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  1. Yes they have actually found a commentator more annoying than Dave Galloway. 2-0 yasssss
  2. Leeds are going to be great fun to watch this season
  3. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/08/22/dons-confirm-loan-signing-of-welsh-internationalist/ Watkins confirmed
  4. It absolutely baffles me the criticism McGinn gets. He has been brilliant for us pretty much since he signed. He can be frustrating at times but his goals and assists outweigh that. His goal at Tynecastle when he sent Calum Patterson spinning is my favourite goal of all time. Genuinely can't think of a forward player outwith Celtic who has been as consistently good as him over the years I love Niall McGinn
  5. I'm sure he was asked about it on his first appearance on sportsound a few weeks ago and pretty much absolved himself of all blame. He said injuries were the main factor and he was sure he would of got them up the table if he wasn't sacked
  6. I like this signing. He is a good young player and will bring some versatility. Signing a player on loan from Rangers isn't great but it gets to a point when you need to get over it if means you are getting a good player. The option to make permanent helps with that.
  7. There is going to be a red card here. Both teams flying into tackles and diving all over the place
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if its a 3 match ban. With 2 of them suspended as a warning to them and everyone else. Meaning they will have to sit out the St Johnstone game that they would of missed originally, which would right that 'wrong' if they were to play.
  9. Feel bad for Edmondson. The poor loon didn't even get to go out for a pint before hes back down the road
  10. The players are all of these things and can also be deemed unluckily, as the bar they went into was riddled with covid There is no way these are the only 8 players in Scotland that have broken the rules.
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