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  1. Good to see that Cove fans will be in the opposite stand on Saturday, always makes for a better atmosphere when the stadium is a bit fuller and there’s fans across from you.
  2. Yeah you just show your card at the turnstile and they scan it, quite straight forward. Murray has certainly shown a few times this season that he isn’t happy to settle for a draw, so like the Dumbarton/Thistle/Clyde games I’m looking forward to us finishing the game with Gallagher, Smith, Afolabi, Allan, Gabby, Fordyce and Watson up front, Easton and Frizzell in midfield and McCabe at the back. Hopefully we don’t need that and it’s just the usual bringing Scott McGill on to shore things up at that stage.
  3. It’s certainly not a lack of effort with Walker but as you say, he just doesn’t have the same quality as Watson or MacDonald and offers a lot less going forward. Murray says Watson should be back in training this week so hopefully he’s fit for Saturday. We’ve seen in previous games how much of a threat Harry Milne is down Cove’s left so having Watson’s physicality and ability to help stop that will be a massive help. I’m both excited and nervous for this game. I know we had some big games towards the end of last season but I’m struggling to remember the last time we were in a potential title decider at this stage of the season. Other than towards the end of the last game we haven’t really been at our best against Cove this season. Saying that, we managed to pull out a big performance when it mattered against them last season, so fingers crossed we can do it again on Saturday. Hopefully there’s a big crowd in for it on Saturday. There’s no Premiership games on so it’s probably the biggest game in the country in terms of what’s at stake. It’s good to see hospitality sold out already too. I can’t say I’m fully confident, just because I’ve seen how Airdrie have done in plenty of other big games, but this team does feel different and the atmosphere in the stadium is certainly the most positive it’s been since we last won the league.
  4. Airdrie 1-1 Cove Dumbarton 0-3 Montrose East Fife 2-1 Alloa Peterhead 1-1 Falkirk Queen’s Park 1-1 Clyde
  5. The way it was announced right as everyone was leaving was a bit odd but it was nice to see Fordyce get this at the end. He’s been a brilliant player for us since he joined, a real leader and incredibly consistent. I’d absolutely love to see him lifting a trophy at the end of this season. Here’s to the next 100!
  6. A fairly comfortable win for Airdrie. That’s the 8th time I’ve seen Queen’s Park this season and excluding the 6-0 pumping against Falkirk, they’ve only scored three times in the other games. They’re neat and tidy on the ball but have absolutely no cutting edge. Once again I never felt like we were going to concede against them. Queen’s Park are my local team so I’m generally quite keen to see their games if Airdrie aren’t playing but the combination of the trip to Firhill, the pitch there and the boring football makes it pretty unappealing. I feel for Queen’s Park fans as while it’s not a terrible season, it’s an incredibly boring one. The quadruple sub was a good laugh though, even if it never really improved them. I think @qpfcmakes a good point about Airdrie playing between the lines. Two midfields of Agnew, Easton, Frizzell and Brown, Connell, Smith is about as technically good as you’ll get at this level. The big difference though is the way Airdrie’s midfield impacts on and dominates the game. He second goal was a great example, a brilliant pass from Frizzell to find Easton who had dropped off into space and then a great finish to kill the game. We play pretty open attacking football, with Agnew sitting and Frizzell and Easton getting on the ball loads and driving forward. Queen’s Park have technically good players in there but whether it’s the players mentality or the way they’re coached, they’re very safe and rarely cut teams open. It’s a shame the gap at the top hasn’t closed but that’s three good wins in a row from potentially tricky games. Great to see Callum Smith get another goal, he looks really sharp at the moment and full of confidence. His shot early on from a set-piece was a great example of that, very powerful and the kind of thing he wouldn’t have done a couple of months ago. I thought Scott Agnew was the best player on the park. Never wasted a pass, kept things neat and tidy and allowed Frizzell and Easton to push on and do what they do best. We never really kicked on in the second half the way I thought we would but it was a pretty professional performance to see out the game without much danger.
  7. I hadn’t seen that facebook post until just now either. I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about stuff behind the scenes but it certainly seems like the club is currently in the best position it has been for a long time. Not having to rent out the stadium must be a massive part of that. You only have to look at the quality of the squad compared to any team in the last decade or so, particularly Wotherspoon’s full-time jobbers, to see the difference not spending loads of your income renting out a stadium makes. I get some people have their issues, perhaps rightly so, but I feel like there’s always been a small group who wouldn’t go back under Ballantyne, people who didn’t like Wotherspoon, people who wouldn’t come back until we were Airdrieonians etc and now because of the current owner. It’s not necessarily the same people every time but there’s always a minority who aren’t happy with the situation. Like yourself, I think things are going pretty well and find it hard to be too critical of anything at the moment, I think most of our fans are of the same opinion. You’re never going to please everyone but it certainly feels like the vast majority of our fanbase are aligned at the moment, for the first time in a while.
  8. I think everyone is out of contract other than Callum Smith and Salim. As you say, with the way we’ve been playing and the good publicity a lot of players will definitely have interest from other clubs, particularly Dylan Easton. I’ve not heard anything either way about contracts being extended but I suspect everyone is waiting until they know what league we’re in. The part-time contingent (Gallagher, Currie, Watson, Agnew) are probably unlikely to get better part-time offers in terms of money and location so I expect them to stay whatever happens. The full-time players might be a bit trickier to keep but I think the focus at the moment is just going all out for promotion. I don’t think we ever announced it but I think Ian Murray might be out of contract at the end of the season too. I expect there will be jobs available at Dunfermline, Raith and maybe Falkirk in the summer but all we can do is focus on this season and try to do all we can to finally get out this league. This is the best Airdrie team we’ve had for years and undoubtedly the most enjoyable to watch since the days of Alan Gow and Willie McLaren. There’s a real togetherness at the club, on and off the park, for the first time in years so I think we’re all just putting everything into getting promotion.
  9. I had no idea Queen's Park record at Airdrie was that bad. When I think of Airdrie v Queen's Park games, the only thing that comes to mind is penalty shootouts from all the cup games in recent years. Much like the previous five games between the teams this season, I think this will be another tight game. I don't think any of the games so far have been classics and we'll probably get more of the same on Saturday but at this point, as long as we get three points I don't care how we play. Looking at the games so far, Queen's Park dominated possession in the first two games at Firhill with Airdrie having a couple of good chances, the cup game at Airdrie was fairly even and Airdrie dominated the 1-0 win, although struggled to create any clear chances and required a moment of magic from Kerr McInroy. The last game was rubbish, two poor performances on an awful pitch but even then, we were a Callum Smith sitter away from taking all three points. Queen's Park's results have picked up a bit this month after a poor spell and I'm sure they'll be delighted to play on a pitch that isn't Firhill or Dumbarton. They have some good players in midfield who can cause problems and Peter Grant's return seems to have helped defensively. After a slight drop in performances last month, Airdrie look to be getting closer to their best and after two great away wins, go into this game with a lot of confidence. I think Airdrie will win by a goal, hopefully Callum Smith continuing his great form. We've struggled to score an early goal against Queen's Park this season, if we can do that it should hopefully be a comfortable win but I'm expecting another tense game.
  10. The good news is that rule seems to have changed to 12 yellows at this stage of the season, so we’ll still have Easton available. The man himself seems to think he’ll be available too
  11. Airdrie 2-1 Queen’s Park Alloa 2-0 Peterhead Clyde 1-1 East Fife Dumbarton 1-2 Falkirk Montrose 0-1 Cove
  12. Milne being out would be a massive bonus for us, he’s probably been Cove’s best player anytime I’ve seen them and offers so much defensively and going forward. Paul Hartley seemed fairly confident it wasn’t a red card so perhaps an appeal will be successful but if he is out, Cove don’t really have a natural replacement for him do they? Two potentially tricky away games that we’ve won relatively comfortably, yesterday much more so than Alloa. Unfortunately it’s coincided with Cove getting back into good form and scoring plenty. Next weekend’s games will be very interesting. We’ve played Queen’s Park five times and every game has been quite cagey with not much between the teams. We’ve only managed one win against them, Laurie Ellis’ last game in charge where we needed a moment of magic from Kerr McInroy to win it, but after a drop in performances last month we’re starting to get closer to our best again. Cove v Montrose should be a good game too, all three games between them this season have been tight and after a poor spell Montrose seem hard to beat again, if not exactly free scoring. If the gap stays within five points after Saturday then it’s all to play for the week after, though I do think Montrose are perhaps best placed of the other teams to take something from Cove.
  13. Yeah football is a short career and I don’t blame him at all for going for presumably better wages and also a three-year deal, not many clubs will offer you that security in the Scottish lower leagues. I was always expecting him to leave last summer anyway, so it’s hard to be too annoyed about it. However, watching him struggle in a much worse team while Airdrie have improved without him is a good laugh, especially when we’ve spent half the season playing a midfielder at left back.
  14. The behind the goals angle doesn’t really do much for Robbie Mutch, who looks miles away from every goal. My highlight is the third goal, Airdrie fans singing “Airdrie take the piss” just as Gallagher makes a great run across Brad McKay, who half-heartedly tried to get there, and heads it past Mutch at his near post. That goal is a great example of one of Gallagher’s main strengths actually, timing his run across a defender perfectly to get into the right place for the cross. Very similar to his last minute winner at Falkirk in the 2-1 game there a few years ago.
  15. Agreed. As you say, there's times where he can be frustrating when he's constantly caught offside or missing the odd great chance and while he does put in a good shift, I think at times it can come across as if he's not working hard enough, even though that's not the case. Every summer people want us to sign a mythical striker who will come in and score 20+ goals and while Cove have two of them, most other teams don't have anyone like that available, even in the Championship there aren't too many players like that. Other than Cove, Gallagher would start for every team in this league and probably be their best striker. He's not a particularly flashy player, most of his goals are tap-ins and he doesn't have many outstanding physical attributes, but knowing where to be when the ball comes into the box is a great and probably underrated skill to have. He's not the quickest, strongest or best technical striker but for an all round number 9 there's not many better proven options at this level. Murray obviously has a lot of trust in him given he brought him to the club after working with him previously, making him vice-captain this season and while there's times when he drops out the team for a few games, he always ends up working his way back in by scoring some vital goals.
  16. I don't think Falkirk were quite as bad as the 6-0 Queen's Park game, mainly because that's probably the worst performance I've seen from any team for a long time, but that performance wasn't too far off it. I know some Falkirk fans are behind Rennie but from the outside he's came in, signed some decent players (in theory) for good wages but has a worse record than Sheerin. At this point, Sheerin's oddly good start is all that's keeping you away from a relegation battle. I posted this on the match thread too but after the 3-2 game at Airdrie in January, Rennie spent the first two minutes of his interview having a rant about referee's making mistakes in every game so far. He was only a few games in but if he was that rattled and out of ideas already at that point then no wonder Falkirk are in such a state just now. I couldn't really work out what Falkirk were trying to do today. Did it start as a 4-4-2 diamond with Mills (by all accounts an inexperienced centre back) holding, Telfer and McGuffie (an inconsistent winger) as the central midfielders and Nesbitt in front? I don't think Telfer or Nesbitt are bad players, I'd be happy enough to have them at Airdrie though they wouldn't start ahead of Easton or Frizzell at the moment, but it seems like every player who goes to Falkirk just gets worse. Leon McCann is a prime example, one of the best full-backs in the league with Airdrie, whether he played in a back five or back four, but looks out of his depth and nowhere near that level at Falkirk. I really don't know where Falkirk go from here. I always used to think that Falkirk had reached rock bottom and surely they had to improve from here but I don't really worry about now. Even in January, when guys like Watson, Jacobs etc signed I thought fair enough, maybe Falkirk might push for the top four but they look miles away from that. In Ian Murray's first full summer we publicly transfer listed seven players that Murray wanted rid of who the previous manager had signed on two-year deals. We managed to get a small fee for two of them and the rest all went to other League One clubs or lower levels, though I assume we had to pay up a fair chunk of their contracts for some of them. I don't know if something like that will be possible for Falkirk this summer but even then, who's going to want to sign Seb Ross or Jaime Wilson?
  17. I normally worry a bit when playing Falkirk, as I always think surely they can't get any worse from this and they have to get things right eventually. However, while I was a bit apprehensive about the Alloa game last week I was pretty relaxed before today's game. Falkirk certainly haven't improved since Rennie came in and they've been an absolute gang here. When Rennie spent the first two minutes of his interview after our game in January having a rant about referee's, despite only being three or four games in, was a sign that he was never going to work out. The defending for pretty much every goal has been a good laugh, good to see Leon McCann at fault for the second but collectively they've been so weak. Falkirk's midfield has been non-existent too, I don't even think Nesbitt or Telfer are bad players but Easton and Frizzell are levels above them. I noticed the Falkirk TV commentator said that Falkirk tried to sign Easton last summer and blamed him coming to Airdrie on the full-time/part-time difference. Easton is full-time with us, looks like he made the right choice! Even then, if he had went to Falkirk I don't think he would have had anywhere near as good a season, Falkirk seems to be where careers go to die. Airdrie played well and are clearly a much better team than Falkirk. I don't think Airdrie were at their best today but we didn't have to be, we were helped by Falkirk's (lack of) defence for the goals but we took them well. Another win keeps the pressure on Cove ahead of a run of games which will probably decide where the title ends up. We even got a Murray triple sub to round things off!
  18. I like how @Jan Vojáčekhas spent his week campaigning for Dumbarton to play three at the back and they've changed things and went three at the back today. At least we know what Stevie Farrell reads in his spare time...
  19. I went along to this and thought it was a really good game. There weren’t too many clear chances for either side but the game was played at a good tempo, I can’t really remember a time when the game slowed down for more than a few minutes. The late goal was very harsh on Stenhousemuir, who more than held their own and were worthy of a point, but that’s why being able to bring on someone like Nathan Austin is a luxury most teams at this level can’t compete with. I thought Nicky Jamieson was well worth his man of the match award. I’ll need to see the goal back to see how much, if at all, either Jamieson or Crighton were at fault but I thought both were excellent tonight. Strong in the air, kept their shape well and were exactly what you want from League Two centre backs. I was pleased to see Crighton play so well, his form dropped off a cliff last season and he was pretty poor when I saw Stenhousemuir earlier this season, but he looked back to his old self tonight. I’m not his biggest fan but Adam Brown made a difference when he came on, Ross Forbes didn’t really offer much going forward and Brown is at least more mobile. Stenhousemuir’s biggest problem was their final ball. The few times they got into good areas, generally through Orr getting in behind, the ball either fell awkwardly or they lacked the numbers in support to really cause Kelty problems. If they play like that for the rest of the season then I fancy them to make the top four but I’m not sure they’ll have enough to do more than that. It was my first time seeing Kelty and they looked like a solid team who’ll be absolutely fine in League One next season. I don’t think they’re as good as Cove or Airdrie but I’d fancy them to finish ahead of Falkirk and possibly Queen’s Park, so with a few improvements over the summer they should do well. Agyeman struggled to make an impact against Crighton and Jamieson but Kelty looked a lot more dangerous when Austin came on. He only got in behind the defence a couple of times but he always looked dangerous when he did and obviously popped up when it mattered right at the end, though it may have been offside. I thought Ngwenya was their best player, a real threat going forward and him and Cardle gave Corbett a really tough night, though to be fair to Corbett it doesn’t help when you have a midfield diamond and only Ross Forbes for protection in front of you.
  20. To be fair to @CoveRangers1922, Gabby McGill has actually been pretty good for Airdrie. He's struggled to get a consistent run in the team, we have quite a few forwards and he's picked up injuries anytime he's started to look like he's hitting form, but he's been a good option for us and seems pretty popular at the club. We started the season playing him as a right winger, he's clearly not a wide player at all but weirdly he was quite effective there, getting on the end of long diagonals and scoring a couple of goals. Since then he's generally played as a striker but hasn't really had a consistent run of games, he scored two good goals in an abandoned game at Clyde in December before injuring himself while scoring the second. He's only just back from that but he scored on his first game back against Clyde again. If we manage to win promotion then I'm not convinced he'll cut it in the league above but he's been a lot better for us than I expected.
  21. Cove 3-1 Clyde East Fife 2-1 Dumbarton Falkirk 1-3 Airdrie Peterhead 2-2 Montrose Queen’s Park 2-1 Alloa
  22. Agreed, his goal at Cove last month was his only one since the last Alloa game, so it’s great to see him back scoring again. Hopefully he can keep this up over the remaining games. I couldn’t make today’s game but delighted with a win. It was a potentially tricky game, Alloa have some good players and we saw how Cove struggled there last week so to come away with three points and a clean sheet is an excellent result. We have another two tough games before we play Cove, hopefully we can come away with six points to put us in a great position for the Cove game.
  23. Airdrie have Alloa away, not Queen's Park. I have the fear for it to be honest, we lost there earlier this season and I'm sure they'll be desperate to get their first win under Brian Rice after being unfortunate to drop points last weekend. As far as the title race goes, I worry we might end up looking back at our two recent draws with Clyde as winnable games where we dropped points. If we can keep the gap to five points or less before the game between the sides later this month then we're still in with a chance, if it goes beyond five points before then Cove would need to really bottle it to not win it from there. As you say, Cove certainly have the better looking fixtures before then but if we can keep putting pressure on Cove and win that game then we'd have a lot of momentum for the final month. Unfortunately Airdrie's issue the last two seasons has been our results against the winner. In 2019/20 we lost 1-0 three times to Raith and finished five points behind them, last season we finished two points behind Thistle (albeit they probably would have won their final game if they needed to) after losing three times to them. Hopefully the point at Cove last month is a good psychological boost for the team but we really need to win the final game against them, especially as no one else seems to be able to beat them. I think the top four will finish as it is, Queen's Park aren't great but I think they have enough to edge out Falkirk. I agree on everything else though, Peterhead and Alloa should have enough to edge out Dumbarton and it seems too late for East Fife, even if they have improved slightly recently.
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