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  1. I don’t think the defence of “the ref got 1 decision wrong so he was justified in getting another decision wrong” is a very good one (of course I jest, I've not seen the incidents)
  2. Aye, I've never heard anyone liken someone's movement to a Reggae Singer
  3. I don't know anything about him to be honest. Sounds like they paid a fair whack for him but he is still very young so I'm wary about expecting him to be amazing from the get go.
  4. Aye, I thought Livi were good. It's no surprise they were very organised but that's probably a lazy way to describe their performances under Martindale as he clearly adapts well for each match. I thought that Bailey was a right handful up until he went off and our CB's (particularly Goldson) kept on falling into the trap of getting too tight and caught behind Shinnie/Anderson allowing them to take in balls with their back to goal and lay it off or bring someone else into play with Goldson caught quite high.
  5. Fabrizio Romano reporting we are set to sign Amad Diallo on loan from Man Utd:
  6. Aye, the next time the ball went out of play and the Livi players spoke to the ref you could see he was gesturing that his view was blocked. It's hard to say if it was chest or arm
  7. Unless it is known for a fact he was living out of his car, then I think it's quite harsh to lay any blame on Dundee. His tweets referred to his car being stolen along with a lot of his clothes. It doesn't specifically state he was living out of his car and you'd think he'd have said "you stole all my clothes" if he was indeed living out of his car and had nowhere else?
  8. I see there are some concerns online around the current welfare of Kevin McNaughton, with one of his friends reaching out to get in touch with him. Fingers crossed he is found safe and well.
  9. Great analogy, but come on, who discards a cheese string?! They are top tier snacks.
  10. Aye, you take Morelos and Roofe out the front 3 and it’s a lot weaker.
  11. Itten was hopeless. Wright not much better but I felt he at least looked like he might produce something at times Lowry should remain in and around the first team. There was a mazy little run near the end of the first half that almost produced a goal and he seems quite at ease with the ball when under pressure. We really haven’t got going since the break and some of the senior players are not stepping up.
  12. I'm interested to see who we go with, particularly in our front line with Morelos away. Roofe came off the bench against Stirling Albion but I doubt he will start so it may be Sakala, Itten and Wright. With Hagi missing I'd guess Kamara and Sands will be certs in midfield and Gio mentioned Jack and Arfield were available so I'd guess he may put Arfield in from the start if capable to give us some balance. It may well be Bacuna again but I'd rather not if Arfield is able to start.
  13. Hagi unfortunately ruled out for the rest of the season after requiring surgery following his injury against Stirling Albion.
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