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  1. United drop to 5th following their ‘shock’ win Hibee. K&D also winning and boosting their goal difference move above.
  2. Totally agree Newky needs to be addressed the Scotland fixtures are known when the fixtures are drawn up.
  3. He's getting on but still a very good signing BU. Not just his goals but everything that Wayne brings on and off the pitch.
  4. Half Time ... Vale of Leithen 0-7 Bonnyrigg Rose Next goal crucial.
  5. 6 Managers in 3 years and 4 U20s (5 if you include the one they wrongly announced) ... I don’t think it’s the number of committee members that is the issue.
  6. Spoke to one of the Bonnyrigg boys today and he was saying that they just weren’t firing on Saturday. How many times do you ever really say that though another 3 points on the pokey. 10 goals at Dalkeith but 2 poor sides.
  7. As the old saying goes Newky ... 0 pointer. Desperate times.
  8. Hard to tell Newky - watched it a few times would say he was off.
  9. Good highlights looked pretty comfortable.
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