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  1. I posted similar on the Airdrie thread but I think MacDonald’s a better player than Edwards was when we sold him, certainly more consistent. He missed the first few games last season but once he was in the team he made the right back position his own and was generally very impressive for a player in his first full season. He hasn’t been quite as good this season but the team as a whole have been poorer defensively which probably hasn’t helped. He’s also been covering at left back recently and has played in midfield a couple of times too. He’s quite hit and miss going forward but he’s good at getting up and down the park and generally pretty solid defensively. There’s definitely potential there for him to become a Championship level full-back.
  2. Kyle MacDonald has signed for Dunfermline but will stay with us on loan for the rest of the season. I expect any fee will be pretty low but good to get any sort of income in these times. I was really impressed with him last season, for a young player in his first full season he was pretty consistent and was an important part of a fairly solid defence. He’s not been quite as good this season, so I’m surprised to see him move upwards but can’t fault him moving to a bigger team. It looks good for the club if we’re able to bring in young players, give them first team football and sell them on to bigger clubs. Obviously we sold Josh Edwards to Dunfermline last season but that’s now MacDonald and probably Robert too. For what it’s worth I think MacDonald is a better player than Edwards when he left us and he now seems to be a fairly regular starter for Dunfermline, so perhaps MacDonald will go on to do well there as well.
  3. Yeah there's definitely plenty of players that I'm not fussed about at all. I figured with a few weeks break this seems like a reasonable time to look at the new signings so far and how well they've done: Max Currie - I think Currie's been pretty solid without ever being spectacular. Some good saves and he's rarely let us down so far, pretty happy with him and for me he's an upgrade on Hutton. Harlain Mbayo - He seems like a great guy off the park but what was the point in signing him when we had a settled defence and Kerr or even McKay can cover there when needed? Looked ok in pre-season but was very poor in his one competitive appearance. Euan O'Reilly - Hasn't really got going at all. He's quick and works hard but doesn't seem to have much end product. I always know Murray's ran out of ideas when he makes a double/triple sub with O'Reilly coming on. Dean Ritchie - Hasn't played too many games but I think he's done ok so far. I don't think he offers anything we didn't already have but he's a decent enough player. I find it a struggle to pick out players at the best of times on Pixellot but I think a player like Ritchie will be even harder to notice. Thomas Robert - By far our biggest success. When he's on form he's a joy to watch, though he still has plenty of days like Saturday where he struggles to make an impact on the game. I think that's to be expected in our team, especially for a player in his first season in professional football, but an undoubted success so far. Griffin Sabatini - Very hit and miss unfortunately. I mentioned him earlier but he's had a couple of games, particularly the 2-0 defeat to Alloa and the 5-0 win over Clyde, where he's been one of the best players on the park but too many other times he's completely anonymous. I think that's partially down to the way we play, he likes to drop deep and play through teams which doesn't really fit with our defence or team as a whole, but he's not really showed enough overall for me. Eoghan Stokes - Probably our worst signing so far for me. Still time for him to change things but he's been anonymous when played in a deeper role and hasn't really contributed anything when further forward. To be fair to him he hasn't had much playing time but when he has he certainly hasn't showed anything to prove he should be starting more often. Kyle Connell - Still quite raw at times but he's popped up with a few goals and I'm really pleased he's here until the end of the season. Gallagher and Roy haven't really got going yet for different reasons so Connell's been our best forward so far. Overall that's not too great, is it? For me Robert, Currie and Connell have done well but the others have a lot to prove. I certainly don't think we're much, if at all, worse than last season but it's disappointing that so far we don't seem to have improved at all.
  4. I was halfway through typing out a big reply moaning about our midfield but at least having games on gives me something to moan about! I suspect this may go on well into February unfortunately, making finishing the season on time a bit of an issue. What a way to bow out for a weeks, a drab 1-0 Scottish Cup defeat to a side in the league below. If you look at our best form last season and under Murray as a whole, the team was set up in quite a simple way. A decent keeper in Hutton, two solid centre backs for this level in Crighton and Fordyce, two young full backs who'll get up and down the park in MacDonald and McCann, two solid ball-winners in McKay and Millar with McKay breaking forward sometimes, a hard-working three of Smith, Roberts and Carrick and then Gallagher leading the line. Nothing fancy or complicated, just playing players in their best positions and having an organised team who are solid, hard-working and quick going forward. Football at this level can be quite a simple game and playing five players out of position isn't required when we don't have anyone out injured. I think it's quite clear that midfield is still our biggest issue, as it has been for a few seasons now. To be honest, the last decent midfield I can remember us having was the fairly narrow midfield of Docherty, Fitzpatrick, Fraser and Gilfillan in Gary Bollan's last full season. I quite liked the look of Kerr and Sabatini as a midfield two in pre-season but it's fair to say that they haven't really worked out in competitive games. Kerr's had a few decent games but on the whole playing him in midfield hasn't really worked. Sabatini's had a very mixed season so far, a few excellent games where he's looked remarkably composed for a player at this level but he's been completely anonymous in plenty of other games. I think that's at least partly due to how we play, Sabatini often seems to drop deep to collect the ball and tries to play through teams which doesn't really fit in with the rest of our midfield. Carrick's done well as the central attacking midfielder but I don't think he works playing deeper as he seemed to on Saturday, while I'm not convinced about Stokes at all let alone in a deeper role he seems unsuited to. He's far from a fans favourite but for me Paul McKay is by far our best central midfielder and as you allude to, playing MacDonald and McKay in their best positions and bringing McCann back in at left back seems an obvious solution.
  5. I make that the 10th time we’ve lost a home game 1-0 under Ian Murray (Stenhousemuir x2, Forfar, Arbroath, Brechin, Raith Rovers x2, Montrose, Edinburgh City x2), as well as four other games we’ve lost at home without scoring (Forfar, Elgin, Alloa, Dumbarton). It’s really frustrating that the same issues keeping happening over and over again and Murray seems unable to fix it.
  6. I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned the key January signing that season
  7. They're really going all out to get a bid for Robert in this window
  8. Seems like Moore started twice and had seven sub appearances, scoring once, with Burke making seven starts. This seems like a poor Albion Rovers team so it’s not hugely promising if neither of them managed to become regulars or be kept on, though I guess Airdrie could have chosen to recall them. Either way I agree that they may well be loaned out again this month.
  9. Confirmed that Kyle Connell will be here until the end of the season. I’m delighted with this, he’s steadily improved over the past couple of months and he’s popped up with a couple of important goals. Gallagher hasn’t really got going yet and Roy’s just returning from injury so it’s really important to make sure we have another good option up front. I think @RandomGuy. posted in the St. Johnstone thread that based on stats Connell looked really promising for this level so far, so hopefully he can continue to improve as the season goes on.
  10. I see Stuart Millar has said that Thomas Robert is signed on a long-term contract. He won’t be here next season either way but good to know we’ve got a better chance of getting a decent amount of money for him. I think a good sell-on clause is the most important thing.
  11. Dumbarton 1-2 Airdrieonians Cove Rangers 1-1 Peterhead East Fife 1-2 Falkirk Montrose 3-0 Forfar Athletic Partick Thistle 2-1 Clyde
  12. The match preview on the website said he was having a late fitness check, so presumably he hadn’t fully recovered from whatever injury he picked up at Falkirk.
  13. I think that’s a move that would suit everyone. There’s no chance Robert will be here next season so getting a transfer fee while we can would be great business for the club and we’ve seen how good a sell-on clause can be with the money Queen of the South got when Lyndon Dykes signed for QPR. Robert has been linked to bigger clubs but I suspect he’s more likely to sign for a club like Livingston due to the prospect of playing regularly. It seemed to be a big reason for him somehow ending up at Airdrie, so it would make sense if his next move is to a team who will have in involved in the first team. I just hope fans are allowed back at some point this season so we can all watch him play properly while we have the chance.
  14. I was thinking the same thing, though I suppose both clubs managed to avoid each other for the best part of 10 years. Our last win at Broadwood was apparently a 1-0 win in April 2007 which took us off bottom (for all the good it did given what happened in the play-offs), with Kevin McDonald scoring the only goal. To show how long ago that was, Airdrie’s team that day included Ian Harty, Marcin Lukaszewski and Craig Potter! David Hutton was in goals for Clyde.
  15. I wasn’t too impressed with Clyde’s defence last season but this lot are so much worse than the team that beat us 3-1 last December. This Airdrie team often struggle to break teams down, we’ve only managed to score 8 goals against the other teams in this league combined, but Clyde’s defence make it so easy for us.
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