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  1. Is that Paddy Boyle and Edin Lynch at centre back? Airdrie’s team is as expected, no Scott McGill so Walker at left back which isn’t ideal but pretty strong otherwise. Good to see Josh Kerr back on the bench.
  2. It’s hard to tell, the team we had out against Queen’s Park was fairly strong but even then we were missing Frizzell with covid and Kerr, Kouider-Aissa and Gabby McGill with other injuries. Our bench is pretty weak, so any other key players testing positive would be an issue, especially defensively where we’re already very short on numbers as it is.
  3. Yeah Murray moving elsewhere was one of my first thoughts. I know he’s not exactly popular with some fans but it would be a shame if he left halfway through a season where he’s finally managed to build his own team and have us playing decent football. Interestingly Ian Murray’s last game as St. Mirren manager was at Dumbarton. I wonder if the same will happen on Sunday.
  4. To be fair, we only just managed to beat eight men last time! I find Dumbarton's struggles so far quite strange based on the games I've seen them play so far. In the first game at Dumbarton, Airdrie were the better team until Wardrop's sending off and while we undoubtedly had a bit of a meltdown after that, Dumbarton showed good character to get back into the game and grab a point. The 3-2 game was one of our most difficult wins of the season and there wasn't a huge amount between the teams. I was also at the 1-1 draw with Alloa which was two hard-working sides without too much quality in the final third. I certainly wasn't expecting Dumbarton to challenge for the top four, it was clear in the summer that they lacked a good striker and perhaps had a few too many players who are past their best, but I thought they'd be battling Peterhead and Alloa for the best of the mid-table teams, comfortably above East Fife and Clyde. Other than Cove and Montrose, every other team has had at least one very poor performance against us and has generally looked worse. Hopefully that changes on Sunday.
  5. Losing McInroy would be a massive blow but some sort of midfield combination of McCabe, Agnew, Easton, Frizzell and McGill is still very good. We would need to bring in a good left back and centre back for that to work though. Ideally we’ll do that alongside keeping McInroy but that might be quite tricky.
  6. That was a really important win tonight. Looking at the league table I’m pretty happy with where we are at this point, it’s certainly a lot better than I expected after the first few games. We’ve still not been able to put out a full strength team due to COVID, injuries and other issues but that’s where our January recruitment will be crucial. Ultimately taking 0/12 against Cove and Montrose is what has us sitting third and not top, it’s vital we change that in the second half of the season and strengthening in key areas will help with that. I think we all agree that keeping McInroy, signing a new left back, striker and centre back are the priorities. If we can achieve that alongside keeping Scott McGill we’ll be in a great position. Tonight showed exactly how important keeping McInroy is. Much like Kyle Turner last season, in a tight game he just has that moment of quality to win a game. It was another fantastic goal and it’s a real joy to watch him play at the moment. Long may it continue! I thought we dominated the first half tonight after a pretty stop-start opening 15 minutes. Easton, who I thought was pretty poor in possession tonight, should have scored his chance but other than Gallagher’s half chances we didn’t really create too much for all we dominated possession. We struggled to cope with Queen’s Park change of shape in the second half and seemed to particularly struggle retaining possession. I thought we were heading for another draw at that point but McInroy’s moment of magic was well worth the three points alone, though I think we undoubtedly deserved the win overall. Hopefully the team can take confidence from beating one of the top four at home. I know Queen’s Park had several key players out injured but they still had plenty of decent players on the park and we managed to control the game for large parts and see out the win towards the end, while missing Frizzell, Kerr, Salim etc ourselves. That’s four times we’ve played them, still without playing our strongest team, and we’re yet to be beaten in 90 minutes. If only we could just figure out how to beat Cove and Montrose!
  7. It looks like the same back four as usual in the warm-up, so presumably just a straight swap. This is definitely a big opportunity for us with Queen’s Park having so many players out. I’m still expecting a very tight game but given our home record against the other top teams so far, this is absolutely a game we need to win.
  8. Salim picked up a knee injury a couple of months ago and no one really knows when he’ll be back unfortunately, it seems like It’s not imminent anyway. With Gabby McGill out injured too, Jordan Allan is our only backup striker just now but normally I’d have happily let him go to Dumbarton, I think he’d do pretty well there. Of the three Dumbarton signings in the summer, I think Sam Wardrop was the one I was most pleased with and I wasn’t too fussed about signing Adam Frizzell. It’s strange how it’s worked out, Wardrop wasn’t great for us and has obviously now left to pursue other work. Quitongo had an ok start until the alleged racism and since then it’s been pretty clear the club and him probably need to part ways for everyone’s sake, though I can’t blame him for wanting to leave. Frizzell had a slow start due to being injured but has turned himself into one of the first names on the team sheet in what is a very strong midfield. I can see how he didn’t quite fit into a Jim Duffy team!
  9. I agree, I think McInroy will stay until the end of the season as he seems to be enjoying his football and for him it’s probably better to stand out at this level than risk moving up a level in January when he might take a few games to settle in. Much like Kyle Turner I don’t think we have much chance of keeping him beyond this season unless we get promoted, he would be perfect in the current Raith team with the way they play now you mention it. He’s a great all round midfielder and brings a lot of balance to our current midfield four. His goal yesterday was outstanding, I had a great view from behind it and the speed and slight curve he got on the ball was brilliant to watch.
  10. Dumbarton 1-2 Airdrie Alloa 1-1 Falkirk Clyde 2-2 Queen’s Park East Fife 1-3 Montrose Peterhead 1-1 Cove
  11. Yeah that’s him, good spot! He seems to play pretty regularly and I’m sure he signed a two year deal there in the summer so I’d be surprised if we signed him. I think he’s with the same agency as Rico but as @Passionate says, it’s strange for anyone not part of the squad to sit with the players during a reduced capacity game and to leave through the main doors.
  12. Does anyone know who the guy sitting with Quitongo today was? I can’t say I recognised him at all but I noticed he was sitting with Rico before the game in the red zone area and then during it. He was leaving through the main reception when I walked past at the end too so I presume it wasn’t just his pal.
  13. I thought Durnan was surprisingly good in both previous games between us this season but today he was back to the Falkirk player we all know and love. He never seemed comfortable with Gallagher and particularly Smith pressing him and was always causing himself and his team mates problems. Andy Graham wasn’t much better as you say, it was a bit sad to see him play like that in such a poor performance but I have no doubt that’s at least partially the manager’s fault. Fernandy Mendy was a good laugh when he came on, almost scoring an own goal within seconds of being on, but he was actually ok most of the time. From the outside, like most I was never convinced by Alloa appointing Ferguson and I thought their recruitment was quite poor over the summer. I was surprisingly impressed by them in the game in September, while Airdrie won Alloa definitely played some nice football while dominating possession and I certainly couldn’t have complained if they had taken a point. The game in Alloa was the reverse of that, Alloa were solid defensively and good on the counter and after that I thought they might be able to make a push for the top four. I was expecting another tight game today but Alloa’s performance was a massive drop in standards from the previous two games. As you say, the Alloa players lacked confidence and were a rabble at the back and there was no threat from midfield. The good news is you probably couldn’t pick a better team to have next given your record against them this season and the state they’re in.
  14. The first half today felt like we were playing a lower league team, I’ve rarely seen us control a game so much and look so comfortable in possession. Alloa came into it a bit more in the second half, to be fair they couldn’t really get any more passive, but even then I felt most of their attacks and chances were through our own mistakes rather than being cut open. We played some great stuff though and on another day could have scored six or seven. I mentioned it after the Clyde game but it’s good to see the team be so patient in possession and willing to keep the ball until we can create an opening. We definitely overplay it at times but give the kind of midfielders we’ve been used to recently it’s a massive difference. Easton was unfortunate to hit the post twice and it seemed like all of the front five had more chances to score. McCabe’s penalty was a strange one, it was pretty much the opposite of the one he missed against Dumbarton which had no power. Hopefully someone else has a go next time we have one. I think we really need to up our concentration levels at the back, as that’s two games in a row now Currie hasn’t looked too clever and we’ve made quite a few dodgy passes at the back which have led to chances for the opposition. I expect Wednesday’s game to be much more even which might help but we’ve been a bit careless at times defensively while we’ve been dominant in games. I suppose when only half your defence are natural defenders that’s bound to happen to some extent. I’m looking forward to Wednesday. We haven’t really had a good game against Queen’s Park yet and once again we’ll be playing them without our strongest team, but we’re yet to lose against them and we can certainly take a lot of confidence from today’s performance.
  15. Yeah a lot of it is unfortunate circumstances but it seems like things have fizzled out a bit since we were top of the league last month. Admittedly I’ve only managed to get to the Stenhousemuir game since the home game against Peterhead which probably doesn’t help but it feels like the good feeling around the club has disappeared a bit. Obviously the few games we’ve played in that time have generally been disappointing too. As you say, the team have a big job to move back up alongside Cove and Montrose. This weeks games will be massive, two tough but winnable games against Alloa and a Dumbarton side in poor form and Queen’s Park, who we haven’t really been able to field a strong team against yet. Three wins would be a great achievement, anything less than seven points is ultimately a failure. I’m a big fan of our new January transfer strategy being ask if Kyle Turner is available, we’ve certainly had a lot worse recently! Peak Murrayball would be getting Turner, McInroy, McGill, Agnew, McCabe, Easton and Frizzell in the same team.
  16. I saw Hearts signed an Australian full back today which might allow one of their players to go out on loan. I know Jamie Brandon was mentioned but he’s been linked with Leyton Orient which is surely a more appealing prospect for him than Airdrie. Kyle Turner would be a brilliant signing but for the first time in years we actually seem sorted in midfield, not that I’d turn him down of course. That’s good news about Gabby too, fingers crossed that’s correct.
  17. Some confirmation on injuries in here, in that no one seems to know exactly how long Josh Kerr, Salim or Gabby will be out for. It certainly doesn’t seem like any of them will be back imminently unfortunately. We really need a centre back and a striker in January to try and cover for these injuries.
  18. Confirmed that season tickets are valid for the Boxing Day game against Alloa. Club 1924 members have until 12pm tomorrow to buy theirs, thought I think the majority of Club 1924 members will also have season tickets, and then a general sale at 1pm tomorrow online. Seems like a pretty fair way of doing it in the circumstances.
  19. Montrose 3-2 Peterhead Airdrieonians 2-1 Alloa Cove Rangers 3-0 East Fife Falkirk 2-1 Clyde Queen’s Park 4-1 Dumbarton
  20. I thought McInroy was wasted today because of playing McGill at left back too. He’s an excellent midfielder but too often he was out wide today as McGill isn’t going to overlap much in the way Quitongo will or Watson does on the other side. I pretty much agree with you on the game, we dominated possession and knocked the ball about really well but struggled with the final pass, quite a few times we kept the ball well and after a good run of passes lost all momentum with a poor pass around the box. I’m not too concerned by that side of things, it’s good that the team are patient and we saw against East Fife that goals like that can happen, but we do need to be a bit more incisive around the box. Gabby’s injury is a real shame. You could tell it was a bad one from his reaction straight away, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him again this season but fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it looked. He did well to get two goals today and he’s a player we all appreciate, we could definitely do with him given Salim doesn’t seem to be back anytime soon. We definitely need another striker in if they’re both going to be out for a while as Allan isn’t really good enough as backup on his own and other than Pyott somehow returning from his loan and coming good we don’t really have many other options. Frustrating not to get the win today as we were well on course to get the three points but not much we can do about it. I’m more annoyed about Gabby’s injury though It’s one of those freak things that you can’t account for but if the game had been called off at half time, when the conditions weren’t really any better than they were when the game was called off, then Gabby’s injury wouldn’t have happened. Big week coming up with two home games and a Dumbarton side who are in poor form. We’ve matched Queen’s Park every time we’ve played them so far and the Alloa games were pretty much the reverse of each other but we really need to be winning our home games to ensure we don’t drop too far behind Cove. We’ve struggled against Dumbarton too but again, that’s another game we really need to be winning. Hopefully the games take place and we’re all allowed to be there!
  21. I can’t imagine Celtic are too fussed about where McInroy plays but yeah, very important we extend his loan. We have some very good options in midfield as it is but McInroy adds something different and has been very consistent since he came in. Hopefully him and Scott McGill playing in the Scottish Cup is a decent sign that they’ll be with us beyond January. It’s from a few days ago so it’s possibly already been posted but I see there’s an interview with Ian Murray on there too about the current situation. It sounds a lot more promising than I expected, I had feared a lot of our squad had caught COVID but it seems like it’s only a handful of players and the main issue with last weeks game was isolation rules and waiting on PCR results. Hopefully everyone has recovered ok and it hasn’t spread to anyone else.
  22. Clyde 1-2 Airdrie Cove 2-0 Alloa Dumbarton 1-1 Peterhead East Fife 1-1 Falkirk Montrose 3-2 Queen’s Park
  23. Steven Bell would potentially be an excellent signing. He seems to have struggled this season with the step up to the Championship but he made a massive difference to Thistle when he joined last season and an experienced head like him at the back would be a big improvement on playing McCabe there. I was hoping we would try and sign him in the summer, he’s a proven defender at this level and comes across really well in any interviews I’ve heard so would hopefully be a good addition to the squad. An experienced centre back would be my priority for January so it’s good that the club seem to be aware of this too if rumours are true. Jamie Brandon sound like a good signing too if he is over the worst of his injury issues. He seemed to play a reasonable number of games for Hearts a few years ago but has dropped out the picture over the last couple of years. A step down to League One might be exactly what he needs. I’d probably prefer a natural left back to provide some competition for Quitongo but Brandon sounds like a decent signing. Ross Lyon is a strange one though. He seems to be playing well for Stenhousemuir this season but he’s played at this level before with Clyde and didn’t exactly do much to show he was capable then. He would probably be fine as a backup in League One but that would be a very odd signing for a team aiming for promotion to the Championship.
  24. Who should play instead of them though? We’d be daft to drop two of our best players just because it’s winter. I initially thought Frizzell would be that type of player but he’s very hard-working and puts in a good shift wherever he’s played. He perhaps could have been involved in more in the final third but he offers us so much with his technique and drive from midfield. Easton has three goals and five assists which I think is quite decent. He hasn’t really got going against the better teams yet, with the exception of Falkirk away where he was outstanding, but again I don’t see how the team would be improved by bringing in a player of lesser ability. Queen’s Park have a lot of very good technical midfielders and will play the same way on Saturday they have all season. We haven’t really played them with a proper team yet so I’m quite intrigued to see how our midfield gets on against theirs. I’d probably go back to the diamond midfield that worked well on Saturday. Assuming Lyons is out, I’d move Watson into centre back and bring Scott McGill in at right back. While he’s not a full back, he was fine every time he played there other than Alloa away and having him on his natural side can only help. I’d bring Gallagher back in for Gabby McGill too, who I like but I think is better suited as an impact player. I think something like this is still a decent team: Currie S McGill - Watson - Fordyce - Quitongo McCabe Frizzell - McInroy Easton Smith - Gallagher
  25. Airdrie 1-1 Queen’s Park Alloa 3-1 Clyde Dumbarton 0-1 Montrose Falkirk 1-1 Cove Peterhead 2-1 East Fife
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