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  1. Barry Anderson saying Hallberg is off to sign for you. I do recall someone saying St Johnstone were lacking midfielders who can actually run, if that’s the case he’ll do fine but other than being able to run he really isn’t good at anything else, doesn’t really put tackles in, sideways passer, not really a goal threat, as far as I’m concerned you’re welcome to him. I suspect Gogic will also be leaving soon too and for me he’s the better of the two players (that’s not saying much though).
  2. Another brilliant away day ruined, this is why no one pays their TV license. We’ve had a grand total of 3 Saturday 3pm away days this season.
  3. Hibs have not had a shot on target in the league since last year.
  4. We are a terrible terrible football team. If we manage to finish in a European place then everyone else in the league might as well fold. Understand that Maloney is trying to implement a new style but passing the ball slowly across the defence repeatedly, putting ourselves under pressure and then punting it forward isn’t going to achieve anything. When Donnelly was sent off it looked like Motherwell were the team with the extra man.
  5. No idea if I’m lost here but Hallberg isn’t even on the bench?
  6. Believe it or not Chris Cadden has probably been our best player since Shaun Maloney came in. Wee goal for him tonight would be nice, although with that line up, Hanlon must be injured and our sideways passing centre midfielders being persisted with I can only see a home win.
  7. Very hacked off at our consistent stream of away games midweek. A little check has told me that we’ve only played 3 away games this season at 3pm on a Saturday, with only another 1 before the split to follow, annoyed to be missing this but a freezing cold Wednesday night really doesn’t tempt me. Rumour has it that Melkersen has been injured in a bounce game (and probably doesn’t have a work permit yet anyway) so I can’t imagine there’ll be lots of changes from the Cove game, although McGinn will be back which means one less player playing out of position. I think if we lose this there’s a huge chance of us finishing bottom 6 but if we win there’s a huge chance of us finishing in Europe, a really huge game at this point of the season. My guess is the team will be: Macey Hanlon Bushiri McGinn Doig Newell Doyle-Hayes Cadden Mueller Henderson Nisbet Its definitely not how I would pick it mind you, totally fed up of watching Newell and Doyle-Hayes’ sideward passing and the less said about our prima-donna p***k up front the better. We could really do with winning this but I would probably take a draw right now.
  8. I was actually thinking about a Stubbs comparison to Davidson the other day, do wonder if there’s a parallel universe where Stubbs stays after the cup win and we finish 3rd in the following championship season and he’s hounded out like it would appear is happening to Davidson at present. That man taught me maths at high school, honestly the guy was an absolute psychopath, used to tell folk there was no point in getting up in the morning if they couldn’t factorise a quadratic formula.
  9. This is a NAP for a 12pm Saturday on the BBC, they seem to love us these days for some reason.
  10. I would expect so, Maloney seems pretty insistent on 3-4-3 so I suspect he’d either be LWB or possibly slightly forward, time shall tell.
  11. What was Demetri Mitchell like? In terms of style I remember him being fast and a decent dribbler but I probably saw him play twice if you’re lucky. I recall him being decent against us in one Edinburgh derby, sure he hit an absolute hammer of a shot that Marciano touched onto the bar but that’s about it.
  12. That exit interview is absolutely devastating, if I was hungover there would definitely be tears, what a guy. I know footballers say shit like this all the time but he did say if he ever comes back to Scotland there’s no club he’d rather be at. He definitely for me should be classed as a Hibs legend which lead me down the rabbit hole of who, of the last 20 years can we class as a Hibs legend? From my group chat I came up with the list below, are we missing anyone? Riordan, Jones, McGinn, McGregor, Gray, Stevenson, Hanlon, Stokes, Boyle, Logan, Sproule, Bartley, Stubbs.
  13. From a long term perspective, yeah definitely. Short term, it’s horrific, without him I think the best we can realistically hope for this season is 5th place, which is pretty shit. I honestly don’t grudge the guy the move, if you offered me that money I would probably pish allover the Hibs stadium and do a shite in the middle of the training centre. He’s been a brilliant servant for us, we’ve improved him loads and he’s stuck by us when he could have moved on for more cash. A truly fantastic player who’s been brilliant to have around over the years, in my life he’s definitely one of my favourite ever players we’ve had and he’s without a doubt the best winger I’ve seen in the green and white, hope he goes off to Saudi Arabia and continues to improve and gets himsel even more wonga.
  14. Looking forward to this, really disappointed with ticket sales given the cheap pricing. Ive harped on all season about how tickets should be cheaper and the fact we’ve brought them down and not sold many tickets just gives the board more ammunition when they make it £32 for Livingston at home. Hope we get to see the new guys, not sure if Melkersen will be available but would be good to see Henderson, Tait, Mueller and Bushiri if possible; was furious that I spent £30 to stand behind a pole at Parkhead for him not to even come on. Just avoid an upset please.
  15. Deary deary dear. I think that definitely highlights a lot more areas that are simply not good enough. Macey - never rated him, punt. Doig - he may well improve but at the moment he’s championship level at best, should have punted him. Bushiri - Jeeeezz, settled in a bit eventually but he looked an absolute bombscare at times Doyle-Hayes/Newell - are they both the same person? Do they know they’re allowed to pass the ball forward? Campbell - can we just cut the shite and send him straight to Hamilton for a nominal fee, not good enough Nisbet - worst of all, how did he miss that? And why after the game did he prance around looking fed up? I honestly dislike this guy so much, the guys attitude absolutely stinks, in the face of adversity he strolls around in a strop and blames everyone else. I genuinely think if we could get a quarter of what was offered for him in January we should take it. Drey Wright was actually a lot better than he’s been, felt that him, Cadden and Boyle actually looked decent when we went forward, you can see what Maloney is trying to do with the tactics but it won’t work when we’re trying to play possession based football with the most passive, boring 2 midfielders imagineable. Honestly hope football doesn’t get taken away again so that I don’t delude myself into thinking going to Celtic away is a good idea, without doubt the worst away ground in the country, deary dear.
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