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  1. The utter unit Taylor is going to run into the utter unit Adeloye . Gonna be a cracker . Be quality to finish your title ambitions on our wee patch . Arrogant , entitled , deluded , moor dwelling gimps that you are . Bring it the f**k on .
  2. So eight games to go and three wins to get . I am very optimistic we’ll get them and maybe more . The bigger picture is the club , the support are on the early steps of one hell of a journey . Some on here for what ever reason haven’t grasped that yet but it’s becoming very obvious . We have (for once) landed on our feet with Smith , Mathie and Glendinning . Not to mention Bully who will be further supported by an assistant manager being recruited in the summer . There will be plenty of interest in some of our players , we’ll lose some , we’ll retain some . Hopefully Aero and Murdy can finish their careers at Ayr . The ones we lose will be replaced and the show will continue next season . It would be the perfect storm if Killie failed to escape and we had four derby games next season . Let’s get that process started on Friday night .....
  3. Friday night under the lights , the Dkb’s in the other end , splendid . Can’t wait .....
  4. We badly need a leader on the park in the mould of Adams/Geggan but it ain’t going to happen until the summer by the looks of it . In the short term if we are to go to 442 (doubtful) in order to get Tomi starting beside Ashford , I’d stick Murdoch on the right side of midfield and get McKenzie onto the bench as striker cover . Murdoch maybe has the tenacity to keep Zanatta at bay for the most part .
  5. I wonder if QoS will be already relegated when we visit Dumfries in April , or will we get to deliver the final blow . With Bully being pretty good at winning at hoodoo grounds . Just a thought .
  6. What a load of BS . Queens have been there for the taking all season . Most weeks they will be taken .
  7. As everyone has said it was a pretty bad day at the office , there has been plenty of these over the years and no doubt there will be plenty in the future also . The question is will Bully change it up to a 442 with Tomi coming in . I think he pretty much has to . However the crux of the matter is simple , will this group at Ayr United win more football matches than Queen of the South in the next two months or so . I tend to think they will , time will tell
  8. One of only three Saturday home games left for Ayr . Time for everyone to get along and cheer the team . Can’t wait for this one , definitely not a derby but quite an annoying bunch in an Airdrie sort of way ...
  9. It would be crazy to drop Maxy , he holds the left side together and gives the vulnerable Redding protection . It would have to be McKenzie but I get the feeling he’s a favourite of Bullen . I think we’ll continue with the 451 for a while more .
  10. Big hardworking strikers that get 7 or 8 goals a season are fairly easy to find , most teams in the Championship have one . Natural finishers like Tomi who in the correct environment can score in or around 20 goals a season are much harder to find . In over 20 years we have only had a few , Walker , Hurst , Annand and of course LS . Tomi will have plenty of clubs after his signature in the summer . Some will already be whispering in his ear . Ian McCall for one . The Jags are now the dark horses to put a late title challenge , they may have Premiership gold to offer in May . From our point of view we really need to do everything we can to keep Tomi , that also goes for the three on loan midfielders, should they become available... Over to you Mr Smith ...
  11. Well well well , what have we here ? Super Ayr are no world beaters but we are making huge progress . The off field appointments have been off the scale superb. . Hopefully we get a good crowd in next week , the playing squad deserve it . QoS will not role over , no way . However we should be confident and really should eliminate 10th place .... what a couple of away wins , cheers Bully ! Getting pissed is the only option now ....
  12. For that particular game , for whatever reason , only the stand and enclosure were open . But yeah wheelchairs, whatever !
  13. I think in an ideal world Murdy would move to the right in a 442 and McKenzie would drop to the bench as striker cover . That would allow us the two strikers up top , who I think would cause havoc in this league . The question would be would a four man midfield offer enough protection to the defence , maybe not at the moment, but in due coarse has to be the plan .
  14. My first viewing of the casual scene at Ayr was I think in the May of 86 , away Ayrshire Cup tie at Rugby Park where a group of young guns went into the Killie section of the enclosure in front of the stand . The following season after relegation it’s fair to say their numbers grew and they had their own bus going to most games . Ayr Service Crew was born . However agro at football was not a new thing and prior to the ASC there was the Ayr Troops , a band of skinheads from the Lochside area if I remember correctly and before them in the late 70’s and early 80’s a mixture of all youth cults , punks , mods , skins followed the club .
  15. I’m not so sure Queens goose is cooked just yet . We’ll know more at 4.45pm a week on Saturday. I hope at some point in that game we get to see the Tomi and Sam partnership in action . Bully likes his 451 but as the new players in midfield bed in his option of a 442 become more feasible.
  16. Right lads and lassies its time to get the party started ! Time to travel to the bog town on the moor once again . Let’s back the boys for the full 90 mins and hopefully the football Gods will smile for us ..... Love the walk up to RP knowing we absolutely own them ... COYHM
  17. So it’s time , Killie away ! Looking forward to it . We’ve been the underdogs going into this tie since the nineties . Never been bothered by that and if we only take a 1,000 up on Wednesday won’t be bothered by that either ! Bring it on let’s see what they’ve got .
  18. It’s stating the obvious but two games against QoS are massive , win both of those and it’s unlikely that we would finish below Queens . As everyone has already said we need to find a way of playing two forwards . Ashford leads the line well and would be a perfect fit for a partnership with Tomi . Hopefully we can get a 442 on the field before it’s too late .
  19. RIP Alex (Dixie) Ingram . A club legend who lit up the SRE and The Raiway End in his two spells with us . Fearless would be an understatement. . Blasted centre half’s twice his size , goal keepers as well . Many of whom were Scottish Internationals and or Lisbon Lions . One of his favourite victims was Billy McNeil , defending corners at Somerset became one of Billy’s least favourite jobs . Used to love the panic on defenders faces as Dixie came piling into them on the six yard line at full tilt . Dixie gave no quarter and didn’t expect any either , many a time getting his head stitched at the pitch side , telling the doctor to hurray it up .....I doubt we’ll ever see the like again . Hopefully we can show our respects on Saturday.....
  20. Agree with this , Ashfield looks mobile and would be able to run the channels while Tomi would fix their centre half’s . Thistle’s defence is their weakest area , it would be mad to not have a pop !
  21. Don’t know much about the new guys but might just be as well throw them in , nothing to lose . More important games coming up . Let’s see if we can actually take it too Thistle for a change ... McAdams Houston Aero. Baird. Reading McInroy Murdoch. Maxwell Dempsey Tomi. Ashford .....
  22. Still got Hewitt to come back but yeah still tight at centre midfield !
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