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  1. A couple of surprise inclusions, like Bassey and Jones. Barisic I’d imagine they are protecting for Thursday night unless he has picked up a knock and isn’t 100%. Jones played well when he came on against Willem and Hagi hasn’t really got going yet.
  2. Now that our European ties are out of the way, back to domestic football. Motherwell performances seem to be a bit erratic at the moment but on the flip side, our defence has been pretty poor the last 2 matches vs Hibs and Willem. I'm wondering if our contrasting results last night will have any impact on the match: Motherwell chasing the game and being reduced to 10 men while Rangers got a cushion and were able to sub off our most important players to give them a rest. Prediction: Motherwell 0 v 2 Rangers
  3. Yes. If we can overcome Galatasaray then we'll be in the group stage.
  4. No doubt it’s going to be one of our most difficult ties in the last couple of seasons but our home results against teams like Porto, Feyenoord and Braga last campaign let’s me know that we are certainly capable of getting a result.
  5. That’ll be tie over barring an almighty collapse. We’ve been clinical but McGregor has bailed us out a couple of times.
  6. I’m delighted with 2-0 considering we’ve not managed to get going at all. Sloppy start from most players, maybe with the exception of Kent and Kamara.
  7. I appreciate that, and we all know what he was getting at, I just think it'll be harder to prove it given the choice of words he used.
  8. I’m not convinced the SFA are going to be able to prove their charge. Gerrard said “it would be interesting if it was the other way around”. Now, I think most people will be able to surmise what Gerrard is getting at, but his words have not said outright there is any bias or incompetence, he has essentially asked a hypothetical question. I reckon any decent lawyer (or whoever it is that represents you at these tribunals) would get the charge thrown out. (And no, the irony is not lost on me that Rangers’ lawyers haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory over the years...)
  9. I agree. That would make sense, although Phil Spencer has apparently said that future Bethesda games will come to PC, Xbox and other consoles on a “case by case basis”. This certainly suggests there may be some titles that are Xbox/PC exclusive. But on the other hand, I’m not sure if this is maybe a bit of clever wording to drive up Xbox sales when in reality, games will likely be on both Xbox/PS.
  10. Quite the announcement from Xbox. I’m not entirely convinced they will go down the route of making titles Xbox exclusive, but it’s welcome news if it means I’ll now be getting new releases through Game Pass.
  11. Just let me move on from that faux pas 😄
  12. The Hibs Left Centre Back (Hanlon I think) had to pick up Kamara. He couldn't leave him for Doig as that would have then allowed Tavernier free reign down Hibs' left flank. Hibs back 5 were all occupied: Boyle was picking up Barisic, McGinn had Morelos, Porteous had Arfield, Hanlon had Kamara and Doig had to cover Tavernier had he came forward. That left Hagi spare on Gogic's side of Midfield. I appreciate what you saY about needing help from his defenders, but they were all occupied leaving Gogic to deal with Hagi which he missed. Anyway, I feel this has went down a bit of a rabbit hole. Like you said, you (and others) have their opinion on Gogic, I have mine. I'll not take up anymore of your time on the matter haha.
  13. That will be very disappointing if it turns out to be a lengthy spell. We’ve had poor luck in regards to injuries, makes our task so much harder particularly with important fixtures coming up fast.
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