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  1. So the curse of the manager and player of the month struck again , our boys thought they were Manchester City and they just had to turn up and Rovers would roll over . Not going to happen in this league , harsh lesson learned (hopefully) . Loads of issues all over the park yesterday , most have already been covered . The positive I take at the moment is that we have played most of the teams in the league , the two Thistles aside , and are no worse than any of them and better that a few of them . When we get our A Game out we are pretty tasty . However we are no world beaters and need to remember that and get the sleeves rolled up every week from the first whistle.. As many have said ,Thursday is an opportunity to give Ecripont , Mullin , Bangala ,Smith etc a run out . Also it’s a chance to have a good look at Brad Young and Dipo up front . This might just be our best option up front , the boy looked superb yesterday when he came on . Anyway onward and upward , bring on the Cally ....
  2. Tough game yesterday , we didn’t play well but we might have sneaked off with a point we didn’t really deserve . Too many below par performances from us . Fair play to Rovers the better team won . Look forward to December 3rd at our place , let’s see if we can correct ourselves for that game .
  3. There are a huge number of differences between us and Arbroath , either a wind up or a lazy post m8 . Anyway looking forward to Saturday and hopefully a decent crowd , be interesting to see if we go above 4,000 . Hopefully we have everyone fit and Dipo and Mark can push on their partnership to the next level .
  4. Ecrepont has to get a chance sooner rather than later . I think the best of Reading is in attack , so if Finn can handle left back then it’s a no brainier to push Paddy up to left midfield.
  5. I’d be tempted to give JML and Fraser another chance on Saturday , knowing full well that the Accies players won’t fancy a fresh Daire running at them in the heat in the second half . Although I would understand if Bullen went with the second half 11 from Friday night . My prediction, 2-0 Ayr with Dipo raising his total .
  6. The McCall era only went golden when Sandy arrived but it’s fair to say it was a partnership that produced an excellent team for a couple of seasons . Great days , especially considering our budget at the time , all be it a full time one . The low point was Talbot in the cup where we refused to get down in the mud and scrap for our lives . High point obviously Dundee United away , where we butchered one of the country’s top clubs on their own manor . in my opinion Sandy’s Queens Park displayed both those extremes in one 90 min match on Friday . So it highs and lows with that brand of football in 5he Championship . Bullen hasn’t got us to where he wants us yet , Friday was brilliant but so was the second half at Rugby Park . The issue is some of the rotten performances in between . Saturday will tell us a lot about the current team . They have enough in the locker to beat Hamilton , question is can they get their physical pressing style out for 90 mins ? We’ll know soon enough . The future is bright though , stick with it fellas ...
  7. Think your right on Scott Alan , I think these kind of signings may come in good time , maybe after the North Bank is finished . On Cammy Smith , think David Smith was putting the deal together for Cammy to return and Hopkins blew a fuse . so the boy thought better not sign if the manager didn’t fancy it . So Smith might be open to it if Cammy is available and Bully rates him . All guess work but they are definitely doing their due diligence on somebody ..
  8. I would be looking at extending that deal sooner rather than later . On Dipo though , he does appear to be more effective with a partner . So I’d be keeping it simple in a 442 for the next two or three games . However the arrival of the ghost might offer something different in therms of formation and shape .
  9. Might just keep O’Conner for the second half to run at a tired Accies defence ....
  10. Playing beside a guy like Frankie , who can really play, must have helped a bit . Also the stability of the club and maybe a manager who can man manage .
  11. I think Dipo can be either , kinda all court forward if you like . Effective leading the line as well as playing off a unit . So the conundrum is do we bring in a big unit like Ugwa or a silky no 10 like say Cammy Smith ?. Be brilliant if we could get both types in . That would give us the flexibility to play different systems .
  12. This .... And this was Ayr United 2018 , 2019 .... So much of Queens last night reminded me of the McCall/Sandy era at Somerset . We in these days regularly got bullied out of games we should have won , Ross County and Inverness being the ones that spring to mind . What I can say to Queens fans you’ll have your days , maybe mainly summer and spring , but you will have days where you absolutely cream teams in this division . You have too many ballers for this not to be the case . On another note I’ve always loved Ocilview , we had about 500 up last night and the place was rocking , when Thistle or Dundee rock up with three times that the roof will come off . Anyway Queens welcome to the Championship, you’ll be fine .
  13. Had a few beers in the house when I got back from the game last night so just up , the morning coffee tastes soooo sweet today , still buzzing from it .Just sometimes when watching a mid level club like Ayr United nights like last night come along , so it’s important to enjoy them ,these are the games that fuel the engine of a club . Much more than a tidy three points will have been gained last night . Is everything in the garden rosey and perfect ? Of course not ! However this club is moving forward , it’ll be slow at first but nevertheless the trajectory is forward . For the tut tut brigade try to enjoy the journey . Everybody knows XYZ is needed , we’ve been over it a thousand times .but last night a bunch of lads on under £40k a year rolled their sleeves up and refused to be beaten . That was your team . Take some joy out of it . There will be road bumps along the way , just not last night . Last night will live long in the memory.
  14. What a game of football . Queens walked through our midfield for the first half unchallenged. Simon Murray was giving us huge problems with his movement . Lost two very bad goals . You seldom get it all your own way in football matches and it’s very possible all of the above was just down to Queens playing well . Second half our midfield came to the party , superb tempo and aggression . Turned it round in some style . Dipo will surely play with out pressure moving forward , Bangala hopefully will stiffen up the midfield when he gets here. . So it’s on to Accies next week , let’s have it .
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