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  1. So here we are three weeks to go in the regular season . After tomorrow’s games the picture will be pretty clear . The Pars and us will have the same three fixtures to play . Tomorrow I would expect Kilmarnock to just get the job done , the question is how will we do ? A win for us would be massive , it may just allow us to draw our way to safety . So many ifs or buts , but it’s one exciting way for the season to end . Tomorrow’s game might be the one to be less cautious with and really go for it with Tomi and Sam up top and maybe even O’Conner out wide on one side . I don’t think there is any point sitting in against a team like Inverness .
  2. New Keeper New Right Wing Back Muirhead New Sweeper McGinty Maxwell Demsey Murdoch McInroy (in an ideal world) Ashford Adeloye
  3. If we can get that win that’s been eluding us next Saturday against Inverness that should be us safe perhaps . At that point we can change focus onto who will be coming in in the summer . People in the Hub last night were saying that players are lined up , just a question of our league status . If we can retain Maxwell , Dempsey , McInroy and Adeloye that would be superb . We would as you say still need a second goal score to either cover Tomi or play along side him . A centre half that could bang in five or six a season would be useful as well .
  4. Bryden is 17 years old and leading the line in the Championship. That’s a huge ask for the player and to be fair he’s making a decent first of it . I’d say he’s definitely one for the future , that big frame will fill out in the next few years . The question is what to do with him in the summer when the panic is over and things settle down a bit . Do we keep him in the pool as an under study to Ashford or does he go out on loan to get games ? If he goes out we are looking at three strikers coming in , hopefully one is Tomi .
  5. He’s decent keeper , however given that one of our centre half’s and both fullbacks aren’t very dominant in the air ,a keeper that dominates his six yard box is the only card we have to play .
  6. He’ll have plenty of offers from teams in our league . Hopefully our Chairman can make it not be about the money .
  7. The high ball on our keeper seems to be a tactic for our opposition recently. Maybe time to give Albinson a shot . Apart from that I feel if Tomi is fit and available we’ll win the game . Massive game for us .
  8. Tomi has said himself this is the first season he’s had a decent run of games in a team . Maybe even his record goals for a season . So hopefully if the money isn’t an issue he’d prefer more of the same next season all be it in a more settled and improved set up . Surely the thought of more wandering round the London non league scene isn’t that attractive .
  9. For me the Hamilton game on Friday is the big one , it’s crucial we win and build some momentum for ICT the following week . Hopefully we have a decent and nosey crowd in . Tomi being fit and playing would be a massive boost as well .
  10. All about opinions I suppose , I’d say he’s more Eddie Annand than Wardlaw however . Time will tell , He could hit the 15 goals mark this season , with no penalty’s included that’s a pretty good total . Think he’d need another big or bigger season to crack the high end of L2 or better down south . Up here however he has done well against Dundee United and Killie , so his game is known .. Hopefully he stays and we can add an Andy Walker type to play beside him .
  11. In my opinion the only striker in the division better than Tomi is Kyle Lafferty. Tomi has played in a stinking Ayr side , with managerial changes galore . If he had played in the 2018 team he would have went past twenty goals no problem . Will he stay ? I hope so , these days we can match most of our rivals in the division for wages , however he may get a contract in the Premiership next season . He’s no spring chicken anymore and he may find it hard to turn down a Livi or a Dundee United . These clubs will see two grand a week as taking a punt . For football reasons he’d be better having another season with us next season , hopefully we’ll be an improved model that can support him to the level needed on the field .
  12. I have a wee notion that next season he may try the 532 system . Based on nothing more than the fact that McGinty is under contract . Perhaps with a sweeper behind him and Aero providing security and managing the defence the howler moments will decrease . A pair of decent wingbacks would also need to be found . Maybe Maxwell would do on the left if we could get him , Hewitt on the right ?
  13. This is a pretty accurate synopsis of our defenders . There really will have to be a lot of work done on this area in the summer . Safe to say Glendinning will be busy right now checking out targets . The Redding/McGinty combo’s back-post defence is shocking and has cost us plenty this season . It’s a shame because otherwise Paddy is a decent player , maybe more suited to wingback in a 532 . As has been said earlier Houston has his issues with defending and is more of a wingback as well . I wonder if Bully intends to go down that route next season ? Either way a couple of centre half’s will need to be signed . Another issue is that McAdam , while a class shot stopper doesn’t come and take many crosses or corners .
  14. Pretty much this . Rangers got waisted by Celtic in February, few weeks later Rangers bundle Dortmund out of Europe ...
  15. I’m not adverse to that line up either . Just that if we have a fit and ready asset like Kenyan we really should be using it , he’s supposed to be a leader and a bit of a ticket , so yeah I’d be wanting to get him involved pronto . On a different note the silver lining from last nights beasting is that the ticket takings could facilitate a healthy two year deal for Dempsey . Get it done Bully ...
  16. Murdoch on the right . Dempsey Kenyan McInroy central , Maxwell left . Tomi on for 30 mins at the end to pinch it . This is for Arbroath only . After that perhaps a 442 .
  17. Absolutely. Also time to have a look at this guy Kenyan . Ex captain and defensive midfielder . Those two in with Tomi and McKenzie coming out . Not much we can do about the calamitous defence until the summer , but an experienced centre half/leader is a huge priority..
  18. Mate I’ve been taking these gut punches since 72 ! It’s Ayr United that’s what it is . Never seen so many youths in the SRE as I did tonight , and we go and perform like that . However there is a bigger picture , we push on , forty points is all we need . Then it’s Bully’s summer shopping show .! just need to win some six pointers between now and then ...
  19. Pretty much how I see it too . Huge reality check for our defence . Dempsey is hugely important to us and gave good energy when he came on . Others tried to hide when the going got tough , we’ll win some games and lose some games before the summer , it is what it is ....
  20. Fair play to Kilmarnock, Lafferty had the freedom of Somerset for the first 20 mins . We have plenty to learn at the back for the run in .
  21. Match day at last , the last time we play the moor dwellers this season , can’t wait for this . The old ground should be rocking . I wonder if he’ll start Kenyan or save him for the last half hour ? I’d imagine Murdy , Maxy and McInroy will definitely start , just a question of who’ll join them in the middle line ... Got to start with Tomi and Ashfield , it’s time the defence did their job without the insurance of a five man midfield , anyway it’s going to be something special tonight for sure .
  22. Could St Johnstone be giving Liam CRaig his jotters ? The plot thickens ....
  23. No doubt . This isn’t a thread for Graeme Speirs type platitudes and stuff like that , best save that for a later date ! Facts are facts , we dislike these dweebs with an intensity . Blood is already up !
  24. Again DJ your getting caught in the moment , this season/next season, which is fair enough . I’m looking a bit further out than that . The income streams at the club are growing ,Cameron’s Bar , new Spencer’s etc ,with much more in the pipe line . The off pitch recruitment is complete except maybe a number 2 for Bully . That situation will be sorted in the summer . I’m pretty sure we’ll be pretty competitive in the recruitment business in the summer and in years to come with Glendinning provided the names for Bully to cast his eye over . In the short term there will be games lost this season however this team will win a few as well ...
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