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  1. Or better still, just go back to pre-VAR where everything exciting isn’t overanalysed and we can just play football again.
  2. Calum Davidson was on my flight this morning to Paris, he was a fair bit taller than I thought he’d be. I wasn’t 100% sure it was him but a few hours after arriving I walked past him walking along La Seine. Bizarrely Ryan Jack was on the same flight (or at least arrived at the same time as he was behind me in the passport control queue). That is all.
  3. Gutted that that greasy fat Tory b*****d has finally won something. Back to crying and losing finals again soon hopefully!
  4. Really enjoyed the darts last night, always good to see Soutar do well, an all round good egg. MvG v Rock was a superb watch, I think I said earlier in the thread that I managed to get Rock to win the worlds months ago at 200/1 and he’s now down to 12/1 in some places, suspect it’ll be MVG or Price that wins it in the end though. Its an MVG v Price final in this one tooI think, could go either way.
  5. Just had this through the door, new series on its’ way.
  6. Heading there in 2 weeks for a long weekend, will be there when France play Denmark at the World Cup too which I’m looking forward to. Booked a gaff at La Republique so based off the above it’s a decent location. Cheap/good bars/restaurant recommendations welcome. Assume we will do Louvre/Eiffel Tower/Montmarte like the silly little tourist we are but any recommendations are welcome. Red Star Paris are playing against Nancy while we’re there too although I’ve heard the area, Saint Denis isn’t great, anyone with any idea?
  7. Bet you’re feeling vindicated now champ, charlatans, the lot of them.
  8. I do that a lot of the time anyway to be fair, currently at 34/42 and aiming to go to Albion Rovers and possibly Kelty during the World Cup. Issue is if my emotional investment in Hibs is dropping, it’ll never really be replaced by anyone else, I go and watch Edinburgh City/FC Edinburgh/Edinburgh/whatever they’re called now a fair bit and it’s just not the same.
  9. I’m pretty scunnered with this in all honesty. Since VAR came in Hibs have had 3 games, 1 win and 2 defeats, 5 goals scored, 6 conceded, the results are what they are and they’re not the problem, it’s the removal of the uninterrupted celebrations and anticipation when my team attack. For the first time ever I’m now debating in my head whether I want to continue to watch my team every week and it’s nothing to do with the football standard because we’ve been a lot worse than this. Every time we attack, instead of me thinking “oh we could score here” I find myself overanalysing in my head if there’s been a foul in the build up or whether someone has been offside. Out of the 5 goals we’ve scored, I’ve only actually enjoyed one of them and that was because it was the first and I totally forgot VAR existed for a good 20 seconds after the ball hit the net, each of the others I was worrying about fouls and offsides (apart from one which was a penalty but who gets excited over penalties going in anyway unless they’re in the last minute?). I genuinely find myself really sad about it all to be honest, my team have been a huge part of my life, a huge part of my relationship with friends and family and I’m at the point where this change in the game has ripped the excitement away from it all. When Hibs have been shite, of course it’s not been fun but you still get those moments when you attack however rare they may have been where you get that little bit of excitement, in the past 3 games I’ve just not had that. I’ve still got my season ticket which will do me until the summer and even after that then I suspect I’ll still go along quite alot as a social thing as it’s an excuse to see pals/family but I honestly feel like my days of spending a substantial portion of my time consuming content about the game and my team might be at an end, At the moment I’ll spend hours every week reading stuff about football, listening to podcasts, watching things, searching for news and rumours but I honestly feel like “what’s the point?” Everything that you look at and think about relating to football all comes down to watching your team and the excitement of scoring goals to win games. If you don’t have that excitement anymore then what actually is the point in giving it the time of day? I’ll obviously see how things go between now and the end of the season but I genuinely feel upset because I’m not sure if I can continue my love for football like I’ve had for all my life, it’s all I’ve ever known and f**k knows how else I’ll spend my time but this just has taken all enjoyment away from me. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling this way but it’s utterly shite.
  10. Never a pen in a million years but to echo @craigkillie I don’t want to hear a word of complaint from anyone at Hibs, if we didn’t want clown car VAR decisions, we simply shouldn’t have came out and said we supported it without asking our fans.
  11. Would happily take a point away from this one!
  12. To be fair he’s not really had much of a chance, 45 minutes at Tannadice he was okay, never saw him at Parkhead although he got hooked at half time with us 3-0 down. This is a massive compliment to Lee Johnson but given some of his other good business we’ve not relied on him whatsoever and if he does start any shite we could cut our losses without it affecting us whatsoever in honesty.
  13. It is pretty funny that probably our 2 least exciting signings have been 2 of our best. Rocky Bushiri’s improvement is like nothing I’ve never seen before, would love to give the club credit for it but they didn’t even mean it but the guy has turned into an absolute rolls royce of a defender. Kukhareyvch is an absolute baller aswell, the best target man we’ve had since Steven Fletcher I would argue.
  14. I know you’re partially joking here but saying all the above they do look physically a bit undercooked. Even against Nantes some of the opposing players looked like they were starring in a Dads v Lads match, I know not every footballer needs to be built like Conrad Logan but I think the majority of the team have a bit of developing to do. Would be great to see some of them get a chance to go on loan, especially the likes of Josh O’Connor, Kanayo Megwa, Jacob Blaney, Oscar MacIntyre and Robbie Hamilton who I think are all a little older than some of the rest.
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