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  1. Airdrie 2-1 East Fife Clyde 1-3 Queen’s Park Falkirk 2-1 Dumbarton Montrose 2-0 Alloa Peterhead 1-2 Cove
  2. Yeah this is one of the big issues for me. On the whole I don’t think most Airdrie fans are any worse than fans of any other club but there’s always been that small group of fans who consistently cause problems. As much as it’s easy to say they’re not a real fan, unfortunately they are and they’re a problem. The club need to make a strong statement about this and deal with it quickly.
  3. Really disappointed to read that from Rico. I was at the game on Saturday but never heard anything like this, we’re not exactly a massive fanbase though so surely someone must have heard it and knows who it was? Hopefully the club are able to identify them and ban them. I had hoped we were starting to move beyond a small group of our fans being a frequent embarrassment to the club but apparently not.
  4. Seems like it’s just personal circumstances going by this, doesn’t seem like there’s anything malicious in it anyway. Fair play to him for walking away if he’s realised he needs a bit of time away from football.
  5. This is a surprise. I was happy when we signed him but he’s struggled so far, Watson looks a better option at right back based on Saturday. I don’t think he’s a huge loss to the squad based on his performances so far but hopefully he’s doing alright and gets the time away from football he needs. We probably need another defender in now given Lyons seems to be out for a while and Kerr still isn’t ready.
  6. I thought that was a really good point today given the circumstances of the last few weeks. It wasn't a spectacular performance, other than Frizzell's shot in the first half I never felt like we were going to score, but for the third time this season I never really felt like Queen's Park were going to score in open play either. Currie made some good saves and had his usual good game at Firhill but defensively we were very solid, much better than the games against Montrose and Falkirk anyway. I thought McCabe was our best player once again. We missed him in midfield (Agnew was ok while Scott McGill and Frizzell did well but we lacked McCabe's composure in there) but I thought he strolled it at the back, won his duels and kept things organised. Quitongo had another good game and Watson did quite well at right back. When Josh Kerr is fit again I'd keep Watson at right back and move McCabe back into midfield but until then I'm happy to go with the back four that started today. We struggled up front today, Callum Smith's energy and pace was a big miss. Gallagher has had a poor season and even accounting for COVID he really struggled today, he looked off the pace and I thought he should have been taken off earlier. Jordan Allan worked hard when he came on and did well with the limited service he had. Gabby McGill worked hard and created some decent opportunities but he's not a winger, I'd rather see him through the middle with Jordan Allan out wide when they're both on the pitch if we're only going with one up front. I thought Ian Murray was strangely quiet today. Usually he's too vocal if anything which leads to the numerous bookings but he seemed to spend most of the game sitting in the dugout with Prunty giving instructions. A couple of big games coming up next week. Given our start to the season we really need a couple of wins before a tough trip up to Cove. Our Tuesday night home form was fantastic at the end of last season so hopefully that carries on this season. Alloa will be another tough game but we need to be winning these sort of games at home if we want to aim for at least top four. Hopefully a few of the injured players are back for Tuesday, we didn't really have any game changing options on the bench today so we could do with something different there.
  7. Alloa 1-2 Falkirk Cove 2-2 Montrose Dumbarton 1-1 East Fife Peterhead 1-2 Clyde Queen’s Park 1-2 Airdrie
  8. I see Thomas Robert has ended up in the Belgian second tier. It’s still a step up from Airdrie but a real step down from the links and trials he’s had over the last year. It was fun for a few months last year when he was signed and then found some form in October/November but I can’t say we miss him too much or that I’d be desperate to see him back.
  9. In terms of strikers, I’d say only Cove (Megginson), Clyde (Goodwillie) and maybe Queen’s Park (Murray) have a particularly great striker at this level. Falkirk have some good attacking midfield options but other than Keena their strikers are pretty rubbish. Montrose haven’t really had a great striker since they’ve been promoted, while Alloa have Connor Sammon. We don’t have a striker on the same level as a Megginson or a Goodwillie but I think we possibly have the best strength in depth up front in the league. Most teams would be happy to take Kouider-Aissa, Gallagher, Smith and McGill with the form he’s in just now. Hopefully once they’re all fit and Gallagher gets his first goal we’ll be alright. You’re right about a lack of holding the ball up towards the end of the game being an issue, particularly on Friday and against Dumbarton, but I think that was mostly due to McGill being visibly knackered for the last 10/15 minutes. I’m hopeful that Kouider-Aissa will help with that when he’s fit, as while Gallagher is alright at holding the ball up at times he’s more of a penalty box striker and it’s clearly not Smith or Allan’s strong point either.
  10. Clyde 1-3 Cove Rangers East Fife 1-1 Peterhead Falkirk 2-1 Queen’s Park Montrose 2-0 Dumbarton
  11. At least we know what Thomas Robert’s agent is up to now it’s all gone quiet about his move to Salford.
  12. I think that was Wolecki Black’s first game in charge. I wasn’t convinced by his appointment but I remember thinking at 3-1 that we actually looked pretty good and maybe this might actually work out alright. Unfortunately it ended up being more like the last 10 minutes.
  13. Fair play to Dean Ritchie if he still can’t get a game today. I think Hearts played Scott McGill at centre back for a bit in pre-season so I think he might start there beside Fordyce. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see a back three of McGill, Fordyce and McCabe. Not surprised to see Craig Watson’s one of them given his views on Twitter.
  14. We seemed to be quite lucky last season, I don’t think we ever had any big incidents did we? Currie isolating after (I think) going on holiday is the only incident I can remember. It’s the last thing we need after our poor start but just have to get on with it. No mention of it on the match preview interestingly, though those often seem to be based on interviews from training on Tuesday nights when this might not have been an issue. We only really have 18 players available for tomorrow with Kerr, Salim and Lyons out injured so it should be pretty obvious who has it, hopefully they’re all alright. I feel tomorrow is going to be one of those days where we look at the teamsheet at 2pm and don’t have a clue what Murray’s up to.
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