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  1. It’s easy for people to say knock it down and rebuild it without asking where the money will come from to do this. The SFA ain’t exactly swimming in cash
  2. So did that nightclub boycott go ahead? The discuss around people being injected in pubs and clubs seem to have disappeared
  3. According to McGowan deal is almost done for Japanese left back Reo Hatate Yip, I know nothing about him either
  4. Fucking hell, solidarity with everyone on the east coast tonight. Hope you’re all safe.
  5. That Pluto TV wasn’t that bad to be honest Short advert breaks which I found d surprising But I really enjoyed they first couple of episodes, just wish they’d calm down with the pyrotechnics on the bridge
  6. Channel 052 Sci-fi on the Pluto channel 9pm The app is available on Samsung and PlayStation if you’re looking for it
  7. Honestly I don’t really care that much to go and look it up Must have been what, a decade or more ago?
  8. Probably try to have your citizenship removed and arrest anyone who offers you help if in trouble
  9. Consider where we had been 3 month ago, you’d need to be really disingenuous to argue we shouldn’t be happy with the obvious improvement
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