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  1. Well deserved. 500 appearances is some milestone to reach in the modern day game.
  2. I think making reference about not having to worry about any booing of Jack is probably what has triggered the negative feedback to your comment. With that being said, I think saying he can stay at home is also a bit of a wild take considering his performances for Scotland under Clarke.
  3. Well that's really what I was saying. I stated in my post that "we absolutely deserved to win that". My comment was I didn't feel it was as comfortable as some were making out. We were under a rather lengthy period of sustained pressure from Spain leading up to half-time. I don't think many could've complained had we gone in at the break level. I agree in the second half we shut them out excellently. The game as a whole however I think is different. As I've already said, we 100% deserved to win it - I just didn't see it as the 'cigars out' type of performance many are claiming (whilst I do accept that Spain totally ran out of ideas in that second half).
  4. I’m not sure I agree that it was as comfortable as some are making it out to be, but we absolutely deserved to win that last night. 3 free headers in the first half could’ve undone us but after that wobble we settled exceptionally and the second half was a classic example of shutting down the opposition.
  5. It’s just tedious. I don’t know why we can’t just praise Porteous for being outstanding tonight without trying to goad or criticise.
  6. Realising you fucked up your earlier comments and doubling down. Fair play.
  7. If we can leave the club side tit-for-tat out this thread it would be great, thanks.
  8. That was fucking delightful. A perfectly measured performance where we knew when to drop off and knew when to hassle and break forward. Both goals inspired by pure determination. First to pressure a defender into a mistake. The second to absolutely blitz past them. What a moment from Tierney. That has to galvanise us for the rest of the campaign.
  9. In fairness to him, if the England red card v Ireland is anything to go by then quite possibly. The rules are rather strict.
  10. Who would’ve thought Spain’s main threat against a Scotland side would be set pieces and cross balls.
  11. I guess it’ll be a bit of both. I don’t imagine he’d get the same treatment from the Dons faithful if he’d run his contract down and joined Derby County, as an example.
  12. In Scotland, some fans get themselves that worked up they start booing their own player. It’s not bigoted, it’s just embarrassing for those partaking. Showing that they’re definitely not bothered by Ryan Jack.
  13. Going by what folk on here are saying it sounds like it depended on what section you were in as to whether you could notice it or not. I was watching it in a packed pub so can't say I heard it.
  14. We will need to play a lot better if we are to take anything on Tuesday. I thought we looked extremely flat, despite generally controlling the match. Christie to start would be my preference to support Dykes. Folk booing Jack while playing for Scotland are laughable. They are probably the same people that get offended when a Rangers fan criticises or shows disassociation with the Tartan Army without any hint of self awareness. I’d be curious to hear from anyone that did or would have boo’d him. Everyone so far seems to have rightly called it out for what it is.
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