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  1. Yeah, can you imagine the reaction to Lafferty if he was being a racist or homophobic. I'd imagine he wouldn't be getting a heroes welcome from fans nor the media
  2. Just being polite and giving me honest opinions when someone brings the topic up. I'd happily never discuss anti catholic attitudes in Scotland or Scottish football again.... but you know as long as it exists you can't really ignore it.
  3. As I said, not interested in wanting to tackle the issue, but then again you are from Ayrshire its a famous place for its intolerance
  4. Of course you are It's what you do, feign ignorance, play whataboutery Its a good way to totally blank the points about your clubs association with the OO See how you're trying to turning the discussion about me now? It's always bad faith arguing, always.
  5. I'm not really interested in playing the whataboutery game I'll just copy and paste my comment from earlier Its really not that difficult.
  6. Scotland doesn't want to tackle the issue of anti catholicism Look at yourself as an example, you can't even admit how poor it comes across for Kilmarnock to let him onto the pitch wearing them in the first game back after his ban.
  7. I know you're purposely being obtuse here. Maybe if your club didn't pander to the OO people wouldn't be tarred with association with them Shocked suggestion I know
  8. You honestly don't think someone at the club should have had a word in his ear about them, especially as he is just back from a 10 game ban for making an anti catholic comment? I mean come on, don't pretend you can't see the issue with that. Its hard to take a lecture about from someone from Ayrshire, not exactly the hotbed of tolerance
  9. I've got no idea why the both of you are pretending to be ignorant but I can take a guess
  10. He played for a club with a strong association with that organisation You know, the one with the orange away kits aimed at supporters of said organisation
  11. Sadly we have seen this isn't true if the attention is negative See Ruth Davidson and Boris Johnson
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