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  1. Anyone that wants a laugh go and have a look at Scott Allan’s twitter likes. Probably explains why he’s not found a new club yet, rejecting calls from agents because he’s too busy wanking himself into oblivion.
  2. Opinions eh? I really rate him, should have scored last week but other than that hasn’t done much wrong since April time imo, scored 4 in his last 11 games too.
  3. Can I just say, we were absolutely rotten yesterday aswell. Henderson, Youan and Cadden the only players that started with passmarks for me. Its brilliant though because Hearts have been pulling draws from defeats and wins from draws undeservedly so for years so it’s about time we bloody did it to them. Martin Boyle is going to be an absolutely huge player for us this season, definitely the best player in the country outwith Glasgow and will easily be worth 10 points for us, probably the difference between bottom six and Europe, I absolutely love the man to pieces. And the Hearts bitterness is absolute music to my ears. Today I have a bad hangover, thank god for working from home, I shan’t be crossing my door today.
  4. Andy Halliday must wake up in the middle of the night having nightmares after conceding last minute goals to Hibs which have resulted in pitch invasions.
  5. Aye 3 goals in 11 games wasn’t exactly struggling tbf, scored one in their equivalent of the Champions League. If you translate a few of the Arabic comments on Al-Faisaly’s tweet it sounds like they’re not happy about letting him go either. Think it’s just due to the relegation and him being a big earner. He manages fine in the heat when playing for Australia tbf.
  6. First of all the signed for Wolves turned out to not be true albeit it was reported in the media he had gone but he indeed has not and is still with Hibs. Still only 17 years old and made his debut for Airdrie on Saturday after making a 7 day emergency loan switch and seemed to have done okay but all accounts, kept a clean sheet too. Definitely one to watch.
  7. Would be fine with this. Always get nervous and worked up before a derby so to try and avoid doing so I’ll probably try and avoid this thread and thinking about the game. Anyhow, I feel a bit better about this due to our late goal on Saturday, for us to win we probably need a good performance and Hearts not to totally be at it but that’s not outwith our wildest imaginations. If we somehow get Boyle back before then my hope will increase tenfold. Hopefully we move Ewan Henderson out wide to the left, reckon him and Cabraja are probably going to be our 2 best players this season so having our best two against Hearts’ weakest in Atkinson definitely would be a wise way of approaching it.
  8. How did Murray Johnson get on? Quite highly thought of at us, been training with the first team since he was about 15 and had a few clubs down south try and take him of us.
  9. How long did your walk take though? Thats the real question on everyone’s lips.
  10. To be fair, both were pretty rubbish. I remember (very cold) trips to Rugby Park and New Douglas Park where both of them were rotten. Sure the Rugby Park one was where Neil Lennon went full divorced Da having a meltdown by playing Ambrose and Stevenson as a midfield two and we lost 3-0.
  11. The first two Hibs tops were rotten so thankfully that’s salvaged a little bit of success. Not as good as our white away top last season but it’s a decent one. Mental how much nicer a kit looks when you keep it simple instead of trying to draw things on them.
  12. Surely Ian Cathro. Sacked after the League Cup Group stages.
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