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  1. I didn’t appreciate just how good that goal was at the time but it really is brilliant football. Guys like Easton and Frizzell are so good technically for this level, they really are a joy to watch. What a difference compared to our midfield from Murray’s first few seasons and even several years before that. Did Murray’s Dumbarton teams ever play like this? Our best form before this season was always using a quick counter-attacking style with guys like Dale Carrick and Callum Smith working hard out wide. I remember his Dumbarton teams being pretty attacking, which our current team definitely are, but not with so much possession and intricate passing.
  2. Has he played for you yet? I honestly haven't seen anyone so out of their depth at Championship level before. He’s started six or seven games and has scored a few goals too, as well as a double in the Clyde game last month which was abandoned. He picked up a nasty looking injury that day while scoring his second goal. I think most of our fans like him. I’m still not sure how good he actually is but there’s definitely something likeable about him. He started the season as a strangely effective right winger, despite possessing absolutely none of your classic winger’s qualities, as he was a good option for getting on the end of long diagonals and generally caused the opposition problems. I can see why he struggled in the Championship, to be honest we seem like the first club he’s actually done fairly well at, but he seems to fit in well here and we’re definitely worse off at the moment not having him as an option.
  3. I haven’t seen it mentioned too much but Fordyce and Watson’s argument today reminded me of the time Joe Cardle ran across the park to headbutt Marc Smyth in a 4-4 draw with Livingston. Livingston’s strikers that day were Armand One and Leigh Griffiths, what a team!
  4. I might be wrong but I’m fairly sure Declan McDaid was in the stand today, so he’s presumably still around. I watched Rennie’s interview and him spending the full first two minutes complaining about referees in every game so far isn’t a great sign so early on. I thought the referee was poor today for both sides and was very inconsistent with his decisions but he’s not the reason Falkirk lost. To be fair the last time I saw Falkirk was the 6-0 defeat to Queen’s Park, so today was a massive improvement from them. Falkirk should win their game next week but I think the four after that look a bit tougher and will be a good indicator for how well Rennie will do.
  5. Another very important win. That’s the sixth home game this season where we’ve scored three goals, which is a massive improvement from all the 1-0 home defeats we used to see. I know we were talking about it recently but our record against every team except Cove or Montrose is incredible. Since we drew away at Queen’s Park in September, excluding Cove and Montrose we’ve taken 36/39 points against everyone else, the defeat at Alloa the only points dropped. We’ve not always performed at our best in that time but we’ve continually ground out wins and to be fair we have generally played some very good football too. I’m not sure how I feel about next week’s game. On the one hand it’s a welcome break for a very small squad ahead of some massively important league games but a week to try and bring some more players in might be a good thing. There’s no reason why we can’t go and give Thistle a good game next week, it’ll be tough but it’s a winnable tie. I posted this on the match thread too but fair play to Leon McCann. Probably the worst player on the pitch today and we’re now 16 points ahead of Falkirk despite playing most of the season without a left back. I’m certainly not begrudging him his move, he’d be daft not to take a three-year deal, but it certainly hasn’t worked out for him so far.
  6. I barely noticed McCann until he started getting abuse from some Airdrie fans during the second half and as you say, he was abysmal from then onwards. I felt like he was almost trying too hard, he kept trying to get on the ball and do something to silence our fans but literally every time he did something daft with it. I don’t blame him for leaving, you’d be daft not to turn down a three-year deal at this level, but it’s quite funny seeing Airdrie 16 points ahead while playing most of the season without a natural left back! Falkirk were better than I expected today but I felt Airdrie deserved the win. The first half was fairly even until the first goal and Airdrie dominated from then on. Some slack defending gave Falkirk some decent chances early on but luckily they didn’t take them. The goal early in the second half changed things and Airdrie never really settled down again until much later in the game. We certainly made it hard for ourselves, giving away two simple goals right after half time and then after the third goal but we definitely showed enough quality and dominance to deserve the win. A massive three points for us, gives us a big gap above Queen’s Park and keeps us in the race for the title.
  7. I suppose he’s technically away so hopefully that’s just things being tidied up while Quitongo was being removed. I’m not convinced McInroy will be coming back but if he does I expect it to be later in the window now. It’s probably not as bad given we play a narrow diamond formation but looking at our squad page now makes the squad seem very unbalanced. Two keepers, three centre backs (two of them are often injured), two right backs, seven central midfielders and six strikers (two are injured long-term and another is Patrick Pyott). Obviously the squad was built for a 3-5-2 and we’ve lost two wing-backs since then but even then, it’s quite an odd balance. Other than not having left back it’s probably ok for our current formation but we might have an issue if things stop working, though I suppose players like McCabe and Scott McGill have proven their versatility so far this season. It just makes bringing in the right players this month even more important.
  8. I see someone posted on the facebook page about “Kerr and Rico away”. I’m hoping this is all just a mix-up with McInroy and Quitongo leaving this week, Josh Kerr leaving after barely playing and spending most of the season injured would be very odd.
  9. It’s a very small sample size but as far as league games go, we’re P10 W3 D2 L5 with Quitongo playing and P10 W9 D0 L1 without him. I don’t think that says too much, as he’s played in all four games against Cove and Montrose when I’m not sure having Scott McGill in there would have made a huge difference, but it does show that other than being a natural left back he didn’t have much of a positive impact when he did play. I don’t think he was hugely suited to the style of play we’re going with anyway but I’m sure he’ll get another club at this level and be absolutely fine there. It’s a shame how the situation has ended up but I think this is the the best situation for everyone. As others have said, the way it’s been handled on both sides doesn’t appear to be ideal so I can understand why Rico would want to leave. I’m guessing if he’s asked to be released then we haven’t had to pay up the rest of his contract which is good and should hopefully help to fund a new signing.
  10. An update on McInroy and the transfer window in general from Murray here
  11. Yeah we’re getting very short on numbers to even pad out the bench now. We went into this window with 21 players (excluding Pyott), two of whom had loans expiring (McGill and McInroy), another two of which had pretty bad injuries (McGill and Salim), Kerr is just returning from a couple of months out and there’s also Quitongo who seems very unlikely to play given we’re playing Scott Walker out of position ahead of him. Since then we’ve lost McInroy, Lyons seems to have picked up another injury and Gallagher has a knock, so we’re down to about 14 players who you’d class as fully fit and even then some of them have had COVID recently. A couple of quality players, ideally a left back and a striker for me, along with hopefully McInroy coming back would probably be enough to put up a title challenge but there’s only so long we can continue with such a small squad.
  12. I can’t believe the SPFL even hinted at this yesterday
  13. At least we know why Calum Gallagher was’t playing on Saturday, turns out he’s been called up for Sierra Leone
  14. Airdrie 3-2 Falkirk Alloa 1-1 Queen’s Park Cove 1-1 Montrose Dumbarton 2-2 East Fife Peterhead 1-1 Clyde
  15. I’m not sure if Saturday’s game was sold out but the previous two were. I think this Saturday’s game should sell out though. The good news for you is McCabe has player centre back near enough every game since then and McInroy’s loan expires tomorrow, so unless we somehow get him back he won’t be playing on Saturday which will be a big miss. I’m expecting Josh Kerr to come back in at centre back for his first start in a while with McCabe moving into midfield, which I’d prefer as Kerr has a bit more physicality for dealing with Dowds. I’m expecting a much tighter game than last time, probably more like the first game this season albeit Airdrie are a much better side now than we were then. It’s a big game for us with Cove and Montrose playing each other, we really need to win to keep the pressure on both of them.
  16. Did we not pay a small fee for Jonathan Page too? I didn’t realise we had paid money for Alan Cook but that isn’t exactly an illustrious group to be joining! As others have said, the top three have built up a decent gap ahead of the rest of the league now. Falkirk and Queen’s Park still have games in hand of course but even then we’ll still be at most comfortably ahead of them, assuming we keep up our current form. I didn’t realise that it was quite as good as 38/48 against the bottom seven teams until @Diamonds are Forever pointed it out but that’s a remarkable record given one of our biggest issues for years has been losing at home to weaker teams, often 1-0. Half of our dropped points against the other teams were in the first few games as well before Murray found a settled team which makes the current run even more impressive. I think in previous years we would have dropped points in the home games against Queen’s Park, Dumbarton and the first Alloa game but this year we’ve managed to grind out a win which makes a massive difference. The Cove and Montrose record is disappointing, especially when one win against each would have us top and other than the first game against Montrose, there hasn’t been a huge gap between the teams in the games. Saturday is massive for us. A win against Falkirk with at least one of Cove or Montrose guaranteed to drop points would make the table look a lot better. I think both games between Cove and Montrose have been draws so far, I’d happily take that again assuming we can beat Falkirk.
  17. We don’t really need a right back and I’m not sure he’s much better than Watson but I’d be happy with this. He covered left back a few times and did fine so he’d probably be a better option there than Scott McGill, though a natural left back would be ideal.
  18. I thought Dunsmore caused us some bother a few years ago and I’d happily have seen us sign him then but I haven’t been too impressed with him over the last couple of seasons. Like a few other East Fife players, he seems to have regressed and isn’t quite as good as he was. He was barely in the game at all today before being taken off. I was going to say that we’ve moved on from needing a player like him but we do like to sign East Fife players! I didn’t see the East Fife v Airdrie game at Bayview but by all accounts Jude Smith was excellent that day. Is there a reason Scott Gallacher was playing ahead of him today? I’ve never really rated Gallacher and for me signing him on a two year deal was probably the worst bit of business East Fife did in the summer, though East Fife fans might know better. He wasn’t really at fault for anything in particular today but he never seems confident and I always thought out defence were a lot more on edge when he was in goals.
  19. Kerr McInroy update here from the man himself. I can't say I'm overly convinced he'll stay after reading that but it seems like nothing has been decided yet, hopefully we do manage to keep him here for the rest of the season though. I think it would make sense for him to stay at a club where he's playing every week and standing out before getting a big move in the summer, rather than risking a move elsewhere just now and not settling in.
  20. Gallagher was in the dugout for the second half. I just assumed that as we were 3-0 up and East Fife clearly weren't getting back into the game there was no point risking him today. As others have said, another very comfortable win today. The first half was excellent, we dominated the full half while playing some really nice football. The second half was a bit of a non-event but the game was done by then. We still have some concentration issues defensively as we did in the Clyde and Alloa games, I felt we had cut that out against Queen's Park and Dumbarton but most of East Fife's chances were due to poor decision making from our defence today. We've been lucky that teams haven't really punished us for it recently but it's something that needs to stop sooner rather than later. Next week's game will presumably be a much tougher game and I think Murray has some big decisions to make. I'd generally prefer Josh Kerr to play alongside Fordyce against a big, physical forward like Anton Dowds but breaking up McCabe and Fordyce's partnership is a risk. It's also hard to make a case for anyone dropping out the midfield, assuming McInroy is still here of course. Jordan Allan did well today and it would be harsh to drop him for next week but ultimately Gallagher is a better player, so it will be interesting to see who starts.
  21. I would also play McCabe at centre back tomorrow. We’ve seen in both games against East Fife that we’ll have a lot of the ball, having him there to build play and control things from the back will be very useful. Assuming we’re winning then I’d look to give Josh Kerr half an hour or so though with a view to him possibly starting against Falkirk and Partick Thistle.
  22. Someone posted on the Airdrie thread a couple of weeks ago saying that we had apparently asked about getting Kyle Turner back but Thistle weren’t keen to let him go. I’m certainly not expecting it to happen, he’s far too good for League One and seems to be playing fairly regularly, but if someone is leaving then from an Airdrie point of view hopefully it’s him.
  23. Airdrie 2-0 East Fife Clyde 1-2 Cove Falkirk 2-1 Dumbarton Montrose 2-1 Alloa Queen‘s Park 1-0 Peterhead
  24. Rhys Caves is away back to Dundee United, so that’s one less person to sit on the bench.
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