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  1. Hearst are surprising me to be honest. They haven't folded like a pack of cards as we could have expected and are playing some decent stuff.
  2. On the basis of the 1st four minutes of the 2nd half it is just a matter of time before Zurich score again.
  3. The SPL is a bizarre league. On one hand you get the Old Firm competing in 3 european finals in 20 years and on the other , the rest of the SPL can barely win a 2nd round qualifying tie never mind reach a group stage. Complete also rans.
  4. Yeah that made me chuckle. No idea what planet that guy is currently orbiting.
  5. Indeed. I mean Sligo beat Motherwell home and away. Motherwell couldn't even score a single goal. But Motherwell are 4th in the SPL. The fact is the SPL is full of real shite.
  6. This is truly rank. Fc Zurich are bottom of the Swiss league, and playing their "home" match in another city, in an 80% empty stadium are still way too good for easily the 3rd best side in Scotland.
  7. Larne beat a Danish side last year. I suspect all the countries (with say 4M to 8M populations) have weak 3rd, 4th, 5th teams. What I dont understand is how a side like Sheriff Tirapsol can beat Real home and away. Or even the best side in the Arctic Circle, Bodo Glimt, can outperform so much.
  8. Romania don't belong on that list. They have a European cup winner. Although having said that Celtic got knocked out in the Champions League qualifiers by Cluj, a team with a home support of 5,000, a few years back. Agree with the rest though. Killie getting knocked out by the Nomads and Motherwell losing home and away to Sligo beggars belief to be honest. Celtic have massively underperformed the last 15 years given the size of their club. Failing to win a single knockout tie is laughable and demolitions to Paris St Germain just makes the Scottish league look so poor.. I really fear for Hearts and Celtic in Europe this season.
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