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  1. Love Jaws. TBH i take my style inspiration from it. Hooper and Quint are two of the coolest looking guys of all time...
  2. This'll be five years to the day since SP took the helm at Links Park. Let's hope that our Wood Anniversary is one to remember.
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pathetic and pointless remake of a classic kid's movie. Johnny Depp isn't fit to suck Gene Wilder's cock. Risible bollocks. 0/10
  4. It's a classic. Mad Max 2 is better imo. One of the few sequels better than the original.
  5. Some architect who became a vigilante after his missus was attacked by a bunch of hoodlums.
  6. It's f f f f f f fucking freezing Granville. I took the afternoon off with a view to go to the pub but bollocks to finding my way home in that. A kebab shop delivery and several beers at home it is then.
  7. How are you taking getting sacked by Dunfermline?
  8. I was just away to post that. We had a family holiday there in the summer of 1986. The place was crawling with Glasgow neds. It's also not too far from Sellafield. We were there just a few weeks after the Chernobyl disaster. I was convinced that we were about to suffer the same fate.
  9. I've always fancied Odessa but have never got off my arse to organise it. I'm really interested in going for it now. Hopefully there won't be any more lockdown preventing me from going.
  10. Rangers getting pumped is just the best feeling ever. The perfect end to a perfect week.
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