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  1. IPTV died in the first half but that second half was pretty damn good. Kenneh, Kukharevych, Newell (yes, it’s me the president of his hate club praising him) and Porteous were the stand outs from what I saw but plenty other decent performances too. The only black mark was Youan although he was rightly hooked by Johnson and you’ve got to praise him for that. Got to be aiming for 6 points from our next 2 which would get us into 3rd place and then we’ve got a total free hit at Parkhead. I don’t want to sound too excited but things are looking good, and not only results wise unlike the closed doors football, we’re playing some superb stuff.
  2. I was absolutely planning on coming up to this but I drank way too much in Krakow watching Sir Steve Clarke’s lads and I think I probably have covid so I won’t be super spreading the deadly virus to poor little Dingwall. I think this is probably the first time in a long time that with the international break ending I was looking forward to watching Hibs again so I’m fully prepared to have my excitement taken away again.
  3. What a trip. Posting from the Stanstead Airport quiet zone with a banging headache, very unsettled stomach and general undefined “fear” but it’s all more than worth it. 0-0 wins are what we do best, Porteous and Hickey the stand outs, absolutely delighted for Porteous, shut loads of mouths up which is lovely to see. Special mention for the Dunfermline fans that looked after and let my idiot mate stay with them after he managed to get completely lost on Monday night. I don’t think I’ve ever had this excitement for the national team, or my club team really as a matter of fact. The potential we have in terms of progression is huge and we could genuinely do something really exciting with this group of players and Clarke in charge, I think he alone deserves 90% of the credit for this upturn and it’s absolutely amazing to be part of it. Superb trip, buzzing for the draw next weekend to see where this team are taking us next.
  4. Was it just me or did it feel like it took absolutely fucking ages for McGinns shot to hit the net. I was sat in the East and it honestly felt like it rolled across the goal for a solid 10 seconds.
  5. Interesting that this stats guy gives us a 67% chance of getting 2nd seed. I’m assuming that’s as the best runner up given Ukraine are up there in his predictions too.
  6. There’s pretty much 1 article per week of someone complaining about him in the media which is going to take its toll on a human being. No one’s asking him for him to be loved by the media or even praised just bloody leave the boy alone eh?
  7. Sergio Ramos is regularly complimented for how he tricks referees to improve his teams results, Scott Brown was for years, it’s simply that the big teams (Celtic and Rangers btw, not Aberdeen) don’t like it when it’s not one of their players that are doing it.
  8. Totally agree, the opinion pieces that appear in the media from journalists are absolutely ridiculous, regardless of what you think of him he’s a human being and a young one at that. The way the media portray him is a disgrace and if I was him I would get my arse out of the UK and play somewhere that this won’t happen asap. Will probably do his career the world of good too.
  9. It’s mental that when Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and players at the top level do this they’re clever and “know every trick in the book” according to the media. Even on a smaller scale, Scott Brown was given this credit. However when it’s a young Scottish defender that plays for Hibs it’s disgusting cheating and I’m not talking about the comments from Aberdeen fans in this thread, I mean in the media from people that have a responsibility. If he played for the old firm he wouldn’t have to deal with any of this pish. No one is claiming Porteous isn’t a player who kicks when the referee isn’t looking, wins fouls and uses his brain to get his team an advantage but in any other country or if he played for the old firm that would be viewed as a good thing. And especially when Jim Goodwin himself was that exact type of player the comments he’s made are utterly laughable.
  10. I’ve got a spare ticket for this available for £18 in the East Section F4. Let me know if anyones interested. Edit: SOLD
  11. I often spend my evenings after resounding away victories frantically trying to tell supporters that weren’t involved in the game how amazing my club is to be fair.
  12. Maybe St Mirren could be more competitive if they’d sold more tickets to Celtic fans.
  13. Could this be an all timer in terms of Aberdeen headsgone at the young Midlothian man. The phrase “Stand Free” should be changed to Rent Free.
  14. My only issue with FM22 was that I found it too easy. Hibs and Scotland saves were fun because I had the attachment there but anytime I tried to manage elsewhere (ie I tried Forfar, Tranmere and a few others) it was just too easy, constant back to back promotions without any exceptional players or signings so I got incredibly bored quickly. Ive already ordered the new game because I do enjoy it and it passes the time but hopefully they can make it a bit more realistic in that sense.
  15. Away pubs are usually the Artisan or Middletons, Artisan is just at the top of London road pretty much, probably the nicer of the two establishments. Middletons is the type of bar I like but it’s the type of bar that doesn’t take card and has only Tennents, Best or Carling on Tap etc etc so it’s not for everyone. If you want somewhere that does food Leith Walk has plenty hipster bars as mentioned above, you won’t have to look very hard. The only one to avoid due to rowdy Hibs boiz is The Harp & Castle, the rest of them you’ll get no bother.
  16. A sensible post. Who are you and what have you done with @General dissaray?
  17. One of two goals he’s scored for Hibs against Aberdeen. More than any current Aberdeen player has managed against us in games between the sides
  18. McKirdy suspended, other than that I agree. Either bring Campbell or Henderson in for McKirdy, probably Campbell.
  19. I still think there’s a player in there with Henderson, I know it was only the league cup but he looked good in the group stages. He’s been awful since the league campaign has started though. We need to play him through the middle though and not out wide because he tends to get completely lost.
  20. Anyone for a sweepstake for when the first Aberdeen fan loses the run of themselves over something Ryan Porteous has done? Or is that invalid with half of them having a meltdown over him being selected to be a substitute in the upcoming Scotland games due to injuries?
  21. He’s not been like breathtakingly bad but there has been a drop off compared to normal, possibly due to uncertainty with his contract expiring in the summer. He still does his usual good passing out of defence and riling up opposition and fans which some like and some don’t but usually we’d get a bombscare conceding of possession or losing his man once every 10-15 games but it’s been happening more often this season. His best game so far this season was on Saturday against Kilmarnock in fairness to him. As you say, it’s unlikely he’ll play, but a bunch of idiots on Twitter crying over who our 9th choice defender will be always entertaining.
  22. Fucking total farce if they are off which it sounds likely. Sure Scotrail will happily hand the money back for the folk that have forked out for tickets to go up for games aswell. Meanwhile every non-sporting entertainment industry will continue. If you want to not go to football and mourn, feel free to do so, just as when anyone else dies. If you don’t give a flying f**k you should be able to continue as normal.
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