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  1. I see Sheffield Wednesday have freed 9 lads from their U23 squad . Wonder if Bully is interested in any of them .
  2. Good point but none of them are holding midfielders . I think a quality player in the Liam Craig mode would be perfect to sit behind McInroy and Murdoch/Dempsey in a 532/352 . I have a feeling that this formation is Bully’s favoured one , admittedly based on nothing more than getting another 6ft 2in centre half into the defence. Another leader to play behind McGinty and Aero/??????? . So if we get all our main players signed up , we’d be looking at bringing in a sweeper , maybe an Aero replacement , a holding midfielder , a partner for Tomi (either a 9 or 10) and a right wing back (Blain Rowe anyone) ....
  3. Not the worst idea as the guy can play both left and right centre half as well as right back .
  4. Kind of brings us back to Liam Craig . But he’ll have plenty of offers .....
  5. Curious to see where our player hunt takes us . Given that Fjortoft and Kenyan left it could be thought that a centre half and holding midfielder will be high on the list . That’s of course assuming that Kerr , Tomi and Ben don’t need replacements sourced . Bullen seems to favour younger players (so far) that can have some value built on , however this team does need some experience and on field leadership .
  6. It’s a pity Corrie and Aaron Drinan both slipped through our fingers . Both would have been big players for us .
  7. Can’t believe the group of players the Pars have played so badly all season . Is there any off them worth a shot at Ayr next season ?
  8. I get the feeling the infrastructure projects will be completed in advance of any promotion push . So next season may take us up the league a bit but not all the way . We have a clutch of good young players who’ll get their chance for sure Any additions to the starting line should include a keeper and at least one centre half who can organise and win headers . The perfect storm would be all the midfield loans and big Tomi to sign . If that gets done I’m thinking a striker to work with Tomi , wither that’s a 9 or a 10 I’m not 100% .
  9. Just about back to normal after Friday , what a night that was , The Hub must have been raking it in , 5pm to midnight absolutely rammed , busiest I’ve ever seen it . A few in yellow red and black as well . I spoke to Bully as he was doing the rounds and he mentioned he wanted to keep the bulk of the current squad but add six , which is a little different to what he said in the post match interview. Maybe he included getting the midfield loans in , in the six . It looks like we are going down the slower, continuous improvement route rather the title blitz one . Four or five first 11 starters signing on would be great if they are all better than what we have . I’d guess a keeper , 2 x centre backs , 2 x strikers and most of our loans retained would be a great start to summer ....
  10. Obviously not a Championship club (yet) but heard a mad rumour today that Queens Park are in the process of putting a deal together to offer Scott Sinclair a deal . Don’t shoot the messenger but there it is ...
  11. I was there in 2018 (I think) when we drew 1-1 with Moff scoring . That day we must have had 700 or so down there on a cold December day . I have a feeling with this being an end of the season crunch game and the buses getting lined up at Cameron’s we may go way past that figure .
  12. Not sure but didn’t it open at 10.30am for the Pars trip .
  13. Bus tickets bought , buzzing for this . I know we made an arse of it on Saturday but we get a shot at redemption this weekend . This is a big big game for the club , for all the wrong reasons , but let’s get down there and give the club the backing they need . Forget all the armchair critic and football expert pantomime , just get down there ....
  14. Tomi Adeloye won three awards on Saturday night . Voted by the players and supporters of our club . It’s safe to say he is loved by our people . Over and above what he does on the field for us he seems to be a classy guy as well . Let’s bin this talk of racism at Ayr United ffs . Mud sticks sometimes , much more of this nonsense and certain players won’t want to come here . Interesting that the fans were singing songs about Gondoh that seemed to go for ever on Saturday. A guy that wasn’t even playing !
  15. That’s exactly how I read it . There’s plenty of football to be played before any of this . Should we go down I’d expect a clear out and a quality upgrade , what ever that costs .
  16. Correct . Bully is under contract for next season and maybe the one after that as well . I think he’ll be here for a while . The squad is the issue , mentally weak and too young . There aren’t enough leaders in the middle of the park or at the back . Two veterans in those area are much needed as well as a keeper and a partner for Tomi (assuming he stays) .
  17. I agree it wouldn’t be ideal ,but players will still come, they always do .
  18. Tomi does seem to take things to heart a bit ,equally he should be waking up today after a crazy weekend and looking at those player of the year trophy’s (three) and realising what people at the club think of him . Hopefully that and the plans to push the club on is enough for him to sign . The continuity of a second or third season at a club isn’t something he’s done really . On the flip side he’ll have plenty of offers on the table from other Scottish clubs , with no doubt Thistle at the head of the line .. Maybe the city would suit him more .. Dunno , hope not .
  19. Shout out to Robbo ! Do you know if the club plan to run busses to QoS or are we all bundling onto the 8.22 at Ayr Station ?
  20. We seemed to have no problem getting good players in at Christmas !
  21. According to Mathie some weeks back in the Hub , our transfer targets won’t be changing regardless of which league we are on .
  22. I think we are talking about some very young and/or silly fans here, that give Tomi no respect . He won those awards last night because the vast majority of fans players and travel club members thought he was the best player at the club . It’s really as simple as that . It’s been said many times already but really is the best forward we’ve had since LS . Finding a goal scoring partner for him should be our priority . Hopefully he stays and we can see what he can do in an improved and upgraded team .
  23. Same here . Took a big support down that day , I’d expect us to do the same on Saturday. Opportunity for the club to get Cameron’s open at 10am again and get some busses booked ....
  24. Absolutely. This is what following your team is all about . Hopefully O’Conner can get nearer to 90 mins before his tank is emptied . Also I doubt Tomi will miss chances like yesterday’s again . Hopefully Inverness can beat and exhaust Queens on Tuesday ....
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