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  1. I was impressed with him at Airdrie last season, he really came onto a game in the last few weeks of the season (that was about 8 games given how hectic it was!) and I’d have been happy to see him back this season. I was surprised he ended up at East Fife, though I’m guessing Kilmarnock held off on loaning him out for a bit and by then East Fife were in desperate need of a striker with McGuigan leaving. I’m not sure he’s ready yet for starting regularly in the Championship but most teams at this level lack a quality striker and he would be a good option for a lot of teams, even Montrose or Queen’s Park could do a lot worse.
  2. I wasn't too fussed about today's game but great to keep the unbeaten run going, especially with such a weakened side. It was a fairly even game, neither side created many chances and hard to argue with a draw. Good to get another game for Kerr and MacDonald as well as getting Agnew and the McGill's some minutes after missing some recent games. Agnew made a big difference when he came on, Peterhead controlled the midfield for the first hour but Agnew's experience and quality really showed compared to having Ritchie or Devenny in there. He could be an important player over the next couple of weeks so hopefully he's ready. I think right-back is our only position of concern at the moment. MacDonald has done well but should we beat Montrose, there's always the risk that we end up playing Dunfermline and end up with a choice of Walker or McGill there if Watson's still injured. I'm equally anxious and looking forward to Tuesday night. If it wasn't for our play-off record I'd be less concerned but it's hard to ignore that. If any team can break that run though it's this one.
  3. I think that used to be the case (e.g. in 2012 when we beat Ayr and then had the second leg at home against Dumbarton in the final, for all the good it did) but they changed the rule a few years ago to give whoever finished higher home advantage in the second leg, which seems fairer. In 2018, Brechin beat Raith in the semi-finals but the second leg of the final was played at Alloa as they’d finished higher in the league.
  4. Yeah MacDonald's been injured for the last 5-6 weeks and Saturday's game was his first game back. He's done fine when he's played but from a small sample size he doesn't look any better than he did when left Airdrie over a year ago. He's a solid right back for upper League One level, has his moments defensively but gets up and down the park and tries to support the attacks, but he doesn't seem to have added too much to his game since leaving. We only had him for a couple of months but given the impact he made, it's fair to say we got the better end of MacDonald being recalled and us getting Kyle Turner on loan last season.
  5. I went for McCabe's free kick too. There's better team goals in there but there wasn't a goal I enjoyed more than that one and it was a great goal too. We've come to somewhat expect good goals since then but that one was completely unexpected. In a normal season we'd still be going on about that game but things have been so good since then it's barely been mentioned. A brilliant night.
  6. Very well deserved. You could make arguments for Smith, McCabe and maybe even Currie getting in but it’s hard to argue too much with the team picked.
  7. I'm impressed that they managed to narrow it down to 10 goals to pick from, I feel like most weeks there's a goal that in a normal season would be on the list.
  8. Bryan Prunty up front please. We can bring Jim Low on for Cantley for the last 10 minutes too. In all seriousness, ideally Watson is fit to play as getting him some minutes ahead of the play-offs would be great. We do need to sort the right-back position, especially as MacDonald would presumably be ineligible if we ended up making it to the final and played Dunfermline. Another game for MacDonald, Kerr and younger guys like Devenny and McDonald would be good too. I’d like to see Allan start up front again and hopefully get himself another goal to continue his good form over the last couple of games. It’s a risk dropping so many key players, especially when we want to keep the unbeaten run going, but it’s a tough call either way and I’d be inclined to rest several of them too.
  9. I posted in this thread recently that Murray struggled a bit in his first season with us with a team that was entirely not his signings. He made us hard to beat but the football was awful and we seemed to lose a ridiculous number of home games 1-0. Based on his time at Airdrie, I feel like when he trusts his players, particularly the midfield (Turner, Easton, McCabe, Frizzell etc), he lets them play very expansively but otherwise tends to set up pretty defensively to try and keep things tight. I can’t imagine similar form or style of play going down very well at Falkirk if he was lumbered with the likes of Jaime Wilson and Brad McKay for his first season. I suppose he was quite clear about wanting rid of plenty of Airdrie players who were under contract in his first summer but it’s perhaps easier to shift part-time players like Scott Robertson and Ryan Conroy than guys on their last full-time contract.
  10. Airdrie 2-1 Peterhead Alloa 3-2 Montrose Dumbarton 2-2 Clyde East Fife 0-3 Cove Queen’s Park 2-1 Falkirk First goal - 8 minutes
  11. Yeah, if any team has it in the team to scrape through the play-offs with 1-1 draws and penalties it’s this Queen’s Park team. Last season’s Morton team weren’t great but they needed extra time to get past Montrose and were fortunate to end up playing against a heavily depleted Airdrie team in the final. I think both semi-finals will be tight.
  12. I was listening to this as well and was surprised at quite how adamant Duffy was that Dunfermline wouldn’t go down. I’ve seen a few other posts like that on here too and to be honest I’m quite happy if others are writing us off, as we know what this team are capable of. You don’t go 19 games unbeaten at this level for no reason. If we get past Montrose, which won’t be easy, then there’s no reason to fear Dunfermline. They have some very good players who on their day can cause a lot of problems but there’s a reason why they’ve been at the bottom all season and have continually not turned up in big games. I think Dunfermline would probably be favourites and we’d have to play at our best to have a good chance of winning it but I don’t see why they’d be certainties to stay up at all.
  13. Agree with all of this. A thoroughly enjoyable day out in the end and a brilliant win to keep things ticking along nicely. As you say, the first half was pretty dull. Neither side created many chances but Clyde probably looked a bit more dangerous, so I was relieved to see us get the penalty and to see us score one for a change. The second half performance was outstanding. We looked like we could score with every attack and Clyde had no idea how to cope with Allan and Smith’s pace. Allan was excellent and probably my man of the match, worked incredibly hard and his movement created loads of space for Smith and Easton to drift into. It’s a shame he never got a goal but after our big discussion about him recently, he might just be playing his way into the team at the right time. The subs were a great laugh today. Bringing Afolabi on for Fordyce and just going 3-4-3 for a bit to try and score even more was very entertaining and it was good to see Afolabi get a goal with a very nice finish. I burst out laughing at the triple sub when I saw Jay Cantley appear on the touchline. The game was done by then but we looked absolutely fine with so many key players off the pitch and it’s good to give guys like McDonald and Ritchie a run out when we get the chance. Hopefully we can relax a bit next week now we know exactly where we’ll finish, another win to keep the run going while resting a few key players would be ideal.
  14. Fingers crossed, if this isn’t the year then I don’t know when is! I heard your chairman on the radio saying Cove will be going to a hybrid model next season and then completely full-time the following season. It will be interesting to see how that works and how many of the core group who have been at the club for several years now stay. Must be exciting times for you.
  15. Yeah it’s hard to argue with a team going unbeaten for that long. I’ve said elsewhere that I really don’t think there’s much at all between the teams but in four fairly tight games this season, they’ve managed to score a last minute winner and equaliser against us. Having the quality and belief to consistently do that across the season is what swung it for them. As you say, hopefully we’ll be seeing them next year.
  16. I had a look and I think our only other win against Clyde at Broadwood was a 1-0 win in 2007 with Kevin McDonald of all people scoring the winner, though I can’t say I remember anything about that game to be honest. We did beat Clyde 3-2 in the League Cup a few years ago but that game was played in Hamilton. As you say, our games against Clyde have been very frustrating this season. Even the 2-1 game earlier in the season was a bit like that, we dominated the game but from memory struggled in the final third and gave ourselves a tough time by giving away a daft penalty. I’d also completely forgotten about this until now but there was the pre-season game where Murray played a load of trialists and Clyde pumped us 3-0. Some people didn’t take that result well at all but at least things have improved a bit since then!
  17. Hard to argue too much with the four nominees. I’m biased and would have McCabe or Fordyce in ahead of McAllister but it’s difficult to argue with his goal return. I’d say it should be between Easton and Milne to win it but as you say, Megginson is a strong contender too.
  18. Murray took over in October of 18/19, the season we finished 5th. He clearly didn’t trust the team and the football was pretty stodgy but the made us much more solid at the back, albeit that generally came at the expense of not being very exciting to watch. A series of home defeats, generally 1-0, cost us any chance of the top four that season. As you say though, he had us third in his first full season, only five points off top when the league finished early, though we were never going to win it. In each of the past three seasons it’s our record against the top team that’s cost us. In 19/20 Raith beat us 1-0 three times and were five points ahead of us, last season Thistle beat us three times and were two points ahead of us and this season Cove have two wins and two draws and are five points ahead of us. This is the first year we’ve been in a proper title race for most of the season but we’ve improved us every year throughout his time. I’m still a bit doubtful that he’d go to Falkirk, even if we stay down he’s probably done enough for a decent Championship club to come in for him, but Falkirk would be mad to not at least ask him. Given how he was with a team that wasn’t his, I’m not sure he’d get off to a great start at Falkirk anyway with all the jobbers already signed up for next season but he’d certainly be an improvement on all the other managers you’ve had in this league.
  19. McCabe for me. Spent all season playing in a new position and other than the defeat to Alloa away I can barely remember him having a poor game. He brings so much composure to the team and is just an excellent footballer who is perfect for this team. We saw at East Fife recently that we lack the same calmness on the ball when he’s not in the team. He gets a bonus point for that free-kick against Motherwell too.
  20. Clyde 1-3 Airdrie Cove 3-0 Dumbarton Falkirk 2-1 Alloa Montrose 1-1 Queen’s Park Peterhead 2-0 East Fife
  21. It says a lot about Wardrop and Quitongo that even outwith Watson and Paterson, our next best full-back has probably been Scott McGill. We were a good team with McGill in there but we clearly lacked something going forward down the left at times. Paterson’s ability to get involved in our build-up play, drive down the wing and get balls in the box is a real threat, especially on days like today when Walker is playing at right-back. The disallowed goal for showed that perfectly, really good link-up play and then a great ball across the box for Gallagher to finish. He’s had the odd moment defensively but I put that down to us being so open and attacking which can leave him isolated at times. I forgot to mention this earlier but I had the fear when Fordyce went down and the stretcher came on. I’d be a lot less confident going into the play-offs without him so it was a massive relief when he got up and managed to finish the game. Hopefully there’s nothing up with him and he’ll be ready to go next week, as that’s one position we really don’t have much cover for.
  22. I could be wrong but I think today’s win matched our 18 game unbeaten run to win the league in 2003-04. A brilliant record and very well deserved too. Whatever happens in the play-offs, this team have been fantastic and a real joy to watch. Here’s hoping we can keep it going for another six games to see us promoted again. That 2003-04 season was my first supporting Airdrie and that team have always been my favourite but if this current lot can do it then they’ll rightly overtake them.
  23. The game at new year was a bit rubbish but that’s three games this season between the teams that have been absolute nonsense. They’re great fun, especially as we’re generally on the winning side, but hopefully we won’t need to play each other next season as my stress levels can’t handle another season of that. We started well, keeping possession and playing at a good tempo. Two goals in quick succession was great and very well deserved as we were dominant and had Dumbarton pinned back for the opening half hour to the point Kalvin Orsi barely got out of a right back position. After that, Dumbarton seemed to spark into life and caused a few problems before getting the goal from a set-piece. In Arsene Wenger style I didn’t see the sending off so can’t comment on it too much but Frizzell seemed adamant it wasn’t a red, one to watch back on the highlights. Airdrie were weirdly open in the second half, it was as if we never replaced Frizzell and just went with two in midfield and wide players. That led to Dumbarton playing through us and us ending up pinned back to the point Gallagher was basically inside our own box. I thought Murray should have changed to a narrow midfield three at that point with Smith going up front, as we’ve seen pace in behind can cause Buchanan problems, but instead we brought on Afolabi who literally made us worse. I’ve tried to like him but ultimately he barely wins any headers, doesn’t press and runs like the winds blowing against him. A better team would probably have scored a winner against us but we managed to hold out and Allan did really well to grab the winner. That goal was the perfect example of what Allan is useful for and for all the forward type players Dumbarton had on the pitch at various stages today, I don’t think any of them are as useful as Jordan Allan. Great scenes for the winner though the referee played on far longer than I expected at the end, to the point I was quite concerned we’d concede again and I’d look like a fool for telling Eric Phillips where to go after the winner, but thankfully we held out. I think that was a big win ahead of the play-offs. Up against it after the sending off, against a team we’ve struggled against this season and with a few regulars out injured, yet we managed to battle to grind out a win and keep our momentum going. The difference in our response, Murray included, between today and the 2-2 game after Sam Wardrop’s (remember him?) sending off earlier in the season is night and day. On Dumbarton, I saw them last week and they were excellent in the first half, pressing really aggressively and not giving Peterhead a moments peace. They were pretty much the opposite of that in the first half an hour today. Incredibly passive, no real urgency to get forward and also no real plan for stopping Easton and Frizzell. Once they went 2-0 down they had to open up and they looked a lot better, MacLean caused a few problems as usual and Currie was forced into a few good saves. As I said above, a better team would have beaten us today but as we’ve seen all season with Dumbarton, when they’re on top they lack a clinical striker and are always prone to conceding a few goals.
  24. I think today was a perfect example of what Allan is good at. He came on and immediately caused Buchanan problems with his pace and work-rate. I thought Afolabi was the wrong sub at the time and today showed that he’s just not very good unfortunately. On the other hand, Allan stepped up when it mattered and was a real handful. As you say, he’s certainly more effective than Ally Roy.
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