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  1. I like to think he’s became a keeper because of his dad just relentlessly scoring past him, like Michael Owen against that 13 year old.
  2. Airdrieonians 3-0 Clyde Alloa Athletic 2-1 Peterhead Dunfermline Athletic 1-0 Montrose Kelty Hearts 1-1 Falkirk Queen of the South 2-1 Edinburgh
  3. The first 15 minutes alone were ridiculous. Fordyce’s headed goal, Church clearing one off the line, Gallagher’s lob which Hogarth had to make a good save for and then Hogarth picking one up on the line at the back post. I did have the fear at that point that it could be one of those days but thankfully Gallagher did what he does best a few minutes later.
  4. Given the jobbers that he lumbered us with, that might actually be a good thing!
  5. Yeah I’ve been critical of Fordyce this season but that’s two games in a row where he’s strolled it and has led the defence well. More of that please! I posted on the match thread but that was just a joy to watch. I don’t hide my support of Gallagher but his overall game has improved so much this season and for me he’s undoubtedly the best striker in the league. The quick movement and link-up play between the forwards and midfield today was superb and Gallagher was key to most of that. This is probably the most frustrating Airdrie team I’ve ever seen. When we’re at our best I think we’re even better to watch than last season’s team but a team who can play that well shouldn’t have only picked up four points this month. It has felt like we’ve not been at the stadium much recently, the recent Edinburgh debacle and today are the first games there since the Peterhead/Kelty double header all the way back in November. Hopefully a few home games on the bounce will allow us to pick up some momentum and push up the table.
  6. I’m struggling to remember ever seeing Airdrie create as many chances in a league game before. Some of the football going forward today was just sublime. It’s no exaggeration to say we genuinely could have scored double figures and at least should have scored seven or eight. The full game was just a joy to watch. That was Telfer’s best game yet. I really like him and think he’s done well so far but his form over the last couple of months has really picked up, with today being the standout. Him and Frizzell ran the show from the middle of the park. Telfer was well worth his goal and indeed could have scored more, while the quick play between Gallagher and Frizzell in the second half really deserved a goal. On Gallagher, he was just outstanding yet again. His all round game has improved so much this season, he’s really good at knowing when to drop deep and link play and he bullied the Alloa defence today. It’s a shame he never got his hat-trick, I’m not sure he’s ever scored one for us before but he certainly deserved it today. If only that audacious lob early on had went in! On Alloa, they looked second best all game. The weird front three of Sammon, MacIver and Donnelly didn’t work at all and while Scougall had some good touches as always, it left him and Robertson overrun in the middle. The defence couldn’t handle Airdrie’s speed and movement all game. I thought Andy Graham made a difference when he came on, he’s clearly not the player he was but his intelligence should make him worth starting at centre back ahead of Daniel Church anyway.
  7. I burst out laughing at the cup game against Montrose when Rory McAllister of all people outpaced him.
  8. He barely played for us last season as Gallagher was always first choice but I did think he struggled up front on his own in a couple of tough game at Cove and Partick Thistle. He was absolutely fine in that role against weaker teams though and to be fair to him, he didn’t exactly have much around him at Clyde and he’s done incredibly well there this season, so a decent run in a good team who create plenty of chances might allow him to kick on a bit. He certainly puts a shift in and while some Airdrie fans, myself included, were unsure how good he was last season, everyone liked him and really wanted him to do well because of his attitude and work-rate.
  9. I actually think he’d be really well suited to one of the wider roles in a diamond, as you say he’s got the energy and physicality to get up and down the park and we’ve seen enough to know he can be a good player too. Him scoring in each of the first three games seems like a long time ago now. I think he was a victim of being overplayed at the start with the small squad and has struggled to regain his place since Telfer came in. With Frizzell back fit and Stanway looking promising he’s probably 5th/6th choice now along with McMaster but I do like him and think he’s a player worth persevering with.
  10. Agreed, I think we’d all unanimously agree that Jamieson’s best game was when he was playing on the shoulder against Montrose, he was unstoppable that day. For whatever reason, McCabe never tried that again unfortunately. It goes back to what we were saying a few pages ago but on Saturday I’d go with something like this, assuming Ballantyne is fit, if not add ATS or big Byrd in and shuffle Watson across. I think Alloa are normally quite narrow anyway and we should have enough width with the full-backs bombing forward, knowing McCabe can drop back in to cover if needed. You’ve them got McGill or McGregor to come on to add something different if the shape isn’t working. Rae Ballantyne - Watson - Fordyce - Deveney McCabe Telfer - Frizzell - Stanway Gallagher - Smith
  11. That’s two bits of bad news! In all seriousness, McMaster is fine, moves the ball well and keeps things tidy but I’m not sure he offers enough to go and sign him permanently. Is Olusanya the boy who hit a shot in the League Cup game at Airdrie that went so far wide it ended up with the St. Mirren right back? I’d take Jamieson over him to be fair.
  12. I don‘t think he can play for anyone else this season since he’s already played for St. Mirren and Airdrie, so if he’s been recalled then it’s presumably to cover for Brophy going. It would be a shame for Airdrie and Jamieson if he went back to not play for five months when he’s a good fit here. For all we have plenty of forwards, half of them are unproven at this (or any?) level so losing him would be a blow.
  13. Airdrieonians 2-1 Alloa Athletic Clyde 0-2 Dunfermline Athletic Edinburgh 1-2 Falkirk Montrose 1-0 Kelty Hearts Peterhead 1-2 Queen of the South
  14. Sensible choice to wait until we both had a free Saturday. It does mean we have a Dunfermline double header though with a trip to East End Park the following Saturday.
  15. McGill had a decent season at Airdrie under Murray, although it’s fair to say his form fell away after January. He scored a great goal on his debut against Motherwell (below) literally hours after signing, which is about as good a start as you can make for Airdrie. After the Rico Quitongo incident Murray started playing McGill at left back, despite ostensibly being a right footed central midfielder, where he generally did quite well and was only shown up for not being a natural defender on a few occasions. He scored a few other goals throughout the season, including a fantastic team goal featuring yer man Easton in a 3-2 win against Falkirk (also below), but he struggled a bit as the season went on and dropped out of our best eleven. He had a nightmare in the play-offs but I’d happily have had him back this season. I’m surprised he’s got a move up the way though. He never fully nailed down a regular midfield spot at Airdrie and Kelty, albeit up against strong competition. He’s definitely a decent player but a step below Easton, Spencer, Brown etc.
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