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  1. I’m assuming you have lumped big money on Rangers to win the title then given that it’s a certainty?
  2. Never confident of going there and winning but if the players ever needed any additional motivation, then the prospect of going 9 points ahead of Celtic surely has to get them up for it. I’m not sure what to expect from the match to be honest. Recently, Killie have made it hard for us whether we are away or at home but we dispatched them at Ibrox earlier in the season with minimal fuss. Although, they do seem to be a bit more cohesive now than they were at that point. While we’ve got a European tie to contend with before then, at least it’s at home and avoids the travelling and potential risks that brings. I’d also start Morelos, he has scored quite a few against Killie over the years and I think we will need more of a physical presence up top.
  3. Lap what up though? What are you saying has been misconstrued?
  4. What exactly has Lennon said that has been manipulated? In what way can his comments be taken out of context?
  5. I’m genuinely perplexed as to what Lennon is getting at regarding his comments about the referee’s “baffling” decisions. From the highlights it looked as though Collum got every big decision spot on, the only ones I think he missed was the push on Cosgrove and not sending off McGregor for his foul for the penalty. As gannon alluded to, it seems as though it’s a poor attempt at deflection. ”It’s not an excuse as to why we dropped points but it didn’t add to what was a cracking game of football” - I’ve never heard a manager criticise a referee just because they think it didn’t add to a cracking game of football. I’ve heard plenty complain because they think they’ve been hard done by however.
  6. I seriously hope the chief decision makers at Celtic have the same opinion as yourself. I’m in no way claiming that Rangers will win the league, but I think our chances are significantly improved if they are willing to overlook Celtic’s deficiencies like you are.
  7. A rather routine victory after getting the early goals. I’d have hoped for more in the second half but if you offered me three 2-0 victories before our last 3 fixtures I’d have bit your hand off. Nice to keep up the good habit of not conceding goals and long may it continue.
  8. Ridiculously good finish from Defoe. Gets better each time you see it.
  9. Not really the type of game I’d like see Defoe coming in to make his first start but I did anticipate changes from midweek. On a positive note, our bench is the strongest it’s been in 10 years.
  10. I hope not. I’d assume Rangers players would’ve been tested at some point yesterday or today. I think we would’ve heard by now if there were any covid cases. Fingers crossed anyway.
  11. Haha, you should’ve seen my first week here! I was being accused of being anyone and everyone, presumably Rangers fans before me that were banned 😂
  12. I wouldn’t be particularly against that but I think Bassey would need a bit of work as on each occasion I’ve seen him, while he has been relatively impressive, he has this tendency every so often to get caught under the ball and has no awareness of runs in behind him. He strikes me as someone that is going to get caught out a few times and concede goal-scoring opportunities and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives away a few penalties in his time with us.
  13. Another promising aspect for Scotland in the way the coefficient points work, is that next season our 16/17 score of a rather below average 4.375 will drop off. If we compare that with the nations around us, they will be losing higher amounts which should work in our favour.
  14. I'm always wary coming up against Livingston to be honest. The 0-0 draw at the Spaghettihad earlier in the season aside, even the last time we played them at Ibrox we weren't totally convincing and only the woodwork stopped Livingston from grabbing an equaliser. I don't really care about the performance too much on the back of our away European match in torrential rain, I'll be more than satisfied if we get a routine victory.
  15. I actually think he can feel hard done by for the second goal to be honest. I think Brown hung Duffy out to dry. Brown could see the runner all day from midfield but gave up and passes him on to Duffy when Duffy had already went to meet the guy on the ball. Then Duffy was in a lose lose situation.
  16. I’m not saying the A celebration from Roofe isn’t to do with his affiliation with Anderlecht, but the celebration has become really prominent this season for some reason. I’ve seen both Grealish and Chilwell do it recently. Not sure about the context of it.
  17. A bit up and down in that half. Not entirely convinced with our performance but we’ve limited them from having too many clear cut chances without having many ourself. Morelos inexplicably chose to pass when in a great position and Hagi had a great effort from range. Confident if we get another goal we won’t concede 2.
  18. Sorry, just seen this now. My usual go to options are hesgoal or vipleague. Not sure if I’m allowed to post the actual links on here but give me a DM if you need them.
  19. That is true, but if just appears the St Mirren covid cases appear to be disproportionately high. Bear in mind, they’ve had positive tests since pre-season according to that article. I’ll reiterate, I’m not accusing them of being negligent, it’s possible though that they need additional support for whatever reason as the current protocols just don’t seem to be working for them.
  20. I don’t think this will be far off, although I wouldn’t be against the idea of Itten starting and giving Morelos a rest. That would require a change in formation though so probably unlikely.
  21. Apologies if it has been linked to before, but I’ve found out a decent wee account that highlights Scotland’s coefficient goings-on pretty well. Similar content to the @UefaCalculator account but bespoke info for Scotland.
  22. What on earth is going on at St Mirren with the amount of positive tests they are having. I’m not suggesting that they are being negligent, maybe it’s just a case that the current protocols aren’t enough in their situation. It seriously needs looked at.
  23. Yes, but my response was specific to your point about teams getting used to what not to do, hence the reason I highlighted that part in bold...
  24. It’s not, but it was YOU that used Saturdays game as an example which is why I commented on that game specifically 😂
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