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  1. At least we didn’t draw St Johnstone. Honestly this was probably my preferred draw, as above we’d have fucking lost to St Johnstone again, Celtic we’ve played at Hampden a few times recently and always been papped, the only pro of that would have been it would have probably been the Saturday. Rangers aren’t playing well at the moment and Gerrards Hampden record is appalling, not saying we’ll win but we have a chance. The inevitability’s: Rangers to get battered regardless of the result. A Daily Record headline condemning Hibs fans behaviour. Lots of people with 72 and 1690 in their twitter handles losing their shit about something. A fucking pish kick off time, fully expecting Sunday 12:30 An absolute festival of hatred, and I for one cannot wait.
  2. Granny Danger, Lorraine Kelly, Jim Spence, George Galloway, that SPFL Mediawatch simp. Your boys took one hell of a beating.
  3. Celtic, Rangers and St Johnstone in the semis? What’s the point. Give the win to Utd, they have actually beat St Johnstone before.
  4. Anyone noticed before that Jack Ross looks like Racist Daryl from Peep Show?
  5. Absolutely shocked to see a poster such as yourself getting furious over nothing
  6. No that arsed about the score tbh I’ll spend my afternoon counting how many of our team/coaching staff are booed.
  7. Fair enough, cheers for the responses. General consensus seems to be that we don’t know unless we try it which I wouldn’t be against, getting to go to different grounds and such like. And I suppose it would make derbies more special, for example I gave the last Edinburgh derby a miss, knowing we’re likely to play them at least another 3 times this season and I probably wouldn’t have if there were only 2 per year. Personally I’m a fan of the split, games against the clubs directly around you when you’re competing for positions has generated loads of excitement, the 17/18 season where Hibs played out a 5-3 win and a 5-5 draw in the battle for Europe in our last two home games was sensational. Do tend to enjoy the relegation scraps too (when we’re not involved).
  8. Genuinely curious, for the people that want the league to be extended to 16/18. Assuming we play eachother twice that would reduce the amount of league games we play to either 30 or 34 games. How do you plan for clubs to sign up to that? It would reduce the money coming in as it would be less gate money from less games, less derbies and all that comes along with that. I’m not knocking the idea but I’m just not sure how it makes sense for any club from a financial perspective, other than for the 4 clubs that would be promoted as a result.
  9. Just read the last 13 pages and I’m honestly absolutely shocked that St Johnstone fans are furious, it’s not like them. The investigation itself, well, part of me is skeptical, the patter about reducing the clubs in the league is shite and I really hope we avoid that but I don’t hold too much faith that we will, however there is absolutely 0 chance of that being voted through anyway. The other part of Ron Gordon that gives me the fear is pricing, ticket prices have shot up for Hibs since his arrival and while that may not affect this directly, it wouldn’t shock me if he inflicted those ideas on others, I was told he was asking staff around the place if they think people would pay £40 for a derby ticket the other week. On a more positive side though, they’re absolutely aware in our failings from a marketing perspective. Again, going back to Mr Gordon, he’s spoken about having club shops in airports and in city centres to improve the brand worldwide and about the passion of our supporters in this country being our USP, so if they could use that to build the brand and reputation that could be fruitful, although I’m not sure how that’ll happen. It’s safe to say I’m skeptical about this and what benefit it’ll actually bring and for that matter if anything will actually change off the back of it in honesty. Oh yeah and f**k Deloitte.
  10. Good shouts to be fair, at the risk of marrying the two of the players you mention above but it is there not a young guy called Liam Smith at Man City? Sure he’s a winger.
  11. So, for 2026, I’m gonna stick with the same formation to make it easy. GK - Murray Johnson - yes I’m including his full name because he may well be working at IKEA in 5 years but a really highly thought of 16 year old keeper at Hibs, already in Scotlands U19s and I think we turned down a bid from Wolves for him of around £250k, still he could well be at Spartans by the time he’s 22, we don’t really have any exciting names. LCB - Kieran Tierney CB - Leon King - young boy at Rangers, on the basis hes tremendous on football manager he’s going in RCB - Stephen Welsh - if Celtic keep him around surely he’ll be good one day LWB - Josh Doig/Andy Robertson - Robertson will be 32 but still kicking a baw with Doig coming in to rotate in his old age CM - Billy Gilmour - I’ll be devastated if I’m wrong CM - Lewis Ferguson CM - John McGinn - will be 30 and probably playing for Celtic but still doing things with that arse of his RWB - Nathan Patterson/Calvin Ramsey - It doesn’t take a genius to predict it’ll be one of these two, can’t really pick so a cop out from me ST - Che Adams ST - Ethan Laidlaw - file under Murray Johnson, another Hibs young talent who’s been on trial at Liverpool and Leeds already with Man Utd coming in for him, 16 years old, scored a hat trick for Scotland U17s last week, may be playing for Man Utd, may be working in a call centre The only other exciting player I can think of is Aaron Hickey but with our full back options make it difficult to fit him in, look forward to seeing him tried in centre midfield or something. Appreciate I’ve picked 2 players at Hibs that could amount to nobodies but stick to what you know.
  12. If you’ve read anything above you’ll know that’s not the case, 24 year old here not due my second till the 28th. First was originally 13/07 but had to delay till 03/08 due to picking up covid in July. 3 others in the thread in the same boat, aswell.
  13. Reached out to a mate who works at a Scottish media company. He won’t have the final say but he’s going to ask around to see if anyone will run a story, will keep you updated. Seen at least 2 folk on here affected, 1 other of my mates and a few folk on the Tartan Army Facebook page too.
  14. As much as I’m desperate to go to the game, I’m not so desperate I’d be willing to compromise my morals to the point I would speak to The Sun.
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