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  1. Aye, you take Morelos and Roofe out the front 3 and it’s a lot weaker.
  2. Itten was hopeless. Wright not much better but I felt he at least looked like he might produce something at times Lowry should remain in and around the first team. There was a mazy little run near the end of the first half that almost produced a goal and he seems quite at ease with the ball when under pressure. We really haven’t got going since the break and some of the senior players are not stepping up.
  3. I'm interested to see who we go with, particularly in our front line with Morelos away. Roofe came off the bench against Stirling Albion but I doubt he will start so it may be Sakala, Itten and Wright. With Hagi missing I'd guess Kamara and Sands will be certs in midfield and Gio mentioned Jack and Arfield were available so I'd guess he may put Arfield in from the start if capable to give us some balance. It may well be Bacuna again but I'd rather not if Arfield is able to start.
  4. Hagi unfortunately ruled out for the rest of the season after requiring surgery following his injury against Stirling Albion.
  5. It would be a sad state of affairs if some people considered 5 sentences too long to read
  6. Nigeria knocked out AFCON so hopefully Aribo is back for Ross County and Celtic. Just need to keep our fingers crossed he doesn't catch Covid while travelling.
  7. Aye, not having suffered any racist abuse I can’t imagine how difficult it is to speak up about things like this but I’ve always believed it’s the right thing to do. Hopefully the more it is called out the less likely an occurrence it will become.
  8. Kitty’s is a cracking pub tbf, Celtic pub or not. There’s one in Edinburgh as well now up on Frederick street.
  9. I think Barker has had a wee trip to Turkey and got himself a hair transplant based on Friday’s viewing.
  10. It’s not as bad as this T shirt they tried to flog us when we reached a semi final during the dark days. Another very low point.
  11. Aye, it just so happened a story was run using very specific parameters that favoured Celtic appeared in the build up to a crucial derby match which was then latched on to by Sutton, Hartson, Spence etc. Just a coincidence.
  12. Appreciate that, but tabloids often do the bidding of clubs. Particularly when it is then shared widely on social media by prominent cheerleader accounts.
  13. Aye, I'd go along with that. When you consider the fees they have received over the years for players like Brown, Fletcher, Thomson, O'Connor, McGinn, Whittaker, Stokes and now Boyle, they've definitely done pretty well.
  14. Indeed. Although I feel like I've shown a lot of personal growth by acknowledging the error of my ways and I promise, I will do better. ETA: and for the record, 100% shiting it.
  15. I had to look up what non sequitur meant, excellent use of language which I will be adding to my vocabulary. I guess I was meaning it in the context of teams shiting it from each other, using the instance of Celtic not ruling out a postponement as an example, although in hindsight I appreciate you were not saying Celtic weren't shiting it, just that Rangers were haha.
  16. The only team that have spoken about considering postponing the game dependant on international call ups has been Celtic, as far as I am aware.
  17. Aye, that'll be exactly it, to be fair. And Celtic have already started, with the article that was published on Monday about the number of penalties received that was shared by their usual social media cheerleaders.
  18. I don't buy into any anti-Rangers sentiment around Clancy. He was absolutely woeful for both teams.
  19. Aye well done Nisbet, they’re league 1.
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