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  1. Dunfermline 1-1 Alloa Falkirk 2-0 Montrose Kelty 1-1 Edinburgh Peterhead 0-2 Airdrie QOS 3-1 Clyde
  2. We’re unlikely to get someone as good as him but the difference in physicality between Charlie Fox and our team in both boxes in the play-off final last season was ridiculous, nobody could get near him. Playing your classic bruiser centre back might cause issues playing out from the back, which is where Watson or McCabe help, but I do agree some more physicality is needed at times. As far as loans go though, they’re now just a necessary part of football. We live in a world of short contracts so if we’re able to bring in a player short-term who improves us, as McInroy, Paterson and even McGill did, then that can only be a good thing.
  3. I thought Watson was poor yesterday, couldn’t handle Bobby Linn at all. I like him and he’s a good League One right back but Ballantyne is a definite upgrade there for me. Good interview with McCabe here
  4. Frustrating to do near enough exactly the same thing we did last year. I’m not too bothered by today’s result, we were just beaten by a better team, but if we’d beaten Edinburgh we’d be through. It was a strange game today. We started quite well and Smith should have scored early on, only for Arbroath to go up the park and score. It was hard to see what Hutton actually did for their goal but it certainly didn’t look great. After that we got in behind a very good defence numerous times but every time either wasted a clear chance or waited too long and overplayed it. I’m not hugely concerned about the strikers, we saw last season that the goals should come, but it is frustrating watching them miss so many chances at the moment. The main thing for me is that even without Easton we’re still creating plenty. I thought Cole Gibson did well again, had a few dodgy moments but generally looked confident and has certainly done enough to suggest he can at worst be our Dean Ritchie replacement. The game was done as soon the second goal went in and Arbroath strolled the second half. For as well as we’ve played up until now, today showed the difference in levels between a good League One team short on numbers and a good Championship who have been together for a while. A very big week ahead in terms of recruitment. While we can’t get carried away and assume it’s an easy win, a trip to an even more depleted than us Peterhead is a great opportunity to start with three points ahead of a tough looking August.
  5. Same thoughts from our end. We got in behind a good Arbroath defence several times in the first half but wasted every chance, whereas Arbroath were ruthless with theirs. Airdrie played some decent football at times but Arbroath are a strong team who were excellent at stopping us and quickly passing the ball up the park to kill any momentum. Agreed on Nicky Low, Adam Frizzell has ran the midfield in our last three games but Low strolled that today. Enjoyable day out though despite the result, nice to get a now rare trip to Gayfield. All the best for the season, hopefully another good season for you.
  6. Hutton, Fordyce, McCabe, Gow and Prunty would make quite the fives team.
  7. Yeah if we're bringing in five players a forward would be my lowest priority. Ideally someone to cover centre back, a left back, a central midfielder to challenge Devenny and Frizzell and a wide player, maybe even two, would be my priorities.
  8. “We’re talking at least a midfielder or two, strengthening in the forward areas and maybe a defender.”
  9. With a few clubs having breaching rules by playing suspended players, I've just realised that Ballantyne has been booked in our last two games and is possibly suspended for Saturday. Ideally we'll see the pen but more likely to be a reshuffle at the back and Cole Gibson coming back in.
  10. I'd forgotten about this until I looked at the St. Mirren thread but how funny was their striker hitting a shot from inside the box that ended up going to their right back away behind him on the other side of the park.
  11. I burst out laughing at that. He looked like the stereotypical forward who comes up from the lower leagues in England who is strong, quick but no real footballing ability. Was that pretty close to St. Mirren's strongest team or are there still a few players to come in? I thought even at 11 v 11 it was pretty even, St. Mirren were getting some joy in behind our full backs who are very attacking but even then Airdrie were much better on the ball. We beat Motherwell in the group last year but was was a cagey game where we scored a free kick and Motherwell looked burst after that. Last night was different, Airdrie were very organised and far better technically while St. Mirren didn't really seem to have a clear game plan, particularly after the sending off. I was baffled by Robinson going to a very narrow shape after the sending off. St. Mirren's only threat was down the sides, mostly Ayunga getting in behind our left back, so to stop that and just give our full backs so much space was bizarre. It was a strange move and Ryan Flynn, who I didn't realise was still kicking around at this level, didn't exactly contribute much to help it. Even at the end when we had to shuffle players around and brought on a few young boys who are physically nowhere near guys like Gallagher, Ayunga or O'Hara, St. Mirren seemed to have no idea of how to get back in the game or take advantage of that.
  12. A lot to be happy about from last night. I could get used to seeing Scotland caps and big, physical teams turn up and being bodied by our diminutive ballers. I forgot Keith Lasley was at St. Mirren until I saw him at the game last night, he must hate these midweek nights in Airdrie! In the lead up to it I thought we'd play well and lose by a goal or two but as I was driving through, it reminded me a lot of the Motherwell game and I started to feel pretty confident we'd win. I think it was a big win for the club and McCabe, as while all the fans are very supportive of him there are understandable frustrations about the lack of signings. That win should help to calm things down a bit. We started really well and were the better team for the opening 10 minutes. After that St. Mirren came into the game more but I never felt they were going to score and at worst, it was pretty even. The sending off was a clear red, Kiltie didn't mean it but it's as obvious a red as you'll see. Having the extra man helped but I think the big difference from then on was St. Mirren changing shape. They were getting some joy in behind Deveney but they went really narrow after Kiltie went off, which allowed us to dominate the ball at the back and switch it to the wing backs who wee always in loads of space. From then on I was pretty relaxed about us winning the game, as we were clearly the better team. It's hard to fault any of the players really. The 4-3-3 in defence and fluid 3-4-3 in attack really suited us. Rae was solid but had a couple of dodgy moments playing out from the back, though that's always going to happen with the way we play. Ballantyne and Deveney did well driving forward and while they were caught out a few times defensively early on, I think that's mostly due to the style of play and the latter's positional awareness. McCabe strolled it in midfield and controlled the game while Frizzell and Devenny were excellent again. I thought Frizzell was the best player on the park, his turn and long pass to Deveney early on was glorious and most of our attacks came through him. Gallagher did well for his first game back and Smith and McGill caused problems, the latter in particular put in a phenomenal shift as always. He might not be a classic winger, which is an issue at times, but you can never fault his effort and the chaos he brings out there. Even the subs all did pretty well. It's good to see Salim back and winning a free-kick by backing his massive arse into someone straight away. I loved Gibson's confidence smashing into a very loud 50/50 and it was great to see Gunn get his goal at the end, he looked lively and very excited to be involved. All to play for on Saturday now, which is all we could have asked for before last night's game. Hopefully it goes a bit better than when we were in a similar position last year! I suppose if the message after the Edinburgh game was don't panic, it's now don't get too carried away yet but we can be cautiously excited about this team.
  13. Bringing on the regens and still winning, brilliant performance all round tonight. Who needs Dylan Easton when you have Justin Devenny scoring a goal a game?
  14. There is yeah, there's a link on the club website for it. They've even got a special guest for the occasion!
  15. Fair play to Sammy Ompreon, cutting about London in his Falkirk strip.
  16. Agreed, it helps when the first idea isn’t just launching Sean Crighton forward too.
  17. To be honest I think there were more examples of it not working but even then, it was generally a good laugh. The first 3-2 win over Dumbarton and the Montrose play-off game will live long in the memory. No tactics, just vibes and big Afolabi running the show.
  18. In other news, I was having a look at the other scores today and Raith finished their game with two midfielders at the back, only one recognised defender on the pitch and then loads of attacking midfielders and their one striker. Murrayball is alive and well! Looking forward to seeing what McCabeball antics are in store this season.
  19. Yeah I’ve posted before that my concern is him and Fordyce balancing their form as players alongside all the extra coaching and management side of things. I think everyone is behind the appointment, it’s a risk but given none of the other proposed names were too exciting, I’m happy to take a gamble with a guy the fans all respect and can see how much of a leader he is on the park. Being a player/manager is a tough role that people often struggle in. I have faith in McCabe to do well but it’s also realistic to suggest he needs support given it’s his first managerial job and he's also still playing. That doesn’t mean I’m writing him off though, far from it.
  20. Good to see Cammy Ballantyne showing how Airdrie he is with that jacket.
  21. We had a similar thing last summer when nothing was ever announced about Dean Ritchie and we didn’t know if he was staying or not, only for him to appear back in the pre-season training pictures. I assumed he either signed a two year deal at the time (which would be bizarre) or had a clause that extended his contract after a certain number of games. I remember Kyle MacDonald had the latter when he first signed and the club announced it. Whatever it was, it’s surely an easy thing to add in a sentence about alongside the end of year squad movements. I think your post above is spot on. In general I’m happy enough with the club’s social media and announcements. It does lack information at times but on the whole it’s pretty professional and I prefer that to some other clubs who try far too hard to be funny on social media. It’s easy to forget that we rely on volunteers for a lot of this stuff and while that’s probably the case for most clubs at our level, I think they do a good job considering that. Things like holding back Cole Gibson signing until a bigger academy announcement was made was sensible, it wouldn’t be fair on him to have people moaning that the pen came out for him rather than an established player. However, not announcing the physio when he’s put it on social media and Albion Rovers is an odd one. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter but it seems like an easy win to announce something when some fans feel the club are being too quiet?
  22. I agree with you. It's hard to build a full squad of first team players on our budget but looking at last season, we probably had 14 or 15 first team players, guys like Allan who were bench options and then Caves, Pyott etc who were never going to start regularly. If we can bring in 3 or 4 quality players over the next couple of weeks to add to what we have then brilliant, we should be in a good place for the season and we can probably use the academy boys rather than sign another Dean Ritchie to sit in the stand or make up the numbers on the bench. I'm sure McCabe is working very hard to recruit his targets, taking the job so early on is a big gamble for him too and he'll know he needs to get it right, so fingers crossed everything goes well.
  23. I think most of us were delighted with Easton signing but even then, he was much better than I expected him to be. Frizzell is an interesting one as he was the one I was least keen on from the Dumbarton contingent, whereas I was very keen to sign Wardrop and I expected to sign Quitongo but wasn't as fussed about him. Look how they all turned out! I'm sure Watson as the first proper signing got mixed reviews too while Salim was considered a good signing (he may well still be). I suppose it shows how much we know, it's often hard to tell which players will fit in well even if they have struggled at previous clubs. My concern is mostly that we end up missing out on a few key targets and have to panic sign a few players just before the Peterhead game. I'm happy to take some time to try and bring in the best players possible but there does come a time when you need to move on. It's a gamble but equally so is building a full squad in June and then potentially missing out on some players over the next few weeks.
  24. I think he will. We had Frizzell beside him who was excellent, albeit a different style of player, but in tight games Easton did often struggle to stand out and ended up playing too deep or trying a bit too hard. I wouldn’t say we were reliant on him but playing in a better team and not being the focal point for attacks might allow him to have a bit more time on the ball which should help. I hope he kicks on and improves again this season, there’s not many players like him these days.
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