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  1. I never said he was, but see my previous quotes as to why others might
  2. If that’s true, none of your fellow fans seem capable of explaining it. You’re the 4th one.
  3. Still refusing to call them out as an anti catholic hate group? Amazing Still no comments on Boyd thinking it’s acceptable to abuse someone for flying an Irish flag? Wonderful Still refusing to see why some people might insult him for being a member of a bigot group when he plays up to them with the above comments? Outstanding Anyways, I’ve said all I have to say on the topic enjoy the rest of your evening faking ignorance
  4. No sectarianism going on in here Although we did have someone moaning earlier about Celtic fans singing songs with the word Celtic in it.
  5. So flawed you can’t explain why exactly and having to revert to whataboutery? Wonderful
  6. That’s a lot of words to avoid saying what the OO actually is. Fair enough, if you want to legitimise them, that’s your decision
  7. Another one with no argument. What a coincidence
  8. Just because you want it so be doesn’t mean it is. Your lack of argument speaks volumes You can’t even admit the OO is a bigoted hate group that doesn’t see certain members of society as equals
  9. You can argue it’s distasteful and it is. I’ve already said that. But trying to pretend it’s somehow anti Protestant is just nonsense It was aimed at a guy who endorses subjecting a player to abuse for waving an Irish flag at Ibrox Now who do you think that was for? He might not be a member of the group, but comments like that says to me he’s not against them either Edit: The OO is a hate group, no idea why you’re trying to whitewash them into some innocent religious institution The COS doesn’t support its values and doesn’t want anything to do with them.
  10. Next you’ll be arguing insulting the KKK is really anti white Cause that’s how it sounds when you try to suggest the OO and Protestant is the same thing After all, sections of your fanbase keep telling us it’s only a colour and people shouldn’t get upset about it.
  11. Sure you could argue accusing someone of being a member of a hate group is distasteful, similar to having a go at his weight But I don’t really think it’s something for the police, Celtic or the Health Secretary to be getting involved in. Especially when the guy involved was encouraging abuse not that long ago
  12. Is accusing someone of being fat and a member of an anti catholic hate group a crime? Kinda wild if true Edit: He’s the guy who said Leigh Griffiths deserves abuse for waving an Ireland flag, right?
  13. Looking forward to the head of refereeing coming on the radio to discuss this next week
  14. Nice backtracking Im guessing it twigged that it makes you sound like a very strange individual to complain about Celtic fans singing songs with the work Celtic in it
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