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  1. Kent being back will hopefully be a massive boost. I think it was glaringly obvious last Tuesday how much he brings to the team especially in Europe.
  2. It just comes across as though you are contesting someone's reasoning for not wanting him to be included in a song celebrating people's death.
  3. When someone gives a reason as to why they are disappointed that Walter Smith is included in a song celebrating his death and your first reaction is to dismiss that reason, then I'm sure you can appreciate why it is more than just "passing on a bit of knowledge".
  4. The debate has entirely shifted here. The original point was celebrating late equalisers/winners. Can you name an instance when a support shouldn't celebrate wildly in that instance? It's also interesting you mention the championship season as well. I seem to remember wild celebrations from Hearts fans at Easter Road scoring a last minute equaliser. You were 13 points clear, surely a polite applause was more appropriate? I also remember the last game of the season. Hearts having long clinched the title celebrated wildly after Zeefuik brought them from 2 down to draw 2-2 against us in the last minute.
  5. Tell me that you are devoid of any human compassion and your thoughts are dictated by the team you support without telling me that you are devoid of any human compassion and your thoughts are dictated by the team you support. Grown men (presumably) justifying which people should be included in a song celebrating their death is quite something.
  6. Gordon would probably start for about half of the sides in the English Premier League. I don't think you could say the same about Marshall.
  7. I don't think it's my own perception. Without having facts available, I'd hazard a guess that a higher ratio of players will be signed from Portugal by top 5 leagues and elite level clubs than in comparison to Scotland. 3 finals in the last 20 years isn't bad for Scotland, I just think it's undeniable that you'll get a lot more recognition and credit playing in Portugal rather than Scotland.
  8. Yeah, I don't think there is any debate that the Portuguese league is seen as a better league, and rightly so. However, I don't think there is that much of a gap between the better teams in each nation. It's maybe when you go down the league a bit you'd see the difference (with no disrespect intended to non-Rangers or Celtic fans). Taking into account recent results we've had against Portuguese opposition, it reads fairly well: a home win and an away draw against Porto in 19/20. A home and an away win against Braga in the same season. 2 draws against Benfica in 20/21 and then an away loss and a home win against Braga last season. And while Celtic maybe haven't had as much success on that front as we have recently, I'd fully expect this current side to be more than competitive against any of those sides we have faced. If you dropped Rangers and Celtic into the Portuguese league I'd expect the Portuguese teams to win the league maybe 8 or 9 times out of 10 but I don't think it's that big a leap in quality. I suppose in the context of the Jota debate, if he was playing in Portugal he'd get more recognition playing week in week out domestically, whereas playing in Scotland I think European performances would definitely carry more weight, as you suggested.
  9. That's fair then, when I read "If you looked at the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs squads from last season..." I just assumed you were looking back on them as a whole rather than at a specific point in time, apologies. I wouldn't argue strongly against Hedges being in there instead of McKay, but Hedges is only one player and McKay would still get in the Aberdeen team ahead of any other attacking/wide players, in my opinion. It's hard not to look at it retrospectively and take into account the vastly differing seasons the clubs had. Maybe that clouds the judgement a bit, but I still think I'd be choosing the Hearts squad over the Aberdeen one every time.
  10. I'm not sure why it would matter when he joined if he is a higher quality player than any Aberdeen forward. Similarly with Baningime being an unknown, he would still slot into the Aberdeen starting 11. I think people know the ability the likes of Souttar, Halkett and McKay possess which would have them ahead of the likes of Gallagher, Bates, Ojo, McLennan, Jenks etc. Maybe I am understanding what you meant differently than it was intended. I thought you meant looking back retrospectively you don't think the Hearts squad was any better, rather than you didn't think it was any better at the time which is what I now think you mean.
  11. Not so sure about that myself. If we consider that the likes of Gordon, Kingsley, Souttar, Halkett, Baningime, McKay and Simms would've all arguably been first choice for Aberdeen last season, then I think it's hard to argue against the fact that Hearts had a better squad. Then add in the likes of Haring, Boyce, Devlin and Cochrane as players to make up the squad I'd say it was quite clear.
  12. TV revenue for Scottish clubs is not the highest income stream though, ticket sales are which is why I think any proposal to limit the most important source of funds to clubs will fall on deaf ears.
  13. Referees should dish out abuse more often in my opinion. Especially to players. Rather than booking them for foul and abusive language just tell the c**t to shut up and f**k off.
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