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  1. If Beale’s appointment has achieved one thing it’s that you appear quite hung up on it.
  2. So, you’d have won the league if he scored the penalty, aye?
  3. That's what I was getting at. According to the snippet of that article you posted, things started to go downhill when disputes regarding the promotional material broke out. Presumably that'll be Rangers wanting to use the Old Firm branding whereas Celtic objected and it started to get branded as Ange's homecoming. I still expect the club would've went ahead with it had there been no fan backlash though as they initially came out and defended the decision before backtracking. And aye, the Old Firm banner was tinpot at the match.
  4. A lot of that I don't really disagree with, but you never said any of that originally so I'm not sure how I could've been seen to defend Beale against those concerns when you never expressed them in the first place. I've already said before that I share some of those concerns.
  5. No I never. I responded to someone that said he was 2/3 bad results away from the board having to come out and back him by saying with them currently sitting in 7th then I believed he'd have been looked at more favourably than that considering their previous finishes in the last 3 years. You then stated the league wasn't finished. You never expressed any concerns that I disagreed with. All I was getting at is he was performing above expectations in regard to QPR's previous league positions (despite his recent bad run). That doesn't negate any concerns I have about his appointment as our manager.
  6. It was an ill-advised plan in the first place, but as soon as the promotors started to badge it as Ange's homecoming and the fan backlash then there was only one outcome, they had to pull out. May turn out costly - but I'm assuming Rangers will argue they failed to keep their end of the bargain regarding the promotion so we will see. It was still the correct decision to pull out and our friendly against Leverkusen will go a little way to cover any potential legal costs.
  7. Aye, I think that was evident against St Johnstone. Body language was awful and you could tell they’d checked out. Refresh of the squad is badly required.
  8. Where on earth did I say that I’ve even said on this very thread that I’m not 100% convinced with the appointment and his lack of experience worries me.
  9. Which is why I said “currently” and “probably”. I was suggesting that even taking into account his recent poor run, as the team were in 7th they were still performing above expectations if their previous league positions are anything to go by. And having not spent a penny in the summer, I’m not convinced many would have expected more.
  10. Considering QPR have finished 11th, 9th and 13th in their last 3 seasons, I'd imagine Beale having them currently sit in 7th would probably have been viewed rather favourably.
  11. Exactly. When Jesus done it everyone was all "our lord and saviour has returned" and he got a public holiday commemorating it. But when we done it, everyone was raging. Double standards, IMO.
  12. Gerrard season 1: 2.05 points per game Gerrard season 2: 2.31 points per game Gerrard season 3: 2.68 points per game A continual progression season-on-season, culminating in an unbeaten title win. But aye, it was all to do with Lennon and covid and empty stadiums...
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