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  1. Thread title needs updated, surely. Relegation Play Off Survivalists St Johnstone Thread?
  2. That's exactly it. You want to experience those huge occasions. I got ridiculed on the Rangers European thread after I said I was buzzing that we drew Dortmund. Folk were saying I should've wanted an easier draw, but that's not always the case.
  3. Didn't 2 of those Celtic victories come in qualifying rounds before Rangers had even started their European campaign? Your figures, while accurate, paint a very misleading picture. And the claim of "It's irrelevant how you do it" is nonsense considering more points are up for grabs by winning games later in the competition.
  4. Out of curiosity, why would you be critical of anyone complaining that the stadium facilities were inadequate? What would they have to gain from it? It's not as if it impacted the match so I'm not sure why your earlier comment of "then defeat, then the moaning starts" would be at all relevant. The basis of your argument is that nobody should complain about it because YOU never needed a drink in similar conditions nearly 20 years ago?
  5. That’s the thing though, it wasn’t just folk on the bevvy that were suffering ffs. It’s embarrassing you can’t see how a stadium in that heat running out of water or any kind of drink so early is a problem. They’ve already admitted they severely underestimated the demand yet you continue with this narrative that Rangers fans brought it on themselves despite Frankfurt fans making the exact same complaints. I’ve also got a news flash for you as you keep referring back to the time you were there, Scottish folk don’t behave differently abroad based on the team you support. Do you think there aren’t Celtic fans that would’ve been out on the lash suffering if there wasn’t any water for them to drink? It’s nonsense you’re bunkering down like this.
  6. I think you underestimate some of the issues. When we arrived in Seville the roadside thermometer thingy read 36 degrees. Fans spent the entire day in outdoor pub areas and fan zones. Many were hydrating, but obviously alcohol was the main beverage of choice. We were then encouraged to get to the stadium as early as possible, with the doors opening at 6. We queued outside to get through the various checkpoints for a lengthy spell where bottles of water or juice were confiscated at the first of three checkpoints. By the time I got into the stadium our kiosk had sold out of water already and we were left to fend for ourselves. I didn’t even see anyone handing out cups advising to drink from the toilet taps as some have reported. The water was then shut off. The match then played out for the best part of 2 and half hours if you take into account half time, extra time and penalties all in searing heat. Now we find that Frankfurt fans are looking at taking legal action as they suffered the same issues. You’re an absolute moron if you think this is just a case of fans not looking after themselves.
  7. Captained his side to a European final, finished top goalscorer in the competition and was named in the team of the tournament but he is the weakest link in our team
  8. Well I'd hope your wingers are getting at the fullbacks, otherwise they are out of position mate.
  9. Now you are truly at it. Probably the first name on the teamsheet.
  10. Despicable how the SPFL gave them every advantage possible in order to topple us.
  11. Haha, I personally don't think we'd have won the league, I was just wading in with some statistics whilst being bored at work.
  12. I completely get that, but the original point was that Gerrard had the upper hand in matches vs Celtic which I don't think can really be disputed. His record against Celtic is P12, W7, D1, L4 with 16 goals scored to only 9 conceded. So yeah, the results do matter, and Gerrard got them most of the time.
  13. That stat is slightly misleading given one of those matches was the League Cup final which was absolute daylight robbery Unfortunately we came up against a sublime Forster performance but nobody could've argued had that game finished 4-0 to Rangers.
  14. Maybe McCrorie just supports all Scottish teams in Europe.
  15. It's not though You never clawed back a 25 point deficit, that deficit was wiped clean and you then won the league by 4 points. By your logic you only clawed the gap back to 21 points.
  16. It's weird logic claiming Celtic overturned a 25 point deficit when that points gap is reset at the start of the following season
  17. From a Rangers fans perspective, you'd be gaining a player with undoubted quality. A master at reading a game and being able to break up play and also get the team on the front foot with penetrative passes. He's not really a goal threat these days but contributes well in building attacks. With that being said... I was very critical of him at the start of the season. His form wasn't where it needed to be, however that could've been said for much of the team. He was then out the team for quite a bit but since coming back in has contributed well. It doesn't look obvious that he has lost too much in terms of fitness as he gets older, but having only played in 31 of our games this season that may be an indicator that he is beginning to decline.
  18. In my opinion, sport science, academy football, training facilities and modern day health/lifestyle choices means that I reckon both modern day Rangers and Celtic teams would beat the 1967 Celtic team 9 times out of 10.
  19. I may be wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that it’s only Ibrox they don’t do Rangers coverage at.
  20. This man’s story is incredible. It highlights how football can help people heal and it’s the best sport on the fucking planet. https://kylesdaddy.wordpress.com/2022/05/21/my-road-to-seville/
  21. I’m a bit glad that the season is done now, it’s been an absolutely exhausting few months watching and following Rangers. Certainly one of the most memorable seasons I can remember but now my liver and bank account need a well deserved rest.
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