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  1. Lol fucking hell He’s so brave. Isn’t he
  2. I’ve seen a few people saying in the US the police don’t have a duty to protect people They can be shitebags with no consequences
  3. Aye but only for a few episodes Id genuinely recommend the last 4 episodes of Clones wars It runs parallel with ROTS, you get some Maul, you get some Ashoka, and some Clones Its very good
  4. They do bring Maul back in the TV shows Clone Wars & Rebels Some great stories, just a shame you don’t get to see them on the big screen
  5. Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers Surprisingly a very solid and funny film, especially Some amount of cameos in it mind you
  6. Plus no assault weapons You're talking about flintlock single shot guns being the apex of personal defence
  7. Do you honestly believe us plebs will see a penny of it?
  8. A group of us had been planning on meeting in city centre for some food and drinks to watch the Champions League final Some of them are coming out from Lanarkshire way, they’ve had to cancel it because of the new timetable
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