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  1. When will everyone realise that this season coming is a near write off. So many people in denial and mentally not preparing for this is scary.
  2. Thats all this car crash of a thread and car crash of a supposed football club don't need the committee men and / or ' fans ' of kid on football clubs from the bland dull boring lowland league on here making things worse. All the proper junior football characters supporters nowhere to be seen anywhere on here anymore unlike years ago.
  3. Thanks for this and keeping it updated even though we won't see football till the new year at earliest .
  4. But wait everyone is jealous of Darvel. Couldn't make this nonsense up. A club who have won nothing, Threatened legal action to get promotion. Disgraceful committee men now ex committee men. Breaking pandemic laws multiple times. Most cringeworthy social media posts from everyone involved in the club from top to bottom. The list goes on and on yet everyone is jealous Egomaniacs in own little bubble who are totally clueless on how much of a pigs ear they have made of everything when they are long gone it will take years to repair the clubs reputation thats if it ever can be repaired.
  5. All these icons and legends in darvel turn up for a few games run your mouth and thats you sorted. This clown wants an apology after his own laughing stock of a club have openly broke pandemic rules not once not twice but at least three times, nobody will ever get an apology of any kind off this despicable lot. Wasted it for everyone so they have and thats putting it mildly.
  6. This is the problem with folk who haven't been following junior football for very long or just taken a casual look and think oh darvel will be a threat to the top teams rubbish. Every season new challengers appear and they always have talbot being top dogs are used to it more than anyone and the money men challengers always fall by the wayside and thats clubs built on a much better foundation than this lot. They think are doing something special when they aren't they are a total shambles and a laughing stock and have been from day one . The clueless pieman will go back to whatever he was doing before this pet project and the manager will go back to his rightful level amateur and pump some money into some poor unfortunate team and play football manager at that level with his pals.
  7. Darvel again at it no real suprise the flood gates have opened do what you want everyone cause this lot do with no repercussions.
  8. Running a league with less than 20 teams full of absolute dross for years covering mostly boys clubs, university teams, glorified amateur east sides and the like has no relevance to running a set up with 64 semi pro junior teams. The experience needed to do this is nowhere to be seen and its extremely worrying and that plays out from what i've been told by different individuals at clubs in recent times. They know nobody and nobody at the clubs knows them except the odd committee man from junior clubs taking part in zoom calls. This restart isn't happening for clubs at this level till the new year thats been obvious from the word go Even before the top flight in the football league got started again and the f**k ups began which we will only see more of until football at the top level stopped here till january.
  9. Thats because the guy and others seemingly in charge of the west of scotland league are empty suits and clueless on how to take care of thing themselves. They can't do anything independently they are puppets and its a scandal that this laughable club have so far been let off with this. New goals are up at darvel amazing news i know heres hoping they don't suffer the same fate as the ones cut down by colville park before a big game at an away ground to prevent a game taking place last year where the management team got caught on camera admitting it.
  10. Let's face it the top flight and 2nd tier senior football is up against it big time completion a season with no crowds lower football league and non league has little or no chance. All this nonsense about players changing in cars is an absolute farce . Players wont be doing this and fans wont want or except players whos wages they are effectively paying to be doing this like its some kind of pals five a side team. Add to that somehow by a miracle games are played with fans the level of hassle for a fan to get in and out the ground its not really worth it . Will be a chore not even taking into account a good chunk of fans who are over fifty who medically just wont want to or be allowed to go. Its becoming more and more obvious sadly this season coming will be a near total busted flush that might be better of just abandoning all leagues for a season and play cup ties in the new year as a little taster and keep a bit of interest and a taster of things to come !
  11. Guy has always been an arrogant moron who thinks he something when infact he's a laughing stock bit like everyone else at that club and as you say a mercenary . All the half wit fans of this comedy show of a club fall for his nonsense .
  12. As usual the pyramid geeks who stink this place out have engulfed another thread a thread that was designed for anyone who has an interest in east region junior FOOTBALL somewhere to have a say on football matters a place to converge on a JUNIOR FOOTBALL FORUM no matter how few or how many. Its the mentality of we wont let you discuss enjoy or have an interest in anything that doesn't play along with our rules and beliefs. Dozens of pyramid threads yet they cant leave this one just one alone. No wonder very few actual pure week to week grassroots supporting football fans post on any of this sites non league forums anymore.
  13. The chancers who appeared after years and now left will still lurk around the club and post on here probably even worse now they have decided rather predictably to walk away from the committee . All those clueless egos crammed into one small village , all those egos living in cloud coo coo land it was bound to cause friction at some point. Instead of quietly slowly with dignity on a small manageable scale building the club to the point where it will have a long term future at a sensible level they have went for the exact opposite and making a mockery of those who once kept this proud little club going, talk of tier 2 championships football i mean come on utter attention seeking nonsense really is. The old firm thing many clubs in the juniors play up to that be it famous ex players or whatever st rochs and cambuslang being the main culprits .
  14. Bizarre statement but what do you expect when you have a supposed PR man totally clueless of football at this level, a chairman the very same and a manager who thinks he has a grasp of it but really doesn't. Keep digging that very very deep hole.
  15. Final little boot into hearts, take that and into the pub league you go and don't come back.
  16. Enjoy the 'Scottish cup ' this season the tiny number of teams involved nicely invited in, laughing stock and people fall for it time after time. Love it.
  17. Thats you all away back under the stone you crawled out of never to be seen for another 25 years if lucky enough to still be about then. Every club needs a solid foundation committee men and fans who have been solid supporters non stop for decades. This club simply don't have that, thats why its all built on sand despite the fancy dressing rooms, statements and trying to be clever social media . People will come and go at the drop of a hat eventually the chairman and the manager pumping money in will do the same you can see it coming a mile off us seasoned supporters have seen this all before over the years minus the cringe factor of this lot.
  18. Great mate enjoy. Will for sure take in a game at boness juniors some exciting signings!
  19. Wont end well no matter how they dress it up shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic springs to mind. Club now forever tainted.
  20. Loads of great action to watch in the dundee area always enjoy watching junior games up in the city of discovery.
  21. Good stuff some really nice remarks all over social media which is great to see.
  22. Happy retirement to Mr Johnson who has served the junior game in many roles over the decades. Never an easy job being being in the spotlight where its easy especially online to be shot down from those who are handy on a keyboard. In these troubling times where many things are more important than football i'm sure everyone will wish Mr Johnson a happy retirement from his duties as general secretary of the junior fa. Hopefully see tom out and about at junior games and non league games in the future enjoying the action as a punter.
  23. New league set up. Some excellent fixtures to look forward to. Hopefully some of the clubs can make a big impression in the junior cup also. Good luck to all clubs involved.
  24. Looking forward to taking in as many junior games in the region as possible . So many good non league junior clubs in the region with great history with fine people involved thankfully away from the utter shambles and laughing stock that is senior football . A breath of fresh air . Good luck to all here's to a great junior season whenever it begins.
  25. The proper senior clubs and organisations aren't interested in the minions the canon fodder pretend senior clubs where the vast majority of the general football population think these clubs are still junior or boys clubs or student teams. People were warned about this and still charged on naively thinking change would come, it wont its all a sham and been shown to be so and will continue to be shown as so in the future.
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