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  1. "Suspension of 3 matches. These 3 matches are suspended until 28 February 2021 and will take effect only in the event that the player is found in breach of Disciplinary Rules 24 and/or 71 during that time period."
  2. Loan initially then we pay the fee next summer.
  3. The 6 non-positives went back today. It was 14 days isolation from the night out. The 2 positives are not back yet.
  4. Neither of them were the positive cases anyway. The 6 who had to self-isolate returned today, the positive cases return later in the week.
  5. They have been told (along with others) they are free to leave but not aware it's anything to do with challenging fines, in any case "sackings" or "terminations" are not simple in football (or any other industry)
  6. Might look like an odd position to be going for now but he'll be needed once the 8 are sorted out. McKenna - Selling this transfer window Cosgrove - Selling this transfer window McGeouch - for sale/loan this transfer window, possible mutual release Bryson - available for free/released end of season Anderson - available for free/released end of season Devlin - available for free/released end of season Kennedy - may survive Hayes - will survive
  7. These are scottish government guidelines being flouted - not footballing ones. The scottish government should be enforcing these for everyone - including footballers. I don't see why any punishments should include the footballing authorities or clubs. If the SPFL really need to be seen by the government to do something then give suspensions to the individual players. Caught breaching the Scottish government guidelines? 14 days self isolation & a 3 game suspension beyond those 14 days. Will soon see players fall in line and if not they are just harming their own team. Remember this "2nd incident" took place before or at least as the Aberdeen story was coming out. Not as if Bolongoli saw the Aberdeen stuff and through "im away to Spain for a jolly".
  8. Still comes across as excuse making. Claiming ignorance of the rules is beyond belief considering the level of procedures they go through every day in order to train together. They're not allowed to give each other lifts to work, changing rooms are restricted to 4 players max and it's one person to a table when eating at the training ground but he claims they thought because they worked together they were one big household? Liar.
  9. I'd like to see Ruth given a chance but I think you're right in that McInnes will opt for McGinn up top.
  10. The "bubble" exists only on the training field and pitch. They go through procedures before entering the field which give them the allowance to then ignore social distancing for the duration of training/the game. As soon as they come off the field they are strictly distanced again - to the extent of 3/4 people to a changing room, 1 person to a table if eating on site and not giving eachother lifts to training. The notion that these 8 thought they could go out for a meal/drinks in a group of 8 and this would be within the rules is moronic and they are a bunch of cowards for hiding behind ignorance as an excuse.
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