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  1. “Flybhoy to mention Celtic several times in the Hearts v Rangers match thread and claim refereeing bias whilst totally ignoring any decision that goes in their teams favour”
  2. That’s kind of my point. When you have pretty much every other fan base saying that (some, not all) Hearts fans have turned into complete melts recently, then I think that tells you it’s maybe an issue with them rather than the rest of us. I think an inward look is required here. So no, it’s not surprising is it.
  3. It was, aye. Saying that though, I think it was one of those where he wanted to take both ball and player as he was beaten to the ball by a split second.
  4. I think the uncontrolled bit for starters. When he makes contact he is grounded with his other leg underneath him so he wasn’t off the ground. Then the contact was at ground level on his boot. I think if it was higher then it would be a stick on. I’m not saying it’s definitely not a red, and the speed and sole making contact with the player brings it into that ball park. I just feel that if the Clark sending off was correctly officiated then nobody would really be making too much of a fuss about Jack getting a yellow. Again though, not saying definitely not a red and for me could go either way, just not enough for it to be a stick on red, IMO.
  5. Ah fair enough, I never realised when I seen it he had been left 2 men. Still though, it seemed like the cross was at a height he could’ve cut out but he seemed to panic a bit and just got indecisive.
  6. Agreed, it was completely inconsistent. It was always going to be a farce which is why I wanted it us to get it so far to f**k.
  7. What on earth was Shinnie doing for Campbell’s second goal, the header from the corner? Absolute dreadful, just stood there and made no effort to cut the ball out or make it difficult for him. Just gave him a free run at it.
  8. In fairness, I’ve been there. Sometimes it’s a difficult hint to take
  9. They’ve certainly made a lot of headlines recently
  10. It’s taken less than a month for this thread to grow by 60 pages
  11. The penalty is totally subjective as to whether someone believes his arm was making his body unnaturally bigger. It seems to hit his arm while it is extended at a stretch, but I think these types of handball, especially when there is a deflection or knock on from close proximity get penalised far too often. It’s an issue with the rule rather than the decision itself.
  12. I’m not so sure. It’s definitely in the “I’ve seen them given” category, but not quite enough to be a red in my opinion. He catches his boot. If it was a tad higher I’d say absolutely. Granted, he did go in with a lot of pace, just got beaten to the ball by a split second.
  13. Absolutely everyone on this thread: “Hearts fans are having a mare” Hearts fans: “Actually it’s YOU who is having a mare” I just wanted to come on and enjoy this, ffs
  14. I genuinely don’t think either were a red card. I think folk are getting carried away with the injustice of Clark wrongly being sent off and using that as the barometer for Jack to be sent off when neither were reds, IMO.
  15. I think the lack of outrage and subsequent muted celebration around Ibrox following Clark’s red tells you all you need to know. Most folk were rather perplexed.
  16. Well unless I’m picking you up wrong, the way I am reading it is in every single match since VAR, the on-field officials have made decisions in Celtic’s favour that have then had to be reviewed and overturned
  17. Doesn’t that mean that pre-VAR Celtic were getting away with these decisions that are now being overturned?
  18. Pish game all round to be fair. Good to see Cantwell and Hagi get minutes but not much else to get excited about. Don’t think either Clark or Jack were reds. Handball seemed to clearly hit him but couldn’t see how close it was after deflecting towards him. Phillips looks a very good player for St Johnstone on that showing.
  19. Cantwell straight in. Sakala should feel hard done by to be dropped given his numbers under Beale
  20. Hoping to see Cantwell and seeing how sharp he is. With rumours circling that Kamara is wanted by Sevilla it might also signify he is away if he isn’t in the squad.
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