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  1. Kerr’s start was ify but we are clinging onto the three 1-0’s against both highland teams and the Pars in Jan/Feb . These were results we found very hard to get previously , we managed to play a different way pick up six points and progress onto the next round of the cup . This was Kerr’s high water line . He has much to prove but in October he will have”his” team on the park , so excuses will start to become limited ! Time will tell . I have a feeling we’ll finish between 5th and 3rd . Where the goals are coming from is my main concern!
  2. John Robertson is the best manager in the league for me and has always had Inverness in the top 3. Despite the fact that they've lost their best players, I'm still expecting them to re-build well and get top 4 Correct . If Robertson was at Dundee , Hearts or Dunfermline then they’d be in great shape . Not righting us off completely, but we’ll have a pretty young side ! The 27 games might just suit us though ! 2nd gives you a big chance in the play offs .
  3. Dundee , Dunfermline etc have aspirations of winning the league , at Ayr , if we are honest , our ambitions are a little less lofty . Therefor young players coming in tend to get a bit more time . Roscoe is one example , not nearly there yet but will get more chances this season . Another example is Mike Rose , who I watched getting an absolute schooling from Dobbie at Palmerston on his debut . Move three years forward and he’s about to play in the English Championship with the best completion of passes in L1 . I guess what I’m saying is if an 18/19 player rocks up with talent and the right attitude then we’ll meet him half way with an open mind . On the other hand rock stars and pre Madonna’s need not apply !
  4. Walsh was the only guy in the Ict team that used to beat us up under 6ft 3in . To be fair they never used him much in games against us , there main (effective) tactic was to power crosses and corners to White . The boy is ment to a player though .
  5. Robbie could never be described as a holding midfielder , couldn’t tackle a fish supper , but he could have been effective in the Kelly role . That ship has sailed however . Any loans coming out the Premier will either be younger players on development curves or players the clubs want off their pay rolls , who no longer are in the plans . Grant at Clyde is a curious one also . Now with no club , but has an impressive Cv . U19 international , been at Norwich , described as a holding midfielder . Interesting .
  6. The Saints fans I spoke to at work said he could play but was struggling a bit for pace in the Premier . I’m not saying your wrong and it is a stretch but last weeks business marked Kerr’s bar pretty high . Time will tell ....
  7. McGinn Oooft . More Moretti required ..... That would be one quality centre half away from a superb starting eleven.....
  8. Good point , same criteria applies to McGinn I suppose , so if we got Walsh would that mean Luke would shift into no10 ? I really think he’d do well at 10 , collecting from a Kerr type player or connecting with knockdowns from a brute like Drinan ! Cracking options .
  9. Just for fun I’ll predict: Kieran Wright, Aaron Drinan and Brett McGavin as the loans. Stephen McGinn and Tom Walsh as the permanents That gives us a squad of 20 which I imagine is the sort of size Kerr is looking for. I wouldn’t be too disappointed with that group !
  10. Walsh rejected a two year contract at Inverness ! Wants to come back to the west coast !
  11. On those figures I think we’ll be sticking with Football Focus and/or a re-run of the Friday night BBC Scotland game . Sorry Robbo had a typo on my previous post . Are we lightly to be doing any business next week with the post furlough free’s being announced ?
  12. Is the furlough free’s a market we are lightly to be dabbling in Robby .?
  13. The point of hospitality is to have a meal and sit and watch the game in comfort in your viewing box , this is a big money earner so who in their right mind would just bin it , If the boxes bring in a good bit of revenue then fair play . However as the Hub is about to show (it’ll be rammed) the club are just scratching the surface off the potential involved in the Saturday football pound . What ever our 1500 regulars spend on a Saturday on their football day out in and around town ,then I’d want as much of that pulled into the club as possible ,. Whither that is bigger building on or behind the north bank or a bottle (plastic) bar in the gym for away fans or something like what the Pars have in the main stand at East End . I fully understand space and costs are prohibitive but these are the areas that need exploring . On the North Terrace : cover is a must moving forward , it doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing , just run from 18 yard line to 18 yard line , so there would be options at each end for the sunbathers and sea gull shite lovers to have their cake . For the record I’m a north bank supporter who sometimes retreats into the SRE in the depths of winter . Anyway I put my faith in the current board and the fans who have done so much this summer to bring money into the club . We are in a vastly different place to five or six years ago when McCall came in . Let’s keep it going .
  14. The issue is as the crowd sizes rise the area’s have to be separated and different tickets for each are sold . For example like the Killie game in the BetFred ! A couple of thousand had to stand out there in a summer down pour . This would be much worse in the winter . It’s hypocritical anyway , the Premiership for us is a long way off . Anyway the hospitality suite could sit behind any such structure , just bin the boxes and use the space to get more punters in . Even extend it along a bit towards the fence .
  15. A roof on the North Terrace would be a must if one day all our stars were to align and the promised land of the Premiership was reached . It would be a tough call asking people to buy seasons for an area where they’d get drenched in the winter . However I’m sure the board have more plans than we know about at the moment .
  16. I kinda know what you mean on this one . The old war horse is short of gas and gets injured to much . However seeing him go will be heart braking . His streak of nastiness will be missed and then there was “that goal” and the celebration afterwords ! Legend ....
  17. Stephen McGinn is one of veteran status I think still has some miles in the tank .
  18. Any news inbound today Robbo ? A super Thursday would do nicely !
  19. Walsh is from Troon so if the Hamilton thing has fallen through maybe we have a chance ! However he turned down a two year deal at Ict so could be beyond us !
  20. That was the hardest bit . Kobe done . Can wait for it all to start again . The longest pre season in history .
  21. Great move for a great player and Ayr can be reasonably pleased on this one . Hopefully it will send a message to young players that South Ayrshire is the best place to get game time and develop.
  22. He's not. Walsh will indeed be playing for Accies this coming season
  23. Season and walk up ticket pricing is more than reasonable . The project needs funding and this is one of the ways to allow that to happen. The £2 extra would pretty much pay the salary of a decent player ....
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