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  1. Aberdeen twitter would be a bin fire after the first time our keeper made a mistake if Langfield was GK coach
  2. Derek McInnes certainly knows how to win regularly at Rugby Park
  3. Another issue is older stadiums get various allowances from Uefa to play European games, for example distance from side the pitch to the stands. I think if you upgrade your stadium it is then classed as a new stadium. Meaning we would no longer have these allowances.
  4. Great show as always Added bonus stuck a fiver on a Banks o Dee and Talbot double after watching... Cheers lads
  5. https://twitter.com/AAberdonia/status/1431257361319137281?s=19 No idea if this guy is reliable. But looks like we've maybe done Newcastle a favour to get Longstaff ahead of some championship clubs. Ferguson going the other way on loan initially. Just noticed these are his only tweets so guessing maybe not the most reliable Also how do I add a link to a tweet so the picture shows rather than just a link
  6. I'm guessing the Hearts link is how Murray knows then I reckon Bates would be a good signing. And Hamilton too. I'm just glad Glass is looking for a defender and not relying on Devlin getting fit anytime soon
  7. https://twitter.com/mrewanmurray/status/1431213241875714048?s=19 The guardians golf correspondent saying we are in advance talks with David Bates
  8. Oh I'd rather be a brush than a comb... Sang on repeat to Alan Combe
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