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  1. I think it’s time we gave some ultimatums to the remaining unsigned . We can’t give up our time advantage over our rivals still involved in play offs etc .
  2. After the Aero episode it seems prudent to assume all our unsigned players are having conversations with other clubs . None more so than Tomi . I think the French club may have been Nancy .
  3. Good luck to the big guy , over 100 games with us , deserves a bit better than he’s getting on this forum . Getting in a replacement that’s better and has a bit more football on our budget is a fair challenge . Another flip the coin loan or another from down south . Over to you Mr Glendinning......
  4. Anyone thinking Queens Park are in the Championship just to make up the numbers needs to google their owner Willie Haughey , the guy is caked and hasn’t brought Owen and Sandy in to tread water . I’d think we need to max out our points against them in the early part of the season while they are finding their feet , same goes for Cove . The Championship is fast running out of dead wood , and is a graveyard of ego’s who can’t back it up on the pitch anymore , ask Falkirk and Dunfermline all about that . Hopefully Smith and Bully have done their homework as we are one of the clubs these debutants will be targeting .
  5. Queens Park will be spending big this summer , they aim to put a real challenge in next season . With them and Cove up our division just becomes a much more difficult place to be .
  6. So most of the “sure things” have signed on again . We are getting down to the nitty gritty ! Most of the guys left may have had good offers elsewhere. Will we find out more today ?
  7. Superb news on Murdy’s deal . Slowly moving into testimonial territory.
  8. I see Sheffield Wednesday have freed 9 lads from their U23 squad . Wonder if Bully is interested in any of them .
  9. Good point but none of them are holding midfielders . I think a quality player in the Liam Craig mode would be perfect to sit behind McInroy and Murdoch/Dempsey in a 532/352 . I have a feeling that this formation is Bully’s favoured one , admittedly based on nothing more than getting another 6ft 2in centre half into the defence. Another leader to play behind McGinty and Aero/??????? . So if we get all our main players signed up , we’d be looking at bringing in a sweeper , maybe an Aero replacement , a holding midfielder , a partner for Tomi (either a 9 or 10) and a right wing back (Blain Rowe anyone) ....
  10. Not the worst idea as the guy can play both left and right centre half as well as right back .
  11. Kind of brings us back to Liam Craig . But he’ll have plenty of offers .....
  12. Curious to see where our player hunt takes us . Given that Fjortoft and Kenyan left it could be thought that a centre half and holding midfielder will be high on the list . That’s of course assuming that Kerr , Tomi and Ben don’t need replacements sourced . Bullen seems to favour younger players (so far) that can have some value built on , however this team does need some experience and on field leadership .
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