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  1. Just back from London, honestly it was like total normal. Big crowds, seeing mutual pals again, singing, bevy, pubs with no social distancing and I’m no anti-masker or have a problem wearing one but it was nice to see no one having to wear one, it not being enforced and it just not being a thing down there. Rejected service in the bar after the game for being too pished, nature is healing.
  2. Apologies to anyone in the Green Man last night, I was absolutely steaming, got rejected service from the bar at one point. Some night though, pub was absolutely rocking aswell, sensational trip, so glad I did it. Scotland are awright aswell.
  3. Natta bit of social distancing or mask wearing on the London bound trains. Also selling bevy on the train aswell which is a terrific sight. Only lager they have is Budweiser though which is the only thing ruining my mood. Wee Rosé had to do We’ll be coming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. Bloody typical it’s 29 degrees the day and roasting sun and it’s to be pishing tomorrow and Friday. In the hope that the rain only lasts for a short spell and we’re too pished to care by then. Packed a jacket in any case.
  5. We’ve also been told not to travel London on for the game on Friday without a ticket…..my train leaves at 8:52 tomorrow.
  6. 24 year old Edinburger vaccine appointment received this morning. Did I push it back a week because I didn’t want it ruining my weekend/I want to leave it until after Scotland win the Euros? Not for me to say but yes. 13/07 for my microchip.
  7. Huge fan of this, not been a fan of many of our recent home kits tbh but this ones brilliant for me, loving the retro look and the sleeves.
  8. Yup it’s sounding a lot more positive and pragmatic, I don’t want to give them too much praise cause I’ll end up looking like a fanny when the next 16 (145) day circuit breaker comes along but the SGs response has improved lately I’m feeling.
  9. Edinburgh staying in Tier 2 😀 Pretty positive announcement I felt, she did say numbers are higher now than she’d like but making multiple comments about the vaccines stopping hospital numbers rising with case numbers rising and she also made the point that people are spending a lot less time in hospital now. The main thing is that they don’t appear to be shitting the bed when case numbers rise at the moment, touch wood.
  10. I’m hoping that it was more the case that our numbers are now in the “Tier 3 threshold” rather than actual chat about it. It comes from someone who works at a bar at a fairly decent sized chain of pubs (not Wetherspoons). Fingers crossed its nout.
  11. 3rd hand rumours from someone who works in a pub but apparently Edinburgh might be going into Tier 3, no idea if they’re truthful or if it’s just chat based on our numbers. I must say that I’m absolutely 100% sure everyone will not gather to watch Scotland at the Euros.
  12. Who’d have foreseen a Scotland match thread descending into arguments about whether St Johnstone players are good enough to play for Scotland?
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