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  1. I for one am now going to get absolutely steaming next weekend to celebrate this horrible racist Nazi lizards death
  2. Les Cabbage

    Top 5 Gigs

    The Libertines - Barrowlands 2014 - First UK gig they played after the comeback, was a John McClure DJ Set for the suppor act, incredible night The View - Barrowlands 2016 - not long after Hibs won the Scottish Cup and the Warburtons a Fanny song was sung walking out the Barras by a huge crowd, mental given it was in Glasgow 😂. Kasabian - TITP 2015 - Festival crowds aren’t always up to much but this was an exception, unbelievable set and unbelievable show they put on, slightly tainted now by Tom Meighan being a fucking w****r but unreal nonetheless. Milburn - O2 Academy Sheffield 2016 - A band many people underrate imo, very early Arctic Monkeys and obviously from the same place, another comeback gig in their hometown, absolutely wild night, Sheffield is a good night out too Miles Kane - Liquid Rooms 2014 - The place was absolutely jumping, I was only 17 and hadn’t been bevying but I didn’t need it the atmosphere lifted me, absolutely erupted when he came on and opened with Inhaler, guy puts on such a good show regardless of what you think of him.
  3. https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2021/04/09/greek-immigrant-who-lived-off-welfare-dies-in-england/
  4. Imagine we were at Ibrox on Sunday man 😂. @ScottishSunSport: Disgusting scenes as Hibs fans sing vile chants celebrating the death of Prince Phillip bit.ly/xgwyTtfH
  5. Good to see the social media ban has a staunch emergency cheat code
  6. A point in this will seal European football for us providing Celtic beat Livingston. Find it weird this isn’t on TV in honesty, otherwise why is it the Sunday? Sky still have 7 games left as part of their deal and not picking this one just seems totally nuts. Whats the craic with Rangers PPV out of interest? Been doing PPV for away games all season but I’ll probably use hesgoal or something rather than give money to the Old Firm tbqh, I’m sure they’ll survive without my £17.50 or whatever it is. Imagine we’ll lose but if we play as exciting football as we did on Monday night it will be a good watch. The No Fans Factor really has resulted in a lack of hatred and goading between Hibs and Rangers this season, fixtures like this are usually captivating and full of passion but it all feels pretty indifferent going into this one, hopefully it’s the last empty game between the 2 clubs and we can go back to hating eachother soon. Morelos is a NAP to score, has scored 7 goals against us in 12 games, an absolutely unreal record. By comparison the best goals record for a current Hibs player against Rangers is a certain Mr David Gray, and he wasn’t half bad at scoring in this fixture.
  7. Surely this should make people realise that Both Votes SNP doesn’t work, SNP taking 44% of the list vote but only getting 2 seats, the Tory’s getting 22% and 26 seats. If you want independence just vote Green on the list or you’ll end up with more Tory anti-Indy seats ffs.
  8. Confirmed hospital numbers down at least 1 for today (although assume it’ll be part of tomorrow’s figures) as he is being let out. I’ll see if I can get a cigar to him.
  9. In terms of recent games, we’ve had a couple of strange ones, one in particular I remember. There was a 1-0 in the league cup where we won from an own goal but that is going to be 0 fun to talk about so on to the more exciting stuff. Hibernian 5-3 Stranraer; this was just such a strange night. Stranraer took a 1-0 lead then Hibs went 4-1 up, suddenly it was 4-3 before Liam Craig made it 5 with a penalty. Abdellah Zoubir scored for Hibs, apparently, I was there and I remember it being a massive deflection and a definite own goal, which would have made 3 out of the 8 goals own goals. Zoubir now plays for Qarabag of Azerbaijan and scored two goals for them in the Europa League Group Stage this season. Rowan Vine actually pretty much made the other own goal all by himself crossing it across the face of goal for it to be turned in by Scott Rumsby (who also scored an own goal against us in 2015 - some record from the boy!) It would not be a stretch to say that this was the only remotely decent thing he ever did in a Hibs top and to say that about a League Cup game against Stranraer (no disrespect) is pretty damning. Liam Craig (remembered for flopping at Hibs also) scored a hat trick! Chris Aitken scored one of Stranraers and if I remember right it was a beauty. I’m sure he was Stevie Aitkens brother too? And of course the other own goal was scored by Michael bloody Nelson. There are many stories going around about some of the shite we had in our team at that time but my favourite is James Collins in the Hibs team who was totally pish after costing us £200k; now has 8 caps for Ireland and is renowned for pishing into a beer glass and lobbing it off a balcony at Cheltenham.
  10. I feel for Durrant, not sure if it’s a case of him not recovering from covid properly, can see he’s a bit distressed. Other two games tonight have been a great watch, MVG at his best.
  11. Obviously this is no bearing on everyone else or anything other than 1 of 192 but a relative of my partners is currently in hospital, elderly and on the shielding list and bizarrely has had covid twice, the first time completely symptomless but the second time hospitalised despite having already had a first vaccine dose a while ago. More stable now and likely to get out soon which is great news but I’m honestly incredibly confused about how it all unfolded tbh. I suppose the way we should look at it is that the vaccine saved his life.
  12. Change the thread name to Pendipendence imo
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