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  1. The Darkness were shite... as were The Grumbleweeds.
  2. Back in the 80s I often used to see Zodiac Mindwarp mentioned in music magazines. I never heard them but I used to marvel at how far out the name sounded. I soon forgot that they even existed until, for some reason, the name popped into my head when I was walking home from work today. So I searched for them on YouTube... and they are every bit as shite as you would imagine...
  3. That does sound pretty good. I saw the live version of War of the Worlds about 6 months ago. Your show sounds similar.
  4. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of SP's appointment. 2nd longest serving manager in the SPFL, after Dick Campbell. I can't think of many other Mo managers who have lasted 6 years. Ian Stewart maybe?
  5. I saw them in Dundee last week. They were excellent. The show was actually in two parts. The two female members of the band took centre stage and performed a few Hole songs before the Elvis guy pitched up.
  6. Pale Waves were pretty good, even though they sounded like an Avril Lavigne tribute act at times. Not my usual kind of thing, but it was something different on a cold Monday night.
  7. Elvana were fecking excellent last night. An Elvis impersonator doing Nirvana covers shouldn't work... but it did. Fantastic entertainment. They would effortlessly segue from Nirvana to Elvis and back again without missing a beat. I would deffo go to see them again I've got Pale Waves at Fat Sam's tomorrow. Not a band that I know much about TBH but I'm keen to check 'em out.
  8. The defence was dreadful yesterday. They just got caught napping time and time again.
  9. True, we were completely open down that side yesterday.
  10. It's always the way. I had a bad feeling about this match. We've a pish record against this sort of team. The "trouble" looked pretty pathetic. It was just "hold me back" bullshit. You're not wrong. Most embarrassing result that I can remember.
  11. I'm about 200 pages into Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Only 700 odd to go. Gotta say, I'm loving it. The way he describes Indian street life makes it feel as if you're actually there.
  12. Caroline No - Beach Boys Charlotte- The Macc Lads Joan of Arc - OMD Jennifer Juniper - Donovan Oh Sheila - Ready for the World
  13. Mostly Adidas for me, though I'm reluctant to buy any more as the quality is shite these days and I'm beginning to associate the brand with overweight, baldy brexit voters from Stoke. I have one pair of ASICS and they're much more comfortable and generally better made than any of my Adidas.
  14. I love how philpy has ripped the box apart instead of simply opening it...
  15. It's not just the butts. The cellophane wrapping is usually just casually discarded on the ground. If you want to smoke yourself to death, then go right ahead. But don't leave your litter lying around please.
  16. I ordered these Novesta Marathon on eBay when I was pished at the weekend. I actually forgot about them until they turned up this morning so that was a pleasant wee surprise. I'm impressed with quality. They're made to a far higher standard than the last few pairs of Adidas that I've bought.
  17. Yeah, I enjoyed it. They also glossed over a lot of the drug gang related violence.
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