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  1. Tend to agree , played. 20 plus games with the L2 play off finalists . That’s a pretty good level .
  2. Interesting signing , been playing at a very decent standard . We’re getting there .
  3. Lol. Hope we keep the pressure on and really do a job on these twerps .
  4. I don’t think this is too far away . Despite all the kicking and screaming Broadfoot makes sense as back four cover . Same rules apply to Crawford , not my favourite but the boy can play when he’s on the ball . Sibald would be great but there may be serious competition, if not him maybe a lefty from down south or a loan from up here . The winger come striker is harder to see , if it’s a loan like the Prince fella then he’d need to be starting most weeks , which is doubtful as we won’t go with two up top all the time . I guess this week will let us know one way or another ......
  5. I don’t think we are at a level yet for truly marquee signings , however if we managed to sign Craig Sibald I’d be highly delighted. Maybe once we have stabilised on the park and got the infrastructure projects completed of the park the time for say the return of a Shankland for a season or so swan song will transpire .....
  6. Kirk Broadfoot Conor McCarthy Craig Sibald Winger from National League . Based on nothing in particular...
  7. I think the Tomi debate is immaterial , the minute he started to avoid calls we steamed ahead with Dipo. . This lad is our first choice centre forward . No doubt backed up with Bryden , Ashford and whoever the winger come striker may be . It’s looking clear that we’ll be playing a 433 or even a 451 given we have signed Bangala as a holder ! The 433 would suite two wide players the 451 more useful for a right/left half combo with a Sibald type advanced in the middle . To splurge a top salary on another out and out no 9 wouldn’t be impossible but would be a bit extravagant given our current impasse at centre half . Anyway if this is how it ends with Tomi then it’s thanks for everything big fella and all the best .
  8. Another player noticeably unsigned is Liam Donnelly , freed by Motherwell . Can play right back , centre half and defensive midfield . Pretty high end for us and not a natural centre half or very big at 5ft 11in .. Also David Bangala covers most of those slots . Interesting that nobody has pounced on him though !
  9. As a club that finished 8th in the Championship we have our work cut out to convince players it’s us they should sign for . However we got Ben Dempsey and Dipo Akinyeme So it can be done .
  10. Would have been perfect for us and encouraging that the club had a crack at it , but always a risk that a player who has been in the one area so long has put down some roots , kids at school , who knows ! I see Mihai Popescu is still available, don’t know much about him other than he spent some time at Hamilton. Having went for Cuthbert I’d expect us to be looking at similar for one centre half slot and somebody more flexible for the second centre half slot . People are writing big Kirk off but he can play both right and left centre back as well as both full back positions . If not him then somebody with a left foot and a left bias would be better .
  11. This might be old news as I haven’t been reading P and B for a while , so don’t shoot the messenger , but word is Kings Lynn striker Micheal Gyasi is a Ayr United target .
  12. Ayr is not as bad as some people make out , coming into Doonfoot from Craig Tara you have a couple of good takeaways at the Co op on your left , chippy/pizza and Indian , both decent . Next up a few hundred metres is the Balgarth Pines , great beer garden, good food . On the bridge just along the road is the Secret Garden , good snacks and lunches , got a cracking deck over the River Doon . Push on about a mile and you have the Chestnuts Hotel , very good food and beer garden , few hundred metres from Ayr Beach . Nearby The Chestnuts is the Fox and Willow , great food , best beer garden in town . The toen centre you have The Maridian , good food cafe bar , Smiths cheep food . You also have The Treehouse which has great food and its own boozer The T Bar ,buzzing night spot , bands 2am etc . The prices are tasty though . If you just want a geezers boozer : Tam O’Shanters , Wee Windows , Billy Bridges ....
  13. Defo looking at a new stand with standing at the front and top drawer hospitality. Maybe even an open to the public gym . Maybe a couple of AstroTurf training pitches out the back of the north bank . Possibly the announcement of two old favourites resigning for the club .
  14. Six goals from the midfield while playing out of position in the Championship isn’t to be sniffed at . If we’re lucky enough to have a shot a signing him we got to take it . The guy is Scottish Premiership or English Championship bound in the fullness of time , crazy not to be in for him .
  15. Tend to agree with the above . I’m a huge fan of Tomi and hope he signs . However this lad Dipo looks a more energetic player , aggressive and mobile with that fox in the box instinct . Wither we pair him up with Bryden or Ashford , or bring in a big hard working centre forward to knock the headers down and/or behind will depending how much budget we have left after brining in the priority defenders and midfielders . On Kerr walking , again cracking player but we got our priorities right getting Dempsey fixed up . Interesting about McGinn , think the Morton boys fancy there chances of getting him , but you never know . The Wiki transfer list isn’t bulging with guys available and in our price range .
  16. Once or twice mate , hardly a crime . Your tone is getting a bit tiresome best work on it most promptly .
  17. All about opinions but in mine neither Murdy or Ben are holders , in my book to quote Ally McLeod , they are buzzers or in today’s lingo box to box grafters . Need a unit behind them to mop up , smash people in the air and play out . We had a big farmer a couple of years ago that did this job pretty well . Kerr McInroy was a top player , maybe a luxury we can’t afford at the moment . We have to plug the leaks at the back and protect the back line with a holder . Again just my opinion .....
  18. Maybe Alec Gogic has finished his time at St Mirren ? Ex Hamilton and Hibs . Just saying .
  19. Pretty happy with that , two footed , aggressive what’s there not to like . One more striker needed , Tomi or not Tomi lets get it done ...
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