stadium fucking fuming by full time. Oh and this thread to be absolutely tedious with the likes of Bob Mahelp to ruin it for all us good guys on both sides.
  3. Just finished series 2. Enjoyed it but I do feel slightly lost tbh, feel like there’s still a lot of loose ends to be tied up, will need to watch it again. Surely will be a series 3.
  4. Dundee Utd were brilliant, as were the travelling support, fair play to the folk that came down, would have been a class day out for them. Was actually quite pleased when the 3rd went in, it meant I could leave and get a beer earlier, woke up today with a brutal hangover after a nice evening in Leith Walk pubs. We are a fucking gang btw, if Nathan Wood is a “future England international” then I wouldn’t worry about England winning anything anytime soon. Not one player with passmarks, kind of wishing now that we’d sold Nisbet and Doig, wonder if that’s part of the reason Mathie got punted.
  5. Definitely, that pretty much sums it up. Look, I’m not making out like he’s the second coming of Maradona but he would without a doubt be in the squad and a brilliant option to change a game for us. Obviously even in 2018 when McLeish told him to pick Australia no one could have imagined him turning out this good but it was still a failing from McLeish (one of many) to show a total lack of foresight. I think his reasoning was that we had a dearth of attacking options which sums it up.
  6. About 5 years ago it would pace and pace only. I’m not sure if it’s been coached or a penny is dropped but he doesn’t even really have much of a weakness, he was pretty much a less strong Oli Burke beforehand. Nowadays, he obviously still has the electric pace but his dribbling and ability to beat a man is probably the best I’ve ever seen at Hibs, his finishing is really strong, he’s a good crosser of the ball and he’s even added a knack of getting into the position to score rebounds and tap ins quite a lot. He’s also added an element of diving and just in general being a b*****d on the pitch which everyone else hates but it’s tremendous if he’s playing for your team. If it hadn’t been for the fact him and his wife both play for Hibs and the fact they’re settled with children in Edinburgh, I have absolutely no doubt he’d be playing for a low level English premier league or high level championship club, I know Huddersfield and Stoke were interested a year or so ago.
  7. That’s just not true sir, he’s played up front pretty much all season and alot of last season. He also plays there for Australia. And Nisbet got his first cap for Scotland in March, Boyle was capped by Australia in 2018.
  8. This is nonsense, if Nisbet has nearly 10 caps then Boyle would most certainly have that and possibly more, a far superior player.
  9. They could announce their main feature as a free bag of cheesy wotsits with the game and I would still buy it tbh. Possibly says more about me than anything else. I don’t even like cheesy wotsits btw
  10. It wasn’t a last ditch tackle though , nor can I recall him making one for probably about 18 months or so. You clearly don’t watch him and just enjoy articles written by the likes of The Fourth Official.
  11. Find me a last ditch lunge Ryan Porteous has made this season then
  12. You obviously don’t watch him at all on the 2nd point. Honestly with Porteous, I do get some of the negativity towards his rashness at times, but comparing to McPake just isn’t it. They both do like a tackle and are happy leaving one on an opponent but the similarities end there. Porteous’ biggest attribute for me is in the way he carries the ball out of defence and carries the team up the pitch, his passes that break the lines from centre half to our strikers is what begins the majority of our attacks. As much as I liked him as a character and a captain during his time at Hibs, he was never that.
  13. That’s not what I said Scotlands uniqueness is based around its spontaneity, the SPFL launched a “Thats not football, this is football” promotion when all the Super League stuff came out as a swipe at the clubs for wanting to change it. Every business has a USP, your wee bacon roll shop round the corner has a USP, that doesn’t mean people come from Buenos Aires to sample it, it’s the reasons for people to get their fix from your business instead of the big companies just like the reasons people watch Scottish football instead of the EPL/Champions League. It really isn’t that difficult.
  14. And Scottish football is about to lose its’ USP that makes us different to all those leagues if we follow suit. No chance I’ll ever be buying a season ticket again for a league which has VAR. Rather go and watch the lower leagues where they still have some remaining soul.
  15. Boyle without a shadow of a doubt, would take him on crutches over Nisbet.
  16. The crux of it is that Ukraine and Romania can’t catch us, they’ll be unseeded along with the 2 nations league winners. That leaves 2 more countries that can end up unseeded. Norway and Czech Republic are below us currently but are likely to both pick us 3 points each in their games against Latvia and Belarus, if we lose to Denmark this would likely take them above us on goal difference. Although the Czechs could still lose 2nd place if Wales pick up anything against Belgium (that would put them on 15 pts). Poland are also 3 behind us but with a superior goal difference and Andorra & Hungary to play that leaves them likely to overtake us. Croatia and Spain are behind also but they’re both likely to overtake Russia & Sweden in their own groups to win them. Assuming Russia beat Cyprus they’d be on 16 and Sweden are already on 16 with Georgia to play. If we lose to Denmark it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeded, a point should take us above Norway and the Czechs.
  17. There was no indication there was a VAR check going on until the referee ran over to the screen, the play was just stopped without anyone having any idea what was going on.
  18. I forgot that was how football worked, if a goal hadn’t gone in the game would have played out in completely the same way. The way the game was going if Dykes’ goal was disallowed I feel like we’d have still equalised before the 2nd went in, it’s something that’s impossible to actually know and you could say the same about the penalty in Vienna. These things even themselves out, we’ve had a couple go for us, we’ll soon have a couple go against us no doubt and whether they’re for us or against us, I would honestly rather just be able to enjoy the game.
  19. Because it’s presence completely fucking ruined my enjoyment of a 94th minute winner. And also after the 2nd goal no one in the ground had a fucking clue what was going on the whole time, I’m assuming you don’t go to games and only watch on telly because it was a fucking shambles.
  20. Projected play offs based on some computer somewhere: With North Macedonia and Albania dropping off it suddenly looks a bit more scary. Romania definitely the most appealing. Norway and Haaland give me the fear, I don’t want to play the Czechs again and Wales always beat us.
  21. Shite, looked like a child in a mans team, played mainly off the bench when we were in the championship, missed a few sitters, looked like a rabbit in the headlights tbh.
  22. Yup, in the ground I was paranoid he was either offside or there had been a foul somewhere, I didn’t relax in the fact it was a goal for a good bit after. Still went apeshit mind you.
  23. By god, hangover is still rife but I’ve brought myself to read pretty much from page 25-now, what a day. Some atmosphere in The Shed pre-match, do love it there beforehand. I was honestly absolutely fizzing at half time, I know this stuff is obviously pre-arranged but having folk on at half time paraded is really brave, when theres a fair chance we could be getting beat. Felt in the 1st half we were poor but did always feel like we had goals in us, fair fucks to Patterson, I wanted him subbed off after about 20 mins and I was very angrily remonstrating this from my seat, suppose it shows what I know, he improved loads. Saw a few negative posts about McTominay but the way he carried the ball out and drove us forward was brilliant, felt him and McGinn were our strongest performers, fitting that they got on the scoresheet. Mentioned already but McCoists reaction on commentary is amazing, I would pay good money to hear him commentate on anything, what a fantastic human being he is. “Aw come on listen to this place, absolutely tremendous, absolutely magic.” You spend thousands every year on tickets, transport, pints (mainly) and food to see the football and most of the time it’s pretty sub par, average at best but every once in a while a day like this comes along that makes you remember why you do it. The smile on my face won’t subside for a few days like, at least until Tuesday anyway. Going to now watch Friday’s A View From The Terrace and have what remains of my hungover dominos I got delivered earlier. Big shoutout to: • The Specky guy with a Scotland flag face painted on him that went to the shed by his self and spent his day going around pestering anyone who looked at him. • The Celtic fan sitting next to me who was brave enough to get his phone out and video the corner in the 94th minute, very bold, that must be some video. • The boy on the N900 back to Edinburgh that got off at the airport and paid a taxi home instead of just staying on the fucking bus cause he needed a pish. • The guy that lifted me off the deck after I ended up on my arse celebrating McGinns goal. • My mate who decided to try and kick a cone after the game (don’t know why tbh, virgin patter) only for him to go over on his ankle and is now needing to head to A&E tomorrow morning.
  24. Unfortunately regarding Doig he’s been similarly underwhelming domestically too, hopefully he turns it around soon. Although in fairness it didn’t help that pretty much every pass played to him was miles too far in front of him, should have done better with the goal tho.
  25. Dear me that was a weird match. Some of the Danish players had composure that we just couldn’t match. I know for a fact some of the players in our team are good, because I’ve seen it at club level but none of them looked like they’d seen a ball before. Definitely on board with the “Get Gemmil to f**k” shouts on here. 4-4-2 with 2 midfielders up top, bringing on a striker at 1-0 down and playing him out wide, utterly bizarre. We only had 2 shots on target and both were from distance, probably won’t be making the effort to go back to a U21 game again tbqh, that was guff.
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