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  1. Every time I see you have replied I tell myself not to be surprised but each time I am when I see the reply.
  2. Seriously, what on earth are you talking about? I was responding to a post talking about the Rangers squad, it was not in reference to Celtic. Merkland Red stated that Rangers fans believed the current squad were duds a year ago, I was responding to that, hence I quoted his post. It was not about Celtic mate.
  3. I was responding to @Merkland Red's comment mate which was about the Rangers squad last season... not rocket science.
  4. That's not quite the whole story. Yes the players got slaughtered after a post-winter-break capitulation for the 2nd year running, but Since Gerrard came in there has been improvements made season after season. It wasn't just overnight the current group of players got to where they are and I think fans appreciated that they were capable enough - it was more a mentality issue. The season before Gerrard arrived, Rangers finished the season on 70 points (1.84 PPG). His first season we finished on 78 points (2.05 PPG), his second season was cut short due to the pandemic but he we were achieving 2.31 PPG which could have seen us finish on 87 points, and then this season we are achieving 2.70 PPG which projects us to finish on 102 points if it remains that way. So, while the players were criticised, I don't think anyone believed they were bad players.
  5. I'm the same - I haven't really seen any media fawning over Hibs in all honesty. Aberdeen were (rightly) lambasted for a shocking run of form where they couldn't score, but the teams are obviously rather similar which is reflected in the table.
  6. I can see some logic behind this, but surely the management team have to be factored into how good a team is as well and not just the players? Then if you're basing it purely on a player's ability, even then I think it would be fairly close. I could see maybe 1 Celtic player getting into our back 5 (Ajer). Midfield I'd say Rangers edge it as well. It's only the forward areas that it's more even but I'd argue we have a bit more depth as out with the starters for Celtic (Edouard, Elyounoussi and now likely Forrest) they don't have much that can make an impact.
  7. If you consider players missing games due to covid the same as players missing games through injury, I'd argue that Rangers have had key players unavailable for longer than Celtic. If we take only league games into account, the following players have missed out through injury Katic has missed the entire season Balogun has missed 5 matches Tavernier has missed 5 matches Aribo has missed 7 matches Jack has missed 15 matches Arfield has missed 8 matches Roofe has missed 8 matches That's a lot of key players missing for large portions of the season. I think that shows how good our squad actually is and puts to bed this myth that Celtic have been without key players all season and Rangers haven't.
  8. I see, so the best team in the country are currently 20 points behind the team in first position. Makes sense.
  9. I don’t think Hibs are much better than Aberdeen, but I do think they are currently better looking at it as a neutral. Aberdeen had a good start to the season and maybe without losing players like Cosgrove, Wright and Hedges then they might well be ahead, but going by our games against the two sides, they’ve always gave us a tougher test than Aberdeen have. I think it’s definitely exaggerating if anyone has suggested that they’re one of the best teams in the last 20 years, but they do have a good squad.
  10. 😂 So do you agree with Kennedy’s assertion that Celtic are still the best team in the country?
  11. I think Beale is accepted as the tactical specialist in the coaching team. They seem to work well together with different strengths but aye, Beale knows his stuff.
  12. I’d normally agree but Hibs seem to be creating chances since the goal without leaving themselves too vulnerable. The thing that our coaching seem to do well though is make small tweaks during a match to swing it in our favour so I’m hoping they do so again for the second half.
  13. Hibs finding good space in between Barisic and Helander to get us turned and heading back towards our goal. Fairly even game so I’m pleased we are getting in at the break 1 up.
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