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  1. I think hours and days is probably a more realistic time measurement in this scenario.
  2. In what context is he using the quote "nobody has got Covid" here? There's been two positive tests so what is he actually trying to imply?
  3. Interesting comments from Neil Lennon, with BBC quoting him as accusing Celtic's critics of a barrage of hypocrisy and he has said nobody else deserves an apology from Celtic other than their own fans and that the decision to go to Dubai was his. Wow.
  4. I've noticed this as well. I'm guessing it's probably got something to do with teams now being more clued up on how to try and combat our style of play so it takes us a little while to either get into a rhythm or make a tweak to give us the upper hand.
  5. I think it’s slight hyperbole to brand it pathetic. Without playing great, we still created plenty of opportunities to win that game (Morelos header shaved the post, Goldson header cleared off the line, Aribo skied chance from 12 yards, Taverniers header across the 6 yard line with an empty net, Defoe shot in the last minute)
  6. Haha, aye you’d have thought he’d know the name of the player that’s now scored 4 times against you this season 😂
  7. Good organisation from Motherwell and made it difficult for us again. I think we probably did enough to win the game but I don’t think you can grudge a share of the spoils. One of those games where I’m disappointed to drop points but in the grand scheme of things, it’s another fixture down where we’ve maintained a considerable gap from Celtic. Roofe is a big miss and I really hope it’s not a longer term absence.
  8. He went awfully quiet on the subject, trying to change the argument after getting called out for it. Either realised he’d made a fool of himself or doesn’t like people disagreeing with him.
  9. Am I right in thinking that the resolution put forward by the SPFL last season to award places based on PPG never had an alternative? As in, if clubs voted against it, it didn’t automatically mean null and avoid as some people assume, they’d then need to put forward another resolution to vote on to decide (assuming either null and void or wait to finish the season at a later date)?
  10. Yeah, I can see your point. In regards to Jones, I think he has burnt his bridges at Rangers and will be moved on regardless if he is considered better than Wright or not. Barker, we've never really been able to get going at all and gets very little game time. Same with Stewart. So if you look at it as though Rangers will be offloading those 3 and brining in Wright then, as you say, it might be a move with a view to unlocking any potential he may have compared to those 3 and we'd be saving ourselves some wages in the process.
  11. He most notably lined up for us against Aberdeen in a League Cup Semi Final as we had no other available strikers (Morelos suspended and Lafferty injured I believe). At 0-0, he was played through one on one with the keeper and knocked the ball round him. Rather than just tuck the ball into an empty net, he feigned contact with the keeper and dived. No penalty was awarded, Aberdeen went on to win the game and Umar's time at Ibrox was over.
  12. I can't really judge him as a player as I haven't seen too much of him, but going by what people are saying it seems there are a couple of benefits. He is likely an upgrade on the likes of Jones and Barker while he will also act as a homegrown player for European purposes, meaning we can apparently free up an additional space in any future European squads. So, we'd be getting a better player than a couple we already have and we can add another player to our European squads.
  13. The one benefit of all this is McInnes and the Aberdeen squad travelling all that way for absolutely nothing. Get it up ye.
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