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  1. Hilariously impatient nonsense. There are many shit managers out there Murray at this level is not one of them.
  2. I worry about my childrens future, personal finance, my dogs health and yip somewhere down the line ex Clydebank FC performance. However 7000 plus posts on this vacuum of real life?!! I’ll leave that to you. Mon the incredibly magnificent bairns and their arthritic keyboard storm trooper.
  3. I agree with you. Their were some optimistic fools amongst the tiny little pathetic group of racist people who support the team that stole Clydebanks rightful place in Scottish shit footballdom that thought when the playoff final arrived we had a 50/50 chance of winning it. Fools aye! Not at all like for the last 4 years starting every season thinking you are better than 50/50 odds on humping your entitled way through the dross that makes up the third tier of one of the worst league set ups in the world. Mon the mighty Bairns.
  4. Too early to say. Peterhead on Saturday was more positive than negative. Peterhead supporters were as down beat about their team as you could be. No one in this league is picking the cream of the crop as far as players. Generally hoping your worst players are better than your competitors worst ones. Players are all different. Easton is replaceable but not directly as no two players are the same. Used to think I’d love to swap out some of our team for what you had. Last season for first time I wouldn’t have. We’ll probably both have a small idea how we stand after Saturday but even then probably won’t.
  5. Just my annual check in to the old P&B to see when Falkirk are going to win Scottish Division 1 this season! “We shouldn’t be in this league”! is the sentiment. You are too big for this league, too politically perfect and too adept at blaming countless despatched managers. Good luck on Saturday but like us you’ll need it! Incoming!!!
  6. Very much agree with Chapelhall. Think the danger to us lies maybe on two counts. If teams press us high up the park which Peterhead did in the second half we rush forward passes and lose possession of the ball quick. Also we commit so many players beyond the ball that if we lose it we are faced with plenty of one on one defending counters which gives me the fear. Peterhead I’m sure will improve but need to strengthen to be near as good they were laterally last season. But overall good performance and a grand day out at a proper football ground.
  7. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Really is a trip into the unknown for us and I imagine Peterhead. We played really well for 45 last weekend but finishing was awful. Anyway on a selfish note good for us NE diamonds to have easy gigs to attend. Love Balmoor, friendly locals, good ground and excellent fish n chippin options on way home.
  8. I really believe any team in this division could get relegated.
  9. Enjoy your success QP you really did deserve it over the two legs no arguments with the result. Bringing 300-400 supporters to a play off final is fine, but doesn’t suggest you’ve got an amazing basis but because you’ve got substantial financial backing its fine, in the short term. Please be careful in the long term. It’s got that Gretna whiff. Enjoy the ride tho!
  10. Actually forgot about you lot. Ah well at least a very small silver lining is us getting our usual 9 points off you lot again next season sweet cheeks x
  11. Watching the Arbroath v ICT game there had better not be refereeing shitfuckerry for either us or QP like that on Sunday.
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