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  1. WW of course started life as a Juvenile side with many many good young players. They even reached the last 4 of the SFA Youth Cup in the late 80s around the time when a well known poster on here was controversially benched in his younger days. More recently under Mike Lawson, when East of Scotland League and South Challenge Cup holders, an U21s side was established in 2013-14. Funnily enough a prominent player from that side signed for Dunbar United yesterday. WW were one of the 8 founder members of the U20s Development in 2014-15 and through a formal link up with Edinburgh South helped to produce players that are now playing at clubs all over. They should be thriving from the fruits of this in the Lowland League as opposed to scrambling to put a proper relegation fight up in the division below but they are where they are.
  2. Possibly but struggling to see the point if there is no one watching.
  3. Do we need a petition up here ?
  4. SFA South Region Challenge Cup 🏆 2019-20 Semi Final Draw ... The draw for the last 4 was made yesterday as follows; BSC Glasgow v East Kilbride Hill of Beath Hawthorn v Dunipace No dates have yet been set.
  5. Don’t envy them to be fair.
  6. All the best to Bo’ness in the LL next season another strong addition.
  7. The prices are pretty reasonable I’d say.
  8. Very good signing for Spartans both on and off the field.
  9. Tynecastle have signed Fletcher Hendry from Lothian. Surprised at that one another good addition for Tynie.
  10. Pic in the dark from the Musselburgh Twitter ...
  11. Edinburgh South shaping up well under John O’Hara.
  12. Had been pretty underwhelmed by the Nitten Star’s signings but they’ve now added goal keeper Sean Brennan to the signing of Connar Easton. 2 very good signings. Strange one though as can’t see either of them being happy not playing.
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