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  1. For all that has been made about it in this thread, Doidge is 100% going to do something either really good or really bad tomorrow. I haven’t the slightest idea which.
  2. I am quite possibly talking shite then, in fairness during that Motherwell game he came off the bench and scored 😂 Am I wrong in saying he didn’t start against St Johnstone in the 2-2 game aswell? Seem to remember him coming on for Gogic and the game totally swinging in the wrong direction.
  3. In fairness to Doidge, taking last Saturday out of it, we really do tend to play better when he’s in the side. If I wasn’t so busy today I would do a wee bit of analysis on our results with him on the pitch vs our results without him on the pitch but I suspect our results are a lot better, regardless of his goals, or lack of, he’s a pest for defenders to deal with and does a lot of good work.
  4. McDiarmid Park is a ground which I have always had in my head we don’t do well at, and yet, and yet. Since Hibs were relegated we have played there 6 times, 3 wins and 3 draws, our last defeat coming in 2014, Steven MacLean and a Ryan McGivern own goal coming either side of Danny Haynes getting sent off for trying to use David Wotherspoon as a doorstep. A fixture that’s had a fair few draws over the years and a fair few own goals tbh (4 in the last 10 games), this all makes me conclude that St Johnstone are due a win against us at home and the goal will likely come in the form of an own goal. St Johnstone 1-0 Hibernian Doidge (og)
  5. After a year of searching yer man has finally bought himself his first flat, stone throw from Easter Road aswell, could probably lob a bottle of Buckfast out my window and could hit Alfredo Morelos during closed doors matches. Happy fucking days.
  6. These people with masks on in their profile pictures really are for the watching, I could almost understand it during lockdown one when this was all new but it’s become such a “look at me, I am more responsible and selfless than you haha #covidiot” I really wonder what they’ll move on to once this is over or if they’ll still sit and call everyone covidiots for mixing in the event of a Smirnoff variant developing in the boozers.
  7. Fair enjoyed that, AVFTT and whatever game Hibs are playing are the only 2 things I really make any effort to watch during these horrid times, one of the few things that bring enjoyment and laughs in these utterly miserable times, keep it up lads
  8. Bleugh, that was shite, Motherwell well worthy of the win, was impressed with them, in the first half they were better than us, in the second half they doubled up on Boyle and stopped him doing anything and defended every single (shit) cross we chucked in at them with total ease. Jack Ross totally got it wrong and it made absolutely no sense to change to a 4-4-2 for the game whatsoever, we played 3-5-2 the past few weeks and won well, once we went back to 3-5-2 in the second half we were a lot better but the game was gone by then, why he waited until Motherwell scored the second was beyond me, totally reactive and never pro-active firefighting that we’ve seen from him a lot this season tbh, given where we are in the league and our recent run of form I’ll let it slide but it was very poor. Some really poor performances from us, worst McGinn has played in a Hibs jersey, again someone who’s been class for us this season but he stuck out like a sore thumb, Newell wasn’t at it at all, Caddens final ball was shocking. And Chris bloody Doidge, I’m hopeful he’ll score soon and go on a run cause that was brutal, feel for him to an extent and we do generally play better when he’s in the team but sometimes he just canny hit a barn door. Cole, Campbell, Lamie (who has been shite this season I believe) and Watt, the stand outs for Motherwell. More importantly though, after the game I sunk 12 bottles of hop house and a bottle of moretti, my toilet trips really havent recovered yet, that curry on Friday still haunting me.
  9. Despite my curry last night going down a treat, I’ve had to spend a while in the bog this morning, proper horrible, the kind of one that looks like brown mince and everytime you stand up you feel you’re still not finished yet, not a fine morning.
  10. It’s funny you say that, I actually had an Indian tonight, don’t usually get Paneer. Definitely dip the naan in the curry. In terms of pakora, I’m not sure this counts but when I was at a (non Indian) bar we got a sharing platter as like just a wee scran while we were bevying and they had broccoli pakora, weird shit. 1-1 btw, we’ve won too many games in a row for it to continue, Chris Cadden to score.
  11. Don’t have any anywhere near my place of residence unfortunately. I am however a huge fan of how this thread is going, talking about the football is boring.
  12. Pumping up car tyres is another one that requires cash, had tyres last year that needed pumped up regularly, absolute pain in the arse btw
  13. Did you not see what happened in both cup semi finals this season?
  14. 100% - especially if I knew we were going to lose 3-0 I would simply return to the pub after the first goal
  15. I for one canny wait till we’re back, and back properly being able to go to bars beforehand and do as we like, it’s such a happy thought being able to trudge down to leith walk for a few bevy’s before heading up to the back of the east stand for a dismal 1-1 draw and I genuinely mean that.
  16. This would probably never happen but this is what I would love; • Scrap next seasons Betfred Group Stages and make it an unseeded knockout cup • Play the games in July instead when the group stages would be • Games every 3 days The only issue would be for the teams who finish 2nd, 4th and 5th who will have European Qualifiers during that time but surely fixtures could be flexible and moveable depending on how that pans out? I’ve not sat out and worked through the dates so I don’t know if it’s plausible but the SFA will not want to cancel it completely and miss out on revenue from it.
  17. In fairness I think a lot of the abuse he got was due to his political allegiances on top of his performances, turned it around and is a quality player but given his political beliefs, he’s probably a w**k. Liking tweets about voting Tory and #AllLivesMatter pish
  18. Yup, that’s how I took it too, I’m no supporter of her by any means but it’s no shock to see the media stretching the truth for clicks and do everything they can to make her looks worse than their pals at Westminster.
  19. We’re all busy having meltdowns on the coronavirus thread tbh
  20. Did Sturgeon actually say we’re aiming for zero covid, it didn’t come across that way at all, other than saying she was as low transmission of the virus as possible (which is the most obvious thing ever) she didn’t say at all that she was taking that approach and unless we have a hard border with England (will never happen) then it’s not possible.
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