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  1. You don’t have a both sides when it comes to that. I did think Cowan try to deflect it slightly by mentioning Celtic fans but it’s a much bigger problem than that. If it was a group of Scottish fans in Israel singing how much they hate Jews, I’d imagine it wouldn’t have been ignored or quickly dismissed
  2. Don’t know if it counts when it’s behind closed doors
  3. I know he used to be a teammate, but having Andy Halliday on bigging up the opposition captain.
  4. Did they just cut away from a pre match interview with Robbie Neilson?
  5. I heard that, Tam is a very poor liar Also Cat claiming she was only discussing the conditions inside the stadium and not the behaviour of the fans
  6. Remember Bears, no drinking out the Hampden toilets please
  7. I see RFC have made a complaint to Ryanair about its Twitter account Complaint here: Click
  8. Really hope they’re not going down a multiverse route
  9. It’s not even newsworthy The other night after the game Tom English was saying RFC deserve a trophy this season… Richard Gordon butted in to point out that Hearts also deserve a trophy
  10. Train Sim World 2 (PS5) Not much to be said it’s a train simulator, I find quite relaxing if I’m being honest, a nice way to chill out
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